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Avlex Superlux WB-383

Avlex has announced that the Superlux WB-383 ($130) clip-on instrument microphone is now shipping. A low-profile, cardioid condenser microphone designed for use with brass, woodwinds, strings, snare drum, toms and other instruments, the Superlux WB-383 is designed to easily attach to variety of surfaces.

The WB-383 is optimized for capturing signals from the front and, according to the company, has superior off-axis rejection—enabling recording engineers, for example, to capture the target instrument with minimal interference from adjacent instruments.

The WB-383’s frequency response is said to be 40 to 18k Hz, enabling the microphone to capture a wide range of instruments. Additionally, the WB-383 can accommodate loud instruments, such as trumpets and percussion, with its high SPL (sound pressure level) capability.

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