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Buena Park, CA – October 2010… Zaolla Silverline, the leading innovator of cable technologies for the musical instrument and pro audio industries, is proud to introduce a new microphone cable. The Zaolla Silverline microphone cable combines the legendary performance of the company’s unique silver-core conductors with Neutrik® XX-14 Series XLR connectors. The result is a cable in which sonic transparency combines with durability to deliver a superior sounding, positively rugged cable for today’s recording and performing artists. The new Zaolla Silverline microphone cable is ideal for professional studio musicians, serious home recordists, live performers, and anyone seeking superior performance from their microphones.

The new Zaolla Silverline microphone cable is designed around two solid-silver center conductors. Silver, the most conductive element on earth, is 7% less resistant than copper. This substantial improvement in conductivity is manifest in every aspect of signal transmission. All else being equal, the bandwidth of a silver conductor is greater than that of a copper conductor. Thus, a silver conductor yields greater HF and LF transmission and overall signal clarity.

While it is true that silver is superior to copper as a conductor of electricity, this is not to say that silver is superior to copper in every application. Low-level analog audio signals benefit from the MF boost and “warmth” associated with copper. Thus, the new Zaolla Silverline microphone cable features dual solid-silver center conductors and enamel-coated, stranded-copper ancillary conductors in a unique hybrid configuration for the best of both worlds.

A microphone cable is only as good as its signal-to-noise ratio. Zaolla Silverline surrounds the unique dual hybrid conductors at the core of this exceptional microphone cable with comprehensive shielding. Conductive PVC combines with a traditional copper braid to provide maximum EMI, RFI, and electrostatic rejection without the added stiffness of a second copper braid.

Zaolla Silverline focuses on design as much as on materials. Of particular note, the new Zaolla Silverline microphone cable is constructed with materials specifically designed to reduce friction between cable layers. This accounts for the unique flexibility of these cables—enabling them to lie flat on the floor and wrap easily for storage—making this mic cable as much at home on the stage as it is in the studio.

The Neutrik XX-14 Series XLR connectors found on the new Zaolla Silverline microphone cable combine the robust design of their XX Series with an improved chuck type strain relief designed for large-diameter cable. Features include the unique cage design of the female contact for low contact resistance and high integrity as well as a solder barrier to prevent solder running into the contact mating area. Additionally, there is an improved solid metal latch that is larger, making handling that much easier. Zaolla Silverline employs only the variant with gold-plated contacts for improved corrosion resistance. These connectors combine with Zaolla Silverline’s innovative cable design to create a world-class microphone cable worthy of interfacing with the best microphones in the world.

Jonathan Pusey, Director of Sales and Marketing at Zaolla Silverline, commented on the new Zaolla Silverline microphone cable, “This new microphone cable represents the latest achievement in our on-going efforts to build the very best cables possible for today’s musicians and audio professionals,� says Pusey. “The new Neutrik gold-plated connectors help deliver the cable’s superior sonic performance while also adding to its overall durability. For those with a small fortune invested in their microphones, the new Zaolla Silverline microphone cable is the perfect complement. I’m quite certain this cable will make quite an impression.�

The Zaolla Silverline microphone cable is available in 3-, 5-, 10, 15-, 20-, 30-, and 50-foot lengths. The MSRP of the cables ranges from $79 – $716. The Zaolla Silverline microphone cable is available now.

About Zaolla Silverline Headquartered in Buena Park, CA, Zaolla Silverline is the leading innovator of cable technologies for the musical instrument and pro audio industries. From solid-silver conductors for digital audio and video to unique hybrid conductors for instrument and microphone, Zaolla Silverline tailors each design to its specific application. This attention to detail has made Zaolla Silverline the brand of choice for the hottest live acts and recording studios of the new millennium. For more information about Zaolla Silverline, please visit