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ZR Live! Showcases Microphones by Neumann/Sennheiser

[Marina Del Rey, CA] – Delta H Design, Inc. (DHDI) the leader in Quantum Acoustics™ announces the use of Neumann and Sennheiser microphones at ZR Live! The Microphones will be used as the primary transducers for instruments and vocals at the February ZR Live! event.

Neumann’s U 87 will be featured on two different vocal artists. The KM 184 and the Sennheiser MKH 8040 will be used on ukulele and steel hand drum. The U87, an industry standard mic for vPop, Rock, Rap, and Jazz vocals was voted Best Microphone at the NAMM 2012. Well-known for its clarity, and presence while maintaining body, it’s a perfect choice for this month’s ZR Live! performers. The KM 184, a favorite of many for overheads, acoustic guitars, and amplifiers, shares the same capsule used in the classic KM 184, with a “livelier” feel and a transformer-less design, widening the dynamic range (22db – 138db). The MKH 8040 is a modular, cardioid, small diaphragm condenser mic that boasts a 30 Hz to 50000 kHz frequency response. It has a symmetrical diaphragm with two back plates for extremely low self-noise and is extremely versatile.

February’s ZR Live! presents: Hart Sawyer performing an Operatic Aria Selection and Original Ukulele pieces, and AeB Byrne on Handpan Drum (modern steel drum). The entire performance will be recorded LIVE in a ZR “Quintet” Pop-Up studio featuring 1” thick ZR Quantum Screens. Select recordings from the evening will immediately be played back for the studio audience/event attendees.

ZR Live! attendees personally experience Quantum Acoustics™ and the ZR Acoustics® Trifecta:

1. Artists perform phenomenally thanks to exceptionally clear acoustics on stage

2. Audience members experience extra-ordinary Clarity and Definition

3. The Recording demonstrates Life-like Imaging of the performance

ZR Live! Attendees have included Alan Sides, Lenise Bent, Mick Guzauski, Alan Meyerson, CJ Vanston, Rafa Sardina, Glenn Phoenix, Tony Shepperd, Pete Doell, and Jon Taylor.

Current and Past ZR Live! Sponsors Include:

  • Apogee Electronics
  • BURL Audio
  • Westlake Audio
  • Mojave Audio
  • Royer Labs
  • Focusrite Audio
  • Lipinski Audio
  • Metric Halo
  • Adam Audio
  • Clair Solution
  • AVID

ZR Live! can be experienced in High Definition on the DHDI website ( or on DHDI’s YouTube Channel (
Industry professionals interested in attending ZR Live! please contact DHDI at [email protected].
For more information about Neumann, please visit