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InnovaSon FM-8VB

The FM-8VB 8-in/8-out plug-in effects module from InnovaSon was built on original algorithms from VB Audio and features a powerful DSP engine, allowing the user to run up to four digital effects per channel simultaneously. Users have access to a wide range of high-quality effects (reverb, delay, de-esser, limiter, etc.) including StripTool, a vintage design channel strip that provides fast and easy access to a full range of audio processing with a warm analog feel. Compatible with all InnovaSon audio racks and controlled via Sensoft, the new module ships in December.

Further processing capability comes in the form of the UM-8PO universal output module. Replacing all previous output modules from InnovaSon, the UM-8PO combines analog and digital-processed outputs. Equipped with eight XLR outputs that are configurable (in pairs) as analog, AES or ADAT, each output offers a powerful and comprehensive range of processing, including 31-band graphic EQ. The unit is easily upgradeable via firmware updates.

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