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Delta H Design Inc | Quantum Acoustics™ | ZR Barn Doors

ZR Barn Doors are dispersion control flaps and extensions to The ZR Cloak.  Barn Door + Cloaks together quantize up to 95% of 1 order room reflections directly at the source, while exhibiting all the iconic sounds of ZR Acoustics. 

Leaving the speaker untouched, they wrap every non-functional surface of the speaker with ZR Hybrid devices. ZR Barn Door systems are four ZR Hybrid devices on a sleek carbon fiber or aluminum suspension frame. Suspension frames hold Hybrid devices for The Cloak and Barn Doors. 

Barn Doors’ acoustic resolution is an impressive 450+ NPS/ft. Each Barn Door is custom designed and custom built to the speaker’s exact dimensions and specifications. They are lightweight and transportable, traveling with speakers easily. 

Barn Doors with ZR Cloaks provide Mastering Quality Acoustics for any room, any speaker, anywhere. 

· Quantum AcousticsTechnology

· Spherical, Life-Like Acoustical Imaging

· Wall-to-Wall Sweet Spots

· Extreme Acoustic Resolution: 450+NPS/ft(Non-parallel Surfaces/ft)

· Easy Installation. No tools required.

“Barn doors are the natural extension in performance for ZR Cloaks. We repeatedly get asked how to make an entire room sound perfect without changing any walls, or ceilings. Barn Doors are the answer to that question.” – Hanson Hsu, Principal Acoustician + CEO | DHDI

For a quote please contact DHDI directly at [email protected].com. To learn more about Barn Doors visit For information on ZR Cloaks visit All ZR Acoustics Devices are sold via DHDI or authorized dealers. To experience ZR Acoustics online please see ZR Live! performance videos at