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Al Schmitt


Sixteen Grammy® Awards, (nine for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical), two Latin Grammys, three TEC Awards and induction into the TEC Hall of Fame, and those are just the numbers.

Illustration: Rob Kelly

Al is an audio industry national treasure who’s hard-earned all of his accolades. The man is always working, but he also always makes time to give back to his friends and to the industry. Of course, it helps that he’s so darn efficient and a man of his word. If Al says he’ll be there, he will. Al loves art, food, Italian leather loafers and a good joke. Here’s what other engineers have said about him: “Naturally musical with amazing ears,” “Intuitive — and he gets the big picture,” “Always goes the extra mile,” “The consummate live engineer — nobody can touch him!” “Al is a class act,” “Simply the best — and he doesn’t take crap from anybody!”
Maureen Droney, president, Recording Academy P&E Wing

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