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Buena Park, CA – September 2010… In the Latin music market, Gustavo Farias is among an elite group of music producers/engineers responsible for some of the most high profile projects. As CEO of Van Nuys, CA-based Farias Productions, he has produced hit albums for artists such as Juan Gabriel, Rocio Durcal, Akwid, and Melissa Etheridge, and has written themes and music for many TV shows, including the most watched Hispanic show in the U.S., The Cristina Show. Of particular note, Farias was the recipient of the Silver Lion at the 2009 Cannes Lion Festival—the most prestigious award in the advertising world. When you’re this high up the food chain, you can work with whatever equipment you want, so when Farias says he insists upon Zaolla Silverline microphone and guitar cables, there must be a pretty darn good reason.

“Zaolla Silverline cables are exceptional,� Farias reports. “The sound quality, the reliability, and the way these cables are built are all first class. When people come to my studio to record, I always encourage them to use the Zaolla cables. They really do make a big difference to the overall sound. I’ve had a number of guitarists and bass players call me after the sessions to ask where they can get their own Zaolla Silverline cables.�

Presently, Farias is in the midst of two major projects. For starters, he’s working on ten promotions with Grupo Televisa (the largest TV network throughout Latin America) for Estrellas del Bicentenario, Mexico’s Bicentennial Celebrations in honor of the 200th anniversary of its Independence and 100th anniversary of its Revolution. These promotions receive extremely high visibility throughout the entire country as Mexico celebrates this historic occasion. Secondly, he’s working on a new album project for legendary Mexican singer/songwriter Juan Gabriel, one of the country’s most famous artists of the Mexican ranchera, ballads, mariachi, and pop music.

“I used my Zaolla Silverline cables on both these projects,� states Farias. “Mexico’s Bicentennial Celebrations are a huge deal and the promotions are playing everywhere, so it’s really important that the sound quality be top notch. I’ve produced several albums for Juan Gabriel and this new album is going to be extremely important, as it marks his 35th year in the entertainment business. Both projects are very high profile and sound quality is a top consideration. When it comes to mic and guitar cable, I use the best I can, and for me, that’s Zaolla Silverline.�

When queried about those qualities that differentiate Zaolla Silverline cables from the competition, Farias offered the following thoughts. “When I first received my Zaolla Silverline cables,� he explained, “we did several A-B comparisons with a number of well-known cable brands. The difference that Zaolla Silverline provides is astounding. We found that not only did the music sound bigger and fuller, it was also louder—with all the detail reproduced just as it should be.�

“These cables are also built very well,� Farias continued. They’re easy to roll and the cable always lays flat. There’s none of those kinked, tangled, and unmanageable traits so common with poor quality cable. Further, the connectors that Zaolla Silverline uses are really solid. A lot of the quarter-inch jacks you encounter these days are poorly made, but not those on the Zaolla cables. This is very reliable cable. I’ve been using Zaolla for almost six years without incident.�

When asked what cable advice he would offer aspiring recording professionals, Farias offered the following, “Don’t economize with your cables. This is no place to cut corners. When one invests in an expensive piece of studio gear, there’s a tendency to save a few bucks by buying cheaper cables. Do yourself a big favor and get quality cables like Zaolla Silverline. Doing so will noticeably improve the sound of your recordings. When it comes to record quality, sound quality is first—everything else is second. These cables have made a noticeable improvement to the quality of my recordings. All my analog connections are made with Zaolla Silverline.�

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Photo info: Image of Gustavo Farias.