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DAS Hits the Gym

Miami’s Anatomy Gym gives its newly installed DAS Audio E11EVEN Sound Series a workout – and vice versa.

Miami, FL (FEBRUARY 21, 2020)—Miami’s Anatomy Gym recently updated its sound reinforcement system with loudspeakers drawn from the new E11EVEN Sound Series by DAS Audio.

Working in coordination with John Fiorito, DAS Audio of America’s national installation manager, the company installed eight DAS ES26 loudspeakers along with two S18 subwoofers in its second-floor midtown-Miami location.

DAS Icon Series, E11even Sound Debut at NAMM

The new sound system at Anatomy Gym is configured in such a way whereas the DAS ES26 mid/high enclosures are run in stereo with mono sub bass. The loudspeakers are placed in a two 4-point system., as the room is a perfect square but is too long to just have loudspeakers in the four corners. As a result, in the center of the room, the loudspeakers are at a V-mount. All loudspeakers use the DAS ceiling mount bracket.

Miami’s Francois Frossard Design, also known as FFD, contracted the installation. Francois Frossard, FFD’s principal, noted, “Anatomy Gym’s second floor studio is an interactive workout area where the instructor leads a large class of gym members rotating among various workout machines under a heightened sensory experience of music and lighting, complete with a nightclub setting. This makes the workout more fun and time goes by quicker, as the clientele feed off the energy of each other and that of the instructors during the sessions. The instructor plays hip hop / house music along with other formats and uses a Shure fitness microphone to coordinate the class and provide instruction.”

Frossard and his crew installed Anatomy Gym’s new sound system in November 2019, and it was placed into service immediately thereafter. Since that time, he reports his client is very pleased. “The new system injects a high level of energy into the exercise programs and you can see that it has a dramatic impact on the people as they exercise. The music is vibrant, and the instructor’s speech is articulate. Together, it makes for a fun and energizing time for everyone involved.”

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