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Zaxcom Introduces Complete Wireless Audio Microphone Packages

Pompton Plains, N.J.–Zaxcom announced that it has created two new digital audio microphone packages designed to make it easier for broadcasters and ENG professionals to wirelessly transmit and record broadcast-quality audio signals. By packaging many of the company’s core products together, Zaxcom is leveraging its collective engineering successes and tailoring the product combinations to meet needs specific to various audio applications.

Built on the company’s patented technologies, Zaxcom’s new Broadcaster IFB Package includes four TRX900AA transceivers with integrated IFB functionality, one IFB100 transmitter, one RX4900 single-rack receiver unit with four receivers, and other accessories required to support the wireless transmission of broadcast-quality audio, 2.4-GHz IFB signals, and RF remote control.

The new ENG Package, designed to provide ENG audio professionals with a stereo bag-to-camera link with integrated confidence monitoring, is comprised of one TRX900AA with internal recording and IFB support, one STA100 stereo adaptor, one stereo receiver, and one IFB100 transmitter.

“We have been focused on the development of our wireless microphone system for quite a while now, and it’s gratifying to see all of our efforts come together in a full-featured system that we can tailor to various uses,” said Glenn Sanders, president of Zaxcom. “We’re happy to introduce our Broadcaster IFB Package and ENG Package as a means for our customers to get all of the features relevant to their specific industries in a simple, turnkey system that removes concerns of quality or reliability.”

Zaxcom’s TRX series of digital wireless transceivers first began with the goal of developing the only truly digital modulation transmitter — with no FM-companded audio. Once this task was accomplished, Zaxcom’s engineering staff expanded on this industry-first success with the addition of a number of patent-pending features, starting with internal recording for 100 percent error-free audio tracks. To allow users to control the internal recorder, Zaxcom additionally developed an RF receiver for integration into the TRX bodypack to support RF remote control. Later product developments included 2.4-GHz IFB support, timecode reference with integrated timecode jamming, reduced power consumption and heat generation, and stereo transmission.

Both the Broadcaster IFB Package and ENG Package are based on the TRX900AA, part of Zaxcom’s TRX digital wireless microphone product family. The TRX900AA was developed for users who need a longer running time and prefer the convenience of using AA batteries, two of which support a 10-hour run time. The TRX900AA includes a 12-hour internal recording capability, with audio quality that is indistinguishable from that of a hard-wire connection. The audio files are recorded directly to a Flash memory card in Zaxcom’s fault-tolerant, proprietary format and then transferred as .wav files to either a PC or Macintosh for post-production.

“We take our accomplishment very seriously and are proud to have pioneered a complete audio microphone system with wireless digital modulation, stereo transmission, internal recording, integrated IFB, and acoustic and RF remote control,” added Sanders. “Used in varying combinations, these features can provide something for everyone and improve the quality of wireless microphones in a wide variety of applications.”

More information about the Broadcaster IFB or ENG packages, as well as Zaxcom’s full line of wireless audio systems, is available at