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AKG C1000 S

The AKG C 1000 S ($322) condenser microphone has been upgraded with improvements in features and packaging.

The AKG C 1000 S ($322) condenser microphone has been upgraded withimprovements in features and packaging.

The C 1000 S can be powered either by phantom voltage or by aninternal 9-colt battery, and is equipped with a battery monitoringsystem to continuously check the condition of the battery. When themicrophone is switched on, a red LED at the bottom of the on/off switchflashes once to indicate that the battery has enough current to powerthe microphone. When the battery’s life drops to 45 minutes, the redLED stays on as a warning to indicate low battery power.

The C 1000 S comes with the PPC 1000, which allows the microphone tobe switched from cardioid to hypercardioid pickup for greater pickuppattern control. It also comes with a PB 1000 presence boost adaptorthat boosts the upper mids between 5 kHz and 9 kHz.

The C 1000 S is packaged in AKG’s “Sound Tools” all-metal,hard-shell road case with a W 1000 windscreen and SA 63 unbreakablestand clamp.

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