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Issue 209


The Hit House

A motion picture’s music score is rarely, if ever, licensed for use in the film’s trailer. Indeed, it rarely ever was; more likely it...


Carlos Rodriguez-Quiros

Carlos Rodriguez-Quiros is a renowned classical guitarist with an affinity for sound. From what he hears in his brain to his fingers on the...


May 2016 New Products

Fostex HP-A4BL DAC/Amp Headphone Power and Quality Conversion The HP-A4BL from Fostex ($499.99) features newly designed digital circuitry and high-performance headphone amplifiers, balanced headphone...


Stop. Look. Listen.

We use the term “golden ears” every now and then in the pages of Mix, usually to describe an engineer whose taste and talents...


‘The Art of Listening’

It is fitting that producer Andrew Scheps is featured prominently in the new music documentary, The Art of Listening, advocating the experiential benefits of...