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"In fact, since the beginning of this year, really a lot of scenic spots of the province ticket prices. Provincial capital, a travel agent told reporters that, starting from April 1 this year, Shandong Zaozhuang the Taierzhuang city attractions tickets from $ 100 each transferred each 160 million, or 60%; since May this year, Shandong Penglai Pavilion tickets rose to 140 yuan per 100 yuan each. In addition, from October 10 this year, the Slender West Lake Scenic Area tickets rose.Careful people will find, in recent years, the province tickets prices are also a lot of scenic spots, the provincial capital of more than 4A, 5A-level scenic spots, prices have entered a "hundred times".

According to reports, the province 5A-level scenic spot ticket prices have plmlv20121015 been a breakthrough hundred dollars. , Huangshan Scenic season ticket 230 yuan, 150 yuan off-season; Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Area season tickets for 190 yuan, 140 yuan off-season; Tianzhu Mountain Scenic Area season tickets 150 yuan, 110 yuan off-season; Tiantangzhai ticket price of 115 yuan each. In addition, the White Horse pointed scenic spots, each 110 yuan; Peacock Flying Southeast scenic spots, each 120 yuan.

"A tourist line, tickets cost would account for about three percent of the offer." Anhui Global CITS domestic product director, said Xia Wenjun, scenic spots, prices, Showmanship, but travel agencies have to sacrifice profits. For these prices scenic, we choose either without the tourists go, or cheap louis vuitton to choose other scenic spots instead. "

Two percent of tourists flow to "outbound"In the interview, the reporter learned that, by domestic scenic spots, rising domestic travel prices have gone up more than two percent loss of Domestic Tourism, and these cost more than tourists more choices outbound.According to the catalog of the provincial capital, a travel agency, the reporter found, "October" Golden Week, part of the domestic travel routes prices approaching or even exceeding the outbound price. Xinjiang Tour Louis Vuitton Outlet Store offer up to 6000 yuan / person, the Hainan Tour offer up to 5,000 yuan / person around Chengdu Jiuzhaigou Huanglong four flying Tour offer up to 7580 yuan / person around.

The public Ms. Zhang said, louis vuitton outlet "to play a three Huangshan light tickets will be 690 yuan, plus ropeways, accommodation costs, does 'not afford'." Xia Wenjun told reporters, "due to rising ticket prices, domestic travel prices even more than the outbound, many people simply choose to travel abroad. "2011 microblogging, said she and her classmates in the school's request to go to a cruise company internship, under very difficult conditions. However, the school said, if you do not complete their internship, will not be able to graduate.