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INTEGRATED SYSTEMS EUROPE, AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS, February 1, 2011 – In keeping with the brand’s reputation for inventing innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions for challenges and problems in audio, video and control system design, Xantech (booth 1L90) arrives at ISE 2011 in Amsterdam with new and existing products sure to make the top of any contractor or system integrator’s short list of essentials. Highlights include:

WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller – the WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller is a stand-alone room controller for networked/web-based control featuring two IR Ports, two Serial ports, two Contact Closure ports and two Digital I/O ports as well as two Ethernet ports (one with POE) for TCP/IP Telnet control with less intrusion into facility IP networks. On its own, the Web Intelligent Controller is an Event-driven component capable of Timed Events, Calendar Events, Telnet and Serial Events and features a full FTP site, Web server and

email server. With its built-in Web server, the WIC1200 is totally iPad ready without the need for purchasing, installing or setting-up an “app.� When interfaced with Xantech’s CWTC10 10.4� WiFi touchpanel or XTR39 Wireless RF Remote (or Apple’s new iPad®), the WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller can send messages back to the touchpanel allowing for text display, numeric display, volume and indicator bars, ON/OFF indicators and more, for full real-time data display.

CWTC10 Wireless Touch Controller – Xantech’s CWTC10 10.4â€? WiFi touch panel is the logical addition to the WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller. Rounding out the system, the CWTC10 provides a full 10.4â€? wireless control panel perfect for any Conference Room application. Running Windows CE 6.0 in Kiosk mode, the CWTC10 provides full PC power with a full color 800×600 vibrant control panel interface. When used (but not limited to) Xantech’s WIC1200 Intelligent Controller, the CWTC10 is the perfect user interface for controlling A/V Teleconferencing systems with a large but not overbearing easy-to-use 10.4″ display. Since it runs on Windows CE and is fully Web capable, the CWTC10 is an ideal platform for utilizing any Macromedia Flash Web enabled control page, which can be served using the WIC1200 or any Web server on the network. Made of durable water resistant plastic, the CWTC10 has a built in kick-stand.

VCS1080 Video Scaler – the VCS1080 nine-input presentation scaler/switcher is intended for use with analog and digital video, together with unbalanced stereo and S/PDIF audio signals. The VCS1080 accepts NTSC, PAL and SECAM standard video in composite, S-Video or component video format, as well as JPEG inputs, via RCA, 15-pin HD, HDMI and USB connectors. The user-friendly features can be controlled from the 1RU unit’s front panel buttons, IR remote with onscreen menus, or by using RS232 commands. A key feature is that the HDMI and VGA outputs are active at the same time – the benefit of two active outputs allows the user to distribute video to a projector and a flat-screen panel simultaneously. Applications include conference rooms, classrooms and other presentation systems. The VCS1080 incorporates IDT HQV® video processing to ensure high quality scaling for large audience presentation applications requiring conversion and switching of multiple formats of standard- and high-definition video as well as graphic data signals. The HDTV-compatible and HDCP-compliant 1RU unit supports 720p, 1080i, and 1080p HDTV output resolutions. Glitch-free display is achieved through incorporated fade-thru-black (FTB™) technology, which fades one source to black and the next from black for a smooth, seamless switch between video inputs.

SmartPanelâ„¢ LCD touchpanels – Xantech’s SmartPanel LCD touchpanels offer complete Room Control via RS422/232, IR, GPIO trigger and now IP for full control connectivity. With SmartPanel touchpanels, users can control A/V components, displays, teleconferencing and other components from one high-resolution, durable, professional-grade TFT LCD display – all of the control processing is right in the panel itself, creating a very efficient room control panel with simplified installation and programming. The Xantech SmartPanel series is perfect for classrooms, conference rooms, digital signage, house-of-worship and hotel/hospitality applications. The new units range in screen size from 3.5 inches to 7 inches. New model numbers include CSP35GIP (3.5″), CSP43VIP (4.3″) and CSP70VIP (7.0″) All boast super-bright, high-resolution, durable, professional-grade TFT LCD displays. The 4.3- and 7.0-inch models feature widescreen displays. All three CSP models also feature security bezels and password protection to discourage unauthorized removal from public venues.

WIPAD and DIPAD iPad® charging enclosures — another need is for aesthetically-pleasing and secure, permanent mounting systems for using an iPad in a commercial control system. Xantech’s new mounting cases are all-metal lockable designs that maintain full functionality while adapting a mobile device to a stationary installation point. They not only securely protect the device but also allow easy access to power, audio output and other connectivity. The WIPAD case enables wall mounting while the DIPAD case is designed for horizontal surfaces such as desktop, conference table or kiosk countertop, and other surface-mounting applications. Either product allows mounting the iPad in the vertical or horizontal position.

MX88 multi-zone audio/video controller – Xantech’s MX88 IP-enabled multi-zone audio/video controller is engineered for iPad control along with Xantech keypad and Xantech SmartPanel LCD touch-screen control. This Xantech web-enabled product allows an iPad to control an entire Xantech multi-zone audio/video system. An integrated audio/video distribution and control tour-de-force, the network-capable MX88 combines a highly efficient 50W x 16-channel/8-zone digital amplifier and smart auto-sensing universal (100V to 240V) power supply with advanced automation control, capable of up to 16-Serial ports with the use of Xantech’s RS232 1×8 serial routers, and 17 selectable IR ports, as well as IP communication and two-way interface with an iPad, or most other web-enabled tablets and PCs, without the need for installing a dedicated app. The MX88 system can be expanded to 16 zones by using two MX88 controllers, and each zone can accommodate one sub-zone and 4 controllers.

BDX TT Bluetooth interface – many clients now manage their music and media services through a smartphone or other handheld device, and a growing trend in commercial A/V is the ability to quickly interface personal devices into an installed system in a conference rooms or other venue. Getting music into an installed audio/video system can be a challenge, especially if the client does not want to bother with docking stations or cables. The BDX TT Bluetooth audio receiver provides that full-fidelity, reliable wireless connection between an A/V system and any handheld Bluetooth A2DP-enabled device such as a smartphone, PC or tablet. It lets the user maintain device functionality while listening to music — they can pause to take a call, for example.

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