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Duality Feature Set, Sound and Operational Reliability is Spot On

The Zoo, a production facility in Oakland, CA, has chosen a 48-channel Solid State Logic Duality SE console as the upgrade for Studio A. Acting as a creative collective, The Zoo offers high quality recording and production facilities as well as entertainment attorneys, managers, labels, video producers, artists, engineers and writers. Duality is the audio centerpiece for the facility providing SSL’s SuperAnalogue™ sound with VHD mic pres for tonal color and integrated DAW control.

“We found the most promising producers and artists in the bay area and have brought them under one roof to build what we call the Zoo Community,� says David “D1� Watson, producer for The Zoo. “I have been interested in an SSL console for a while and Duality is certainly the best board SSL ever built. I work sessions between R&B, rock, hip-hop and alternative artists and Duality is the tool that lets me do them all. When you set out to build what we’re doing, you need the best tools to attract the best people. Duality is one of the tools that appeals to them.�

The Zoo’s mission is to create a symbiotic relationship with its partners allowing affiliated members the opportunity to produce in one of three production rooms. Located in Studio A, Duality gives the artists and engineers a wide sonic palate to work with.

“Duality’s VHD mic pres are very impressive,� D1 states. “The variable harmonic distortion (VHD) feature gives me the opportunity to rough up a track to add color, giving me more choices to work with. Historically, there has always been an argument between producers who like to capture rough and mix clean and the producers that like to capture clean and rough things up in the mix. Duality let’s me work either way so I can accommodate any working style.�

According to D1, the commissioning of Duality was straightforward, easy to install and the reliable, compact design and green power draw was a big plus. For example, at one point during a recent session, a speaker amplifier tripped a circuit breaker, the control room went down and everyone immediately thought they had lost the mix. Upon re-booting, Duality went back to where they were and the mix continued without missing a beat. While operational reliability was a lifesaver, the integrated DAW control delivered a new level of functionality. “In my former work life I was a software engineer and I am very comfortable with working in the box,� D1 explains. “With Duality, I now have an additional tool to control our Pro Tools® system and it is nice to move some of that DAW functionality in front of me.�

“I think that SSL did a great job with Duality. The EQ’s are smoking, the dynamics are great and the meters, the routing and the split design are working super good for us. In short, Duality is awesome.�

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