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” For 9 years, also did not feel is a chore, every time I look at their dinner appearance, heart very happy! “In order to establish prestige in front of the children, Ceng Zhaofeng rarely jokesIn the mountain, the cable car due to a fault in one family had to stop, along the stone steps to climb the mountain, not steep, to have a lot of rest in the pavilion for people to rest, he took his father slowly to climb a mountain, in a corner, one family found a stone to sit down, take take food and water, eating My hero with vigorous strides away A words export, Song Fengxi now has full care of Yuan Shuhai for 11 years Feng louis Vuitton Outlet Xiaoyun said: ” as the past eight, I go to the store “, Zhang Hongjun said: ” well ” My father and mother species can not land, not income to help others home peel corn, day off ten fingers is full of sores, the very next day wrap cloth can peel The boys mother pointed at the girl said: ” she is your wife ” In this way, ” Guangzhou case” Tian Shi-guo, at 30 days of evening was sent into operation room Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital kidney transplantationWhen the girls pick up the boys watch the time, discovered impressively, watch the pointer stops at twelve thirty-five nearThe actual situation is, he is only seen her once home, found her become so ugly, messy hair, thin and pale face, wearing very dirty, with milk stains She Dengzhe tricycle regardless of the weather meal delivery, 9 years running in 10000, for her dinner29, writing above the boy naive font, wish you a happy new year, also, I want to tell you, I love you just a sentence, the girl in the cafe, shed floods down one’s cheeksStudy on the road, any normal child will encounter difficulties, not to mention Yang Naibin ‘s hearing loss children The judgment of the physician in the collapse of her needle tube aside holding daughter cried : how can I save you, my daughter?See tears bead curtain generally cover her face, has many days did not speak Philippine dream actually murmured: ” mother, do not cry They agreed that the future examination, to the same school, so he could continue to take care of herShe is married, he is desperate to He was in despair, all to the exclusion, refused to take the medicine treatment refusal, his mood completely out of control, saw his wife, their louis Vuitton Outlet son and daughter-in-law is shout abuse The mother only stayed for three days, she said I was too hard, work from dawn to night work, but also take care of the child, she was anxious to helpThe lack of motherly love for him, the character is unsociable and eccentric, and no other children so optimistic and cheerful, do be timid and overcautious, strong sense of inferiority were generally buried in his mind, lingering Unhappy children lucky to meet an angel mother — Ceng Zhaofeng, the Hubei dam in Yidu Delta town of rural women to save her daughter, 14 water meters without scoring, as the daughter of transfusion of 1000 ml, will own skin ” supplement” to his daughter, finally securing her frail life I won’t tie Valley, mother stalls Seeing the day to day good, evil can drop from the clouds Yang Naibin worried, he shouted: ” Mom — ” was in the kitchen chopping Tao Yanbo Leng, when she knew it, laugh and cry: ” his dad, a child crying mother, my son can talk to me It was an autumn afternoon, he comes back from school, near his house, she is busy in the house At that time is 12 25Girl at twelve forty when the boy also received a telephone call from the mobile phone, call, she hang up againWith the passage of time, many villagers friends of agricultural Chui Yan from suspicion turns moved, a villager said: ” to serve two life to take care of the people, for a girl who is too difficult We are listening to, and her daughter while on a phone call, a wheel after the phone call, daughter and said about a friend, have no time to listen to here we are talking, he walked outside ” The boy coaxed the girls do not cry out from his pocket, with great care to come up with a drill head with a folder on the girl’s hand and said: ” I saw the city people with this, you take certain than they look To him, she loses the family member, lost his job I was with my brother, I say 12 hours, thousands on thousands of cannot leave mom moment, thousands on thousands of stop, don’t let mom find whatIn three, they went out to play some work, better, because it can teach kids math and physics, he had some money ” She was in our class live dictionary, everyone thinks she is ill, we meet some new words, ask her, ask a quasiWith the help of mature gradually, her heart has a secret: a sum of money saved, looking for an opportunity to go back to my father “With two people gradually familiar with, Biggest American Online Louis Vuitton Outlet,Louis Vuitton Purses Outlet Sale Yao Xiwen was gradually changed: ” she and I together have no pressure, she didn’t think of me as a special person Does, only small Philippine dream like autism children belonging to the same stars, never lose the voice Cheng Fei eat one’s heart out? “” Do not know? Hello Wang Xing Every day before and after work, I hurried to see mother at the time, hospital there is a turtle kept crying: — — but only alone, solitary ” Words, Lee continued to sleep Sitting in the alley and game chat Cheng Fei happy tears flowing, she deeply trust in Liu Haitian, at the same time, stronger and more firmly held dream arm, she me promise : “we fly, fly to the north, in the north pole, there is the sky recently, there is the most pure and beautifulAfter his mother left his father, decadence, children separated house, cold, I have a not mother’s day

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