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EastWest PLAY

EastWest has introduced its PLAY software, a 64-bit advanced sample engine with built-in Network Control. Included with all new EastWest/Quantum Leap virtual instruments (most existing EastWest NI-powered virtual instruments will be upgraded early in 2007), PLAY displays custom-designed virtual instruments. The interface displays only the controls needed for each individual virtual instrument.

PLAY’s 64-bit support allows the user to load more instruments and voices, and is limited only by the host system’s RAM (32-bit support is also included). EastWest’s built-in Network Control allows the user to load instruments on other machines controlled from the host computer.

Users can access EastWest’s online server from the PLAY software, audition individual instruments in a track and purchase the instruments at any time. Other collections can be auditioned and purchased at any time with an authorization code or purchase codes from EastWest authorized resellers.

Additional features include Legato Detection, which senses legato and repetitive playing and responds accordingly; Stereo Handling, allowing users to manipulate stereo samples; Stereo Swap, which allows the user to instantly swap between the left and right channels; and Mono from Left, Mono from Right, or Mono Sum, which enable instant conversion from stereo to mono. The software’s built-in mic mixer controls all microphone positions for orchestra, choirs, pianos and other instruments with multiple mic positions. PLAY also allows the user to load, unload, adjust, pan and mute mic positions within the patch as desired.

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