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Strange visitors!] Carl frown slightly, he sure this sound is a direct beside him, but he was more sure beside him in addition to the said to be woven TianJingYan who all have no, of course, also have no,gucci outlet store df3 floating, so to say… In his body? Thought of here, Carl eyes flash across the cold light. [who are you? Get out of my body!] [oh.] The voice sneer at 1, with thick taunt, [really thieving shout to catch a thief, this is my body.] […… you?] Of course.] Listen to the voice of the words of affirmation of anger, Carl to check once, found the body damage degree is high, and the body belongs to his power than hair also fine. Silent for a moment, Carl looked up to the are anxiously around man. I want to wash Su, gucci outlet store jhdf5 you to go out first. See their chief finally no longer eyeful sorrow weave field slightly down heart, shook her head left, he know general Su wash don’t like someone beside. But… How did he think something’s wrong with total? And active field left, Carl is up and down from the bed, immediate and crashed down. Oh, the pain death, this body and his soul poor coordination, it couldn’t catch up with him orders issued by the brain to action. Stivy climb from the ground up, Carl black in the heart mantra a low voice. [smile what laugh? Don’t this is your body, broke the also this is you cry!] Laughter abrupt stop, the voice did not arise until a long time later, a kind of like sigh voice sounded and thick sadness covered the whole sky. [bad is bad, he also never mind……] [don’t tell me you are feeling for the injury to the body will get into this aspect.] It is full of holes oh, organ function are beginning to failure, like 60 years old the old man’s function, however, Carl looking in the mirror, who were fair and clean face comeliness JunYa, black hair skim over the tipgucci outlet online of the brow, emerge out light gentle temperament, looks is less than 20 ah, this whether to worry more will only in this age have a pair of – year – old man organ? [love? Ah, for him it is a kind of disgusting encumbrance it.] Mr Hayao miyazaki yao department also don’t know