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Xymba XB42 – A Dual Drive, Standalone, Automated Duplicator for Efficient Disc Production Needs by Acronova Technology.

North Brunswick, NJ 2009– Acronova Technology, Inc. introduces Xymba XB42, an automated dual drive standalone system that has an increased disc production and is easy to operate at the same time. Whether CDs or DVDs, Xymba is an efficient solution to any disc duplication project.

 Xymba XB42 has 80 disc capacity and two optical disc drives for optimum performance and efficient disc handling. Xymba XB42 is a standalone system that does not require a host computer. Instead, Xymba XB42’s push button and LED indicators offer a one-touch solution that is completely hassle free and require no learning curve. Xymba XB42 uses a SATA interface for optimal performance and meeting future industry standards in advance. Its lockable cabinet protects discs from dust and unauthorized access. Thanks to the first-in-first-out loader design, users can


add more discs to their project anytime. The neat design and its compact footprint also makes Xymba a real space saver.  Besides one to multiple projects, XB42 also does multiple to multiple disc duplication, allowing multiple projects to be processed at once. Xymba XB42 supports CD and DVD duplication and Blu-ray enabled models are available upon request. Users can also choose the Xymba XB42 with either an output bin or output tray. The output bin can hold up to 80 discs and the output tray is suitable for on-demand users with immediate disc pick up. At an MSRP of $1,495 Xymba XB42 is the perfect disc duplication solution for offices, studios, small and mid-sized businesses with higher disc production efficiency need.

About Acronova Technology, Inc. Acronova Technology is a manufacturing leader serving the CD/DVD duplication equipment industry since 2002. Acronova vows to offer user friendly, affordable and reliable disc auto loading solutions that transcend innovation and creativity. For more information, visit Acronova Technology, Inc. Phone: 732 422 1868
Email: [email protected]