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Yamaha PM5D and M7CL are ‘Go To’ Boards for DBS Sound’s Mundy

LOS ANGELES⎯Patrick Mundy may be fairly new to the live sound game, but not digital mixers. He previously worked in studio recording and became familiar with them during that time and credits his audio recording mentor, Dave Fridmann, with providing him the tools to go out and mix live. Fridmann told him that the secret to a good studio sound was live sound. Mundy, as he is known, took that advice to heart and five years ago set out to use his people and mix skills learned in-studio into the world of sound reinforcement.

Mundy recently mixed main stage front of house on a Yamaha PM5D for this year’s Rock the Bells Festival. “The owner of DBS Sound, Ruben Silva, is the man who I credit with marketing me and developing me as a ‘go to’ front of house engineer for just about

any genre of music,� says Mundy.

“Ruben pushed me to be a versatile mixer and make sure to always mix genre-specific.� He met Silva after touring with Redman, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah mixing monitors and production managing the first Rock the Bells club tour.

Mundy says that one of DBS Sounds’ motto’s is ‘smarter not harder.’ “We do a lot of large festivals and events, from Rock, Latin and Hip Hop to large dance music events. He also mixes front of house for Powerman 5000 when they are on the road. When you’ve got trucks loading in and out, developing systems and workflows that allow for minimal time wasted is important. Since we started using Yamaha digital products, I am able to save a lot of time in terms of load in and load out, not to mention weight; for example, a Midas and three racks of outboard gear weigh a lot more than a PM5D and a few pieces of outboard gear.â€?

Mundy notes that on the medium to larger gigs, the Yamaha PM5D and the M7CL are their ‘go to’ boards. “The Yamaha digital consoles are intuitive enough that if you break down a few steps to digital novices, they are able to get comfortable quickly. It is great to see the smiles on peoples’ faces once they realize the power of recall.�

“The Rock the Bells tour was a great experience from start to finish,â€? says Mundy. “It is my belief that the Yamaha PM5D was a big part of making North America’s largest touring hip hop festival work. Being a festival, many acts did not get more than a line check before having to start their sets. The PM5D’s recall capability gave the engineers a great starting place to build from each day.â€?

Mundy carried all the main stage acts FOH files/scenes backed up redundantly on multiple cards, via email, and on his laptop, and mixed for many of the acts at Rock the Bells, like Chali Tuna, Supernatural MC, RZA, the full Wu Tang Clan while the tour was in New York City, MOP, Slaughterhouse, Ice Cube’s sole appearance, Busta Rhymes at the LA and San Francisco shows, NAS in Baltimore, Slick Rick in LA and San Francisco, KRS1, Slum Village, The Knux, as well as all the festival’s opening acts.

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