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Jason Aldean Tour Profile

Mix magazine interview with audio engineers and live sound crew on mixing audio for Jason Aldean 2010 tour. Tips, techniques and equipment applications from Jason Aldean's front of house (FOH) engineer. Mix magazine April 2010

Jason Aldean

Country-rocker Jason Aldean is currently touring in support of Wide Open. Mix caught up with FOH engineer Chris Stephens.

How much gear are you carrying?

We are carrying 56 d&b J-8/12s, 12 J-Subs and six Q10 front-fills, powered by d&b D12s from Spectrum Sound. We have Digidesign Profiles at FOH and monitors. We run with a fairly small crew, so efficiency is a must.

What is your mixing style for Jason?
This is not your typical country show; it is a very high-energy rock show with pedal steel. It has to be approached like a rock mix—big guitars and bigger drums. However, vocal clarity and tone are key. By using multistage compression, I am able to keep the vocal consistent in the mix without having to constantly chase the fader.

FOH engineer Chris Stephens

What is your setup for the band?
We have a full mic package from Audio-Technica. Everyone in the band is on Sennheiser G3s and UE ears. All of the band gear lives in the back of the set, so guitar and bass rigs, amps and mics never move.

Where can we find you when you’re not on the road?
In Nashville, working on the house, catching up with friends and relaxing.