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Yamaha CL1 In-Use

I had two shows booked in to mix FOH and record a new UK soul singer. The venue’s console wasn’t going to cut it...


API Audio Vision

The new 24-bus Vision Surround Mixing Console features three stereo mix buses, a dedicated 5-channel surround mix bus and 10 aux buses.


Solid State Logic C100

Designed for fast-paced, on-air work and live-to-tape studio production, the new-generation SSL C100 is a scalable, small-footprint digital console that takes an innovative approach...


Field Test: Midas XL-42

Over its 30-year history, Midas has produced several live sound consoles, and many of the world's top sound engineers swear by the sonic excellence...


Roland VS-2480

With the VS-2480, Roland makes a concerted bid to define the current, state-of-the-art, integrated recording/mixing systems. It's an impressive showing,