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Yaohui found not suitable for trouble man, Yingwei, tells the story of what one sees and hears. Two people after discussion, think it only asks the child knows best. The stupid fellow, tracking brought a child min and Xiaowu three people came to the park, in order to put the children into their side, they also played a small means, they managed to take the kid. But, unfortunately it so happened … The small sensitized with Xiaowu because could not find the child, so to the police, later Yaohui Wei then finally know with child with min’s relations, it is not important, because they were as a kidnapping suspect in prison, almost lost his virginity, but Xiao finally put them in Louis vuitton outlet two.,, had a crazy day.
On the other hand, the source of good has been through his brother, a political, looking for his son. A political rift with his son because of long-term break off from the source of good, went to prison after have never seen his son. A government spent a lot of time and energy, the use of all its brethren, but still cannot find a government ‘s son, Kenneth Jianyu, a political decision of myself, after a series of Kung Fu, a government finally looked up to where he lives, but also found gradually Yu has been renamed. A political band Jiayuan came to his son ‘s, Jiayuan with debt and Coach outlet online guilt feelings, dare not let his son to know his appearance, good source of the desolate far looked at the room, to know his son is very now good, he would be to one’s heart’s content.
And take blessings to the selection of ice cream ad, although there are many outstanding competitors, to now finally … … Fail to beat other competitors, somewhat disappointed as they left the meeting, there is first encountered in his life occupies an important position in man, Jia food ‘s general manager, Tu Xiaobin. After the interview, health insurance through his smooth interpersonal relationship, contact to Jia food vice president, hoping to use the back door to Louis vuitton outlet online influence the way the deputy general decided to ice cream ad heroine, deputy chief promised to help, about health insurance now out to dinner.
This bumpy career path, and not because the vice president promised to help and went on along the road, the original, deputy chief of the ultimate goal is to Mijian boon, not to help ensure the student and I will. Health insurance because drank drugged drink, in this case is more and more Coach outlet critical time, sleep with a dead pig, does not help in any way, the deputy general bared ferocious appearance, in the wilderness to give him time, fortunately this Savior appeared …
It is coincidence, Jia food less East, Tu Xiaobin, as usual by motorcycle in the mountain Benz habits, so when I was nearly raped at the sight of injustice, of course, draw a sword and render help. Filial bin not only gave the deputy general meal, but also for being scared off the branches, yet strong image there, left a deep impression. After a few days, notify the blessings and protection of filial bin, through his own influence, have decided the ice cream feminine lead held by En Enlai. See filial bin indistinct on this gallant attitude, and students a little worry, fall in love with celebrities will affect this career.