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SYLMAR, CA, April 22, 2010 — Managing a house of worship A/V system incorporating components such as cameras, projectors, screens, LCD monitors, cable boxes, DVD players and audio equipment can be a daunting task for even the most technically proficient church volunteer. In order to simplify A/V system control for its clients, design/build specialist Music Masters, located in Tallahassee, Florida, has selected a wireless control solution from Xantech Corporation, a leader in the field of audio/video remote control and distribution for 40 years.

Most recently, the design/build team led by Les Stephenson, a veteran of more than two decades with Music Masters, incorporated a pair of Xantech XTR39 hand-held LCD touchscreen remotes and a handful of RF2IR base station receivers into an A/V installation at the nearby Four Oaks Community Church. The Xantech ZigBee-based (IEEE802.15.4) remote control system allows users

to activate or reset all or part of a multi-component A/V system with the press of a single button. “We’ve used this product quite a few times,� stated Stephenson. “We know it, we know how to program it, and it works.�

An XTR39 wireless remote located in the sanctuary at Four Oaks Community Church additionally controls equipment in the green room and the cry room. “Any member of their team can come in and pick up the XTR39 and hit the power button, hit the ON icon, and everything is set up and they’re ready to go,� Stephenson explained. “We also wanted to be able to take control of each of the projectors individually. We built a control page for each projector and we built a control page for each TV. So you can sit at the mix booth and you can adjust the left, the center or the right projector independently.�

The second XTR39 remote, in the youth room, resets the A/V components for various applications, including presentations, meetings and sanctuary overflow. A presenter need only press the macro-based button labeled “Presentation� and the system reconfigures accordingly. “He can put his DVD in the DVD player, put a lapel mic on, turn the body pack on and he’s good to go,� Stephenson elaborated. “Then he runs the DVD player from the XTR39, and when he’s done he hits the OFF button and everything turns off and the screens go back up.� Pressing the “Overflow� button on the XTR39 automatically resets the room: “The audio is correctly patched and the levels are set, the screens come down and the projectors turn on.�

The XTR39 includes a 3.9-inch full color touchscreen display for the fully customizable button and icon layout. The remote includes hardware buttons for frequently used commands while less frequently used soft buttons may be hidden away on multiple screen pages. “We replaced all the remote controls for all their devices, so it’s all built into one remote. You’re not looking through a drawer full of remotes, you just grab the one,� he commented.

The RF2IR2W receiver translates the XTR39’s radio frequency commands, which can pass through walls, into the IR and RS232 signals appropriate for each electronic device in the system. “You don’t even have to point it at the device,� he said. “That’s pretty cool.� Each RF2IR2W Base Station has four selectable IR ports and a bi-directional RS232 port. The XTR39 remote can communicate with over 200 uniquely addressed RF base stations allowing for a very large flexible control system.

Stephenson summarized, “Xantech just makes it so easy. Clients can simplify the operation of all their equipment so they don’t have to have a two-page checklist for how to turn each thing on and how it needs to be set up. We’ve set up presets using the XTR39 that turn everything on and off and set the system up for how they need it to be on Sunday morning in a few churches now. We’re using the product in a variety of applications – anywhere we need something that is customizable and that’s going to be easy to use.�
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