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Lab.Gruppen C Series Amplifiers

Lab.gruppen announces the expansion of its C Series installation amplifiers with the addition of four new amplifiers, two each in 8-channel and 4-channel formats. The new models are C 20:8X (8x 250 watts) at $3,095, C 10:8X (8x 125W) at $2,195, C 10:4X (4x 250W) at $1,795 and C 5:4X (4x 125W) at $1,495. Power ratings for each are the same at 70V, 4 ohms, 8 ohms and 16 ohms, respectively.

The C 20:8X and C 10:8X weigh 21 pounds, while the C 10:4X and C 5:4X weigh 18.75 pounds. All models are in 2U cabinets

The new amplifiers employ a unique Class-D implementation suited to lower power levels where the benefits of Class-TD are less easily realized and where cost vs. performance is paramount. A newly developed universal switching power supply employs PFC (Power Factor Correction) to stabilize current draw and accepts any mains voltage from 90 to 265 VAC (50 Hz or 60 Hz). The combination produces a flat frequency response into reactive loads and does not color the sound. As with all C Series models, an interface for Lab.gruppen’s proprietary NomadLink control and monitoring network is included.

Each pair of channels may be bridged to provide a variety of output configurations. Full power without clipping is ensured as overall input sensitivity on all models is adjustable in 3dB increments from 23 to 44 dB. Additionally, VPL (Voltage Peak Limiting) tailors each individual output for the specific load conditions, providing eight peak-power output levels to optimize performance while protecting mid- and high-frequency voice coils.

The new C Series models are expected to start shipping winter 2006/’07.

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