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Mix News for April 2004

News April 16 – 30 ( see news April 1 – 15 )

TC Electronic to Focus on PowerCore Platform

With the introduction during the past year of PowerCore FireWire and Element, and the announcement of several new third-party developers, PowerCore, TC Electronic’s open-platform DSP engine, and its related plug-ins now account for almost 90 percent of the company’s computer recording revenue. Because of this, TC Electronic announced a shift in corporate strategy to focus more resources on the PowerCore platform.

As a result, the company will be discontinuing further development of Spark and Native Bundle as of the current versions (Spark 2.8.2 and Native Bundle 3.1).

“PowerCore has been very successful for us, and with growing support from software developers like Sony and Access, users can expect more great things to come,” says Uffe Kjems Hansen, VP of product management at TC Electronic. “With such great momentum behind PowerCore, we’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue development on Spark and Native Bundle so we can give PowerCore the resources it deserves.”

TC Electronic will continue to provide support to users of both products through TC Support Interactive via its Website, located at

NVISION, ISIS Group Supply Integrated Routing Solution
NVISION and ISIS Group recently completed a unique collaborative project that resulted in a fully integrated routing solution for FotoKem, the Burbank, Calif.-based supplier of advanced film, video and audio services to the motion picture and television industries. The new integrated routing system enables digital audio and video sources to be switched within FotoKem’s new digital intermediate room, and a variety of RGBHV-format video sources that feed flat-panel displays.

Founded in 1963, FotoKem provides color and black-and-white laboratory services for filmmakers. Recently, the company opened a state-of-the-art digital intermediate room that provides digital scanning, conforming and color correction to film images prior to transfer back to film for public exhibition, video production and digital cinema release.

All operations in the new digital intermediate room are controlled from a Quantel iQ system, explains Paul Chapman, FotoKem’s senior VP of technology: “The iQ system accepts standard-def, high-def or 2k resolution, together with digital audio,” Chapman says. Material can be viewed with an audio soundtrack, enabling sound to be heard with picture during all stages of the image-correction process.

“While our main routing system handles primary ingest and delivery,” Chapman explains, “we needed a way of connecting various sources to and from the iQ system. And, in addition to HD video and audio signals, we had to accommodate a variety of RGBHV-format video sources that connect to a number of flat-panel displays. We soon realized that an integrated routing system was going to be requiredÑone that could handle single-button switching of digital audio and video signals, as well as VGA and high-resolution QXGA video.”

ÒFotoKem specified an NVISION NV5128 Multiformat Router and an 8×8 XL858 Five-Level Multimedia Switcher from ISIS that can handle high-resolution RGBHV signals up to QXGA resolution (2,048×1,536 pixels). The NV5128 router simultaneously supports all formats in the same frame, and is configured to accommodate 32×32 HDSDI video, 16×16 AES format and 48×16 stereo analog audio I/Os; commands are issued from a dedicated NV9000LS Router Control System.

The NV5128 routes HD video signals between iQ inputs and outputs and companion digital audio signals. Analog RGBHV video sources are handled by the ISIS Multimedia Switcher. “We need to switch analog signals to the NVISION and ISIS Group supply routing solution to FotoKem video projector,” Chapman explains, “as well as 35mm mag and [Tascam] DA-88 playback. We also have all three formats of cinema processors with their individual analog outputs. The NV5128 router’s ability to handle single digital audio signals within an AES-format pair is useful. In this way, we can fully access each individual signal and route it wherever we need it.”

For more information, go to either ISIS Group or NVISION Websites, located at and, respectively.

Martin Audio Introduces H3H Blackline Series Speaker
Martin Audio’s new H3H (Horizontal) loudspeaker is the latest addition to the company’s Blackline Series that is geared for clubs, small theaters and dance venues.

This high-power enclosure employs all of the same horn-loaded components as the H3, but is now available in a horizontal format, which is ideal for venues with low ceilings.

A trapezoidal three-way bi-amp Hybrid design, the H3H is fully horn-loaded, with components comprising a single15-inch (380mm) horn and reflex-loaded low-frequency transducer, a10-inch (250mm) horn-loaded mid-frequency transducer with a “phase-ball” loading device and a 1-inch (25mm) exit HF compression driver mounted on a constant directivity horn.

The mid- and high-frequency sections are integrated by an internal 2kHz passive crossover network and the enclosure is of a multi-laminate birch-ply construction.

Flexible for club and commercial installations requiring high SPL and articulation in a compact, low-profile package, the H3H has multiple inserts to facilitate easy, quick and safe installation.

For more information about the H3H and Martin Audio Blackline Series, please go to

Turbosound’s New Aspect Speakers Are Scaleable to Venue
Turbosound’s Aspect Series is a highly innovative sound reinforcement system that is easily scalable to suit specific acoustic and venue requirements ranging from small clubs and auditoriums to the largest arenas and stadiums.

The Aspect Series comprises four modules: two models for touring (a mid/high and bass enclosures fitted with integral rigging hardware) and two trapezoidal models (a mid/high with matching bass cabinet, designed for ground-stacking and fixed installations). The design of the Aspect Series features a set of proprietary transducers that operate over four individual frequency bands and are divided between the system’s modular mid-high and low-frequency enclosures. The new series incorporates many patented concepts, with the key element being the system’s Polyhorn designs. These are applied at both high and high-mid frequencies, and comprise equal path-length multisection waveguides that create a phase-coherent wavefront. This design permits individual wavefronts to coincide seamlessly with the physical curvature of an array to minimize comb-filtering effects between adjacent cabinets, and, due to the design’s tightly focused point-and-shoot directivity, the system is intuitively adaptable to a huge range of room size and audience coverage requirements.

All Aspect Series’ transducers have been designed in-house. In addition, high-stability neodymium magnet structures are used throughout, offering greater efficiency, better thermal stability, lower power compression and a reduction in overall weight. Enclosure dimensions are exactly divisible into both U.S. and European truck sizes, while the integral flying hardware enables the boxesÑwith their rotatable mid-high sectionÑto rig horizontally or vertically and allows cabinets to be pre-assembled on wheel dollies for easier load ins. The flying hardware can also be easily removed to permit independent safety testing.

Four Aspect models are being launched. Aimed primarily at the install market and for ground-stacked touring applications are the TA-880H trapezoidal mid-high system and the corresponding TA-880L low-frequency enclosure. These models use removable rigging swords that form a simple, lightweight and easy-to-use flying system. For both large and small-scale touring applications, the TA-890H mid-high unit and the identically sized TA-890L low-frequency enclosure are designed to be flown in point source arrays.

For MSRPs and more information on the Aspect Series, go to Turbosound’s U.S. distributor, Sennheiser, at

NAB 2004: Telos-Omnia, Fraunhofer Demo Surround System for HD Radio
Telos Systems/Omnia Audio and Fraunhofer Institute (FhG), the developers of MP3 and other MPEG audio codecs, announced the development of a spatial audio coding system that enables transmission of 5.1-channel surround audio over HD Radio. The companies will demonstrate the system privately to major broadcast groups at the NAB Convention in Las Vegas this week.

“Only a couple of years ago, it seemed like we didn’t have enough bandwidth for full-fidelity stereo on IBOC,” says Telos president Steve Church. “With this breakthrough, it’s possible to have very impressive surround on HD Radio. We invite skeptics to listen for themselves at NAB.”

The new system works with existing HD Radio codec and transmission equipment and is fully compatible with stereo broadcasts.

For more information, visit

NAB 2004: mSoft, Library Reps Predict CD-Less Society
At this year’s NAB Convention, mSoft has invited a dozen top music libraries to convene in one booth for an extensive demonstration showcasing the future of content delivery sans CDs.

Representatives from DeWolfe, SelecTracks, Downright Music, MasterSource, Ed Wood Music, Who Did That Music, Extreme Music, LoveCat Music, Aircraft Music, MegaTrax, MusicBox, 615 Music and APM will be on hand working on mSoft’s MusicCue 3.2 server system. To accommodate the complete catalogs of music from the participating libraries, a 5TB RAID from ADTX has been configured for the show, representing about 6,500 CDs of music and sound effects.

APM will also show its new search software in mSoft’s booth. One RAID storage server from ADTX will power all libraries in the booth and the MyAPM software. mSoft’s development partner, SoundMiner, will feature its latest search and interface software version for Pro Tools and Avid users. SoundMiner 3.1 offers automated administrative tasking, database serving, traffic management, remote access and a safe-encrypted data stream to protect against intrusions for Mac OS X users.

For more information, visit

NAB 2004: Apple Unveils Final Cut Pro HD
Yesterday at the NAB Convention, Apple unveiled Final Cut Pro¨ HD, the latest version of Apple’s Emmy Award-winning editing software, which features the real-time performance of high-quality native DVCPRO HD and real-time support for DV and SD.

Final Cut Pro HD delivers the ability to capture, edit and output broadcast-quality high-definition (HD) video over a single FireWire cable without requiring any additional hardware. Final Cut Pro HD supports native DVCPRO HD editing with no recompression or image degradation, and enables HD preview monitoring on an Apple Cinema HD Display.

Final Cut Pro HD provides playback of up to four streams of native DVCPRO HD video, or when adding an Xserve¨ RAID up to 10 streams in preview quality.

Built on the open architecture of QuickTime, Final Cut Pro HD scales from DV through SD, HD and film and can output to most professional tape formats or encode MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and QuickTime files for DVD, Web or delivery on 3G devices.

Final Cut Pro HD is available immediately to registered Final Cut Pro 4 users. The Final Cut Pro HD retail package is available for pre-order through the Apple Store (, Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers for a suggested retail price of $999 (U.S.). Final Cut Pro 1, 2 and 3 users can upgrade to Final Cut Pro HD for $399 (U.S.). Full system requirements and more information on Final Cut Pro HD, including a list of certified compatible hardware and software, can be found at

NAB 2004: Euphonix Debuts New-Generation System 5-B
System 5-B, Euphonix’s flagship broadcast digital mixing system, has been upgraded with a new-generation mixer software package and hardware updates to the control surface. The 2004 model, which debuts at this year’s NAB Convention, supports up to 96 channels using a single DSP mixer core and includes 24 mix buses, 24 group/clean feeds and 16 IFB/aux sends. The new System 5-B also includes a dedicated mix-minus bus with single button press N-1 mix-minus outputs and talkback from each channel.

A second model, the System 5-BP, supports up to 310 channels and includes mix automation for those broadcasters and live venues that require both on-air and audio post capabilities in one system.

Both System 5 models include the same redundancy features.

In other Euphonix news, the Max Air Broadcast Tour vehicle makes a stop at the Euphonix booth at the NAB convention, following visits to various West Coast TV stations.

This specially commissioned truck is outfitted with a 96-channel Max Air digital audio mixing system and is set up to simulate a local TV station’s digital audio control room. During the show, attendees will be able to get a hands-on demonstration of Max Air and take a look at the vehicle and other digital audio and video equipment integrated with Max Air.

Post-NAB, the Max Air Broadcast Tour heads East, reaching Chicago in mid-June and New York at the end of July.

For more information, please visit

Loudeye Launches IndieSource Program
Loudeye Corp. recently announced IndieSource, an extension of Loudeye’s music label program enabling companies building a digital music business to license hundreds of thousands of independent music tracks through a single company. Additionally, independent music labels that license their content to Loudeye gain distribution into the major digital music stores and services. Musicmatch, BuyMusic at and Cellus USA, among others, have used IndieSource to expand their content catalogs.

In related news, Loudeye announced a digital distribution agreement with Saregama, reportedly India’s largest music company. Additionally, Loudeye has signed agreements with independent labels and music representation companies including Avatar Records, Stern’s Music, Paradise Artists, Maggie’s Music, Corn Music Services Inc., Rebel Records, Agog Creative Group and RoadHouse Records, among others. Loudeye also continues to grow its strategic relationship with content aggregator The Orchard, which now serves as one of the premier partners for IndieSource.

Loudeye provides encoding, fulfillment, licensing, tracking, usage reports, royalty calculations and works closely with the RIAA to apply proper ISRC codes to the content, ensuring rapid delivery to music services and stores.

Independent record companies that want to license their content through the IndieSource program can contact [email protected] or visit for more information.

Clover Productions Upgrades Monitors
Clover Productions recently upgraded its sound design/post-production suite to include a pair of Yamaha MSP10 Studio monitors. According to owner/chief engineer Mike Clover, the monitors crank out sound 10 hours a day, seven days a week, for gigs such as national and regional spots for Kroger, Big O Tires, a number of health care facilities and the Kentucky Lottery. The Louisville, Ky.-based facility features a 26×42-foot tracking room, three isolation rooms, lock-to-picture, a large music library and SFX, extensive ISDN capabilities and a Pro Tools digital audio workstation.

Clover’s additional gear includes an AmekÐTAC Scorpion console, a pair of Avalon 737s and “classic” effects: dbx1066 and 1060s, a Yamaha SPX990 and a REV7. “Aside from the Avalons, we don’t use a lot of outboard gear, much less our DAT machines,” he explains. “Everything is Pro Tools and plug-ins these days; mostly from Focusrite, Waves and the items that come with Pro Tools. We have the 24 MIXPlus 8-channel hard disk recording/editing system with 888 I/O digital input, and we sync to video quite a bit. Our business is not $5,000 mics; we have Neumann TLM193s, 421s, E-V RE-20s, A-T 4047s, SM81s,and lots of Shures.”

Clover Productions and its sister division, Airborne Recording Studio, specialize in commercial sound design, production and audio post-production, voice-overs and music for television and radio commercials.

For more information, please visit

NTI Launches Acoustilyzer AL1
NTI AG announces the launch of the handheld acoustics analyzer, the AL1, and its extension for speech intelligibility analysis, the STI-PA. AL1 is based on the Minilyzer ML1 hardware and reportedly complements its functionality in the acoustics domain. AL1 is available as an independent instrument and as a new firmware for current ML1 users.

In addition to instantaneous and integrated sound pressure level measurements, the repeatable short-time LEQ and sound exposure level test capabilities complete the event monitoring requirements. The AL1 visualizes the actual audio spectrum (RTA) or the chart view of the SPL/LEQ history without interrupting ongoing sound level measurements. The RTA also permits relative sound spectrum measurements against previously stored references. Stored spectra may be averaged or combined by using the available mathematical functions. The Max-Min display helps find dominant room modes and characterization of listening areas.

All measurement results may be logged to the internal memory for further investigations.

The STI-PA analyzer option allows for speech intelligibility measurement within 15 seconds. Besides the single-value STI or CIS test result, a detailed view of modulation indices and individual band level results are provided. The STI-PA analyzer includes amplitude weighting in accordance with the 2003 IEC 60268-16 standards release. Acquired measurements may be referenced to previously established background noise level spectra with automatic recalculation of the STI values.

To find out more about the AL1 and the STI-PA’s features, visit

Metric Halo Mobile I/O’s a No-Brainer
Known for his past work with Primus and a part of the current lineup of Guns Ô’N Roses, drummer Bryan Mantia (aka Brain) holds a second career in computer music and beat programming, and uses two portable Metric Halo setups to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

“I do a lot of programming for albums,” Brain acknowledges. “I just did a load of stuff for the new Vanessa Carlton album. I also just did an album with Buckethead, the guitarist from Guns Ô’N Roses. His new album has a lot of programming.”

Upon recommendation by several producers, the San Francisco Bay Area resident chose a pair of Apple G4 Titanium laptops and the Metric Halo Mobile I/O, among other items. “I purchased the ULN-2, so I have two portable units and two separate systems. So if I’m working in two separate studios, I can have one at one [studio] and one at the other.

“The system is basically in a backpack, so I’m totally portable,” Brain continues. “I show up with my backpack with a MIDI interface, a little keyboard and the MIO. My FireWire cable is four inches long. I put my laptop on top of the MIOÑit fits perfectly.”

For more information on the Mobile I/O, visit

Digital Bear Entertainment Adds Consulting Services
Digital Bear Entertainment recently introduced its consultation services division, which includes music consultation, performance analysis and mixing services.

Since 1996, the Boston-based company has specialized in artist development, working with a select group of acts. Now, artists can take advantage of DBE’s services on a per-project basis.

DBE’s music consultation provides written, constructive criticism of an artist’s music at any stage of the project to help acts avoid potential pitfalls.

For performance analysis, the DBE staff will attend and critique a live performance, focusing on vocals, image, audience engagement, professionalism and energy.

DBE founder Jordan Tishler provides mixing services and will mix a new track or rework previous mixes.

DBE is offering its consulting services for a limited-time introductory rate. Mention offer code DBE207 when calling. Details of these services, with example reports and prices, are available at

Musicmatch Jukebox to Ship With Intel Desktop Boards
Musicmatch Inc. announced that its Musicmatch Jukebox music software and services is now shipping with Intel desktop motherboards.

Musicmatch Jukebox, which includes Musicmatch Radio, Musicmatch MX and Musicmatch Downloads services, will be included on the desktop motherboard resource disc for immediate installation on PC hard drives.

Musicmatch Jukebox currently ships with leading PC OEMs and more than 60 hardware devices.

For additional information, visit

Switchcraft Issues Fourth-Edition Engineering Design Guide’
Switchcraft proudly introduces the fourth edition of its Engineering Design Guide. The new catalog features several new products, including the new EZ Norm audio patchbay, the AAA Series line of new XLR connectors, new EH Series connectors, new bantam and long-frame patch cords, IEEE1394 FireWire connectors, USB connectors, new additions to Switchcraft’s TQG miniature XLR connectors and more. To purchase a copy or find out more, visit

PowerFX Adds to Apple Loops Disc Jams Series
PowerFX has announced the release of three additional CD-ROM collections in the Apple Loops Disc Jams series: Rock and Pop Trio, Street Stylin’ and Session Percussion.

The Apple Loops libraries are optimized for use with Apple’s Soundtrack and Garage Band applications. The new titles are available for $49 exclusively from the PowerFX Website,

Celestion Moves Into New Plant
Celestion International, manufacturers of Celestion professional loudspeakers, recently moved into its brand-new development and production premises.

The purpose-built headquarters are just across town from Celestion’s old home, the historic Ditton Works in Ipswich, England, and allow the company an opportunity to expand its listening and test facilities.

The R&D area is fully equipped with sophisticated design and measurement systems, including software tools for finite element analysis. The facility also includes a comprehensively equipped development laboratory with direct access to a hemi-anechoic chamber for precision measurement and a listening room for loudspeaker evaluation and comparison.

The new listening room enables loudspeaker engineers to conduct detailed A/B comparisons between speakers in a controlled environment. The new Celestion plant also houses an advanced manufacturing facility for the production of the company’s low-volume products and for sampling new designs.

To find out more, visit

The Orchard Introduces Web-Based Accounting
The Orchard, the New York- and London-based distributor of independent music, recently announced the launch of its new Web-based sales accounting and reporting system. The system, which had been in beta release with select artist and labels, is now available to all of The Orchard’s artists and labels.

The new Web-based accounting system is designed to make tracking sales activity more understandable and transparent, with easy-to-comprehend reporting at the lowest, individual track level of sales activity. Orchard artists and labels can access detailed information on CD and digital sales, ranging from total album sales down to per-track data. This new service is one of many new initiatives in the works from The Orchard.

For more information, visit

Soundcraft Breaks Into College Sports
CSTV: College Sports Television, the fastest-growing independent cable network, is now using a Soundcraft Series FIVE as the main on-air audio production console at its new state-of-the-art headquarters and broadcast center on Manhattan’s West Side.

The 32-channel Series FIVE, which was installed under the direction of A.F. Associates project manager David Linick, features a customized configuration of 24 mono and eight stereo inputs. Located in the broadcast center’s control room, the desk is employed to mix audio for all of CSTV’s original programming, including the cable network’s live studio shows CSTV Primetime and CSTV Scoreboard.

College Sports TV (, the first 24-hour college sports network, is available to more than 20 million homes nationally on cable and satellite. The network is available on Time Warner, Adelphia and Insight cable systems, among others, and is also available on DirecTV (channel 610).

For more information, please visit

Recording Academy Honors Memphis Heroes
The Recording Academy honored legendary musicians at the Memphis Hero Awards, held April 13, 2004, at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts in Memphis. Those honored included Elvis’ original bandmates Scotty Moore, D.J. Fontana and the late Bill Black, Ike Turner, power pop band Big Star, soul icon Ike Turner and blues legend Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown.

The audience was treated to live performances, video tributes and presentations to the honorees by their friends and fellow musicians. Music lovers, fans, business leaders, music executives and entertainers from across the country were in attendance.

Mike Mills, a member of the alternative rock band R.E.M., touted the influence of Big Star while presenting the first award to the under-acclaimed Memphis band. “If you’re a fan of rock Õ’n’ roll, even if you haven’t heard of Big Star, you owe them, because I guarantee you, any band you like did hear of them and listened to them, and do their best to do as well as they did,” Mills said.

Moore and Fontana, accompanied by The Jordanaires, performed during the evening, as did Turner and Brown.

The Heroes Awards celebrate legends in the music industry, acknowledging those artists who have made a lasting impact on the world of music and popular culture.

For more information, visit

Transamerica Audio Group Welcomes A Designs
Transamerica Audio Group has reached an agreement with West Hills, California-based A Designs Audio to act as its exclusive distributor, handling all of the sales and marketing functions in the U.S.

A Designs Audio offers a series of vacuum tube devices, including the MP-1 single-channel and MP-2 dual-channel tube microphone preamplifiers, and the MP-2r, a 2-channel unit optimized to accept low-gain ribbon microphones. The company’s line of tube gear also includes REDDI, a fire engine-red tube direct box. Several new products are reportedly slated for introduction in the coming months.

For more information, visit

Apogee Selects Metalfx as Lead Manufacturing, Assembly Partner
Apogee Sound International has selected Metalfx, Inc. as its lead manufacturing and assembly partner for its full range of professional loudspeaker and electronics products.

With the next ISO audit in May at the Metalfx facilities, the production of Apogee loudspeakers will be included in the Metalfx ISO 9001 certification. Located north of San Francisco in Willits, Calif., Metalfx has more than 150 employees and two production facilities covering more than 220,000 square feet. Metalfxs customers include companies such as Agilent, Ciena and Hewlett-Packard.

Digital documentation of Apogee’s entire build process now forms the foundation of this enhanced manufacturing process and is backstopped by Metalfx’s Statistical Process Control (SPC). Traditional pin routers, once the workhorse of Apogee’s wood-machining process, have been replaced with precision CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) routers, enabling the achievement of consistently higher tolerances and, potentially, an even better performing product. Apogee’s painting process has been re-engineered and upgraded to include a turnkey trolley system and an advanced heat curing stage, improving the appearance and increasing the durability of all Apogee products.

For more info, visit or

Behringer Introduces Ultrastack BG412V Guitar Cabinet
Rounding out its “Ultra” vintage series, Behringer introduced the Ultrastack BG412V guitar cabinet with premium 4×12-inch, rear-mounted Bugera!” speakers. The BG412V model features switchable 200-watt, 4 ohms mono, 2×100-watt or 8 ohms stereo mode operation. The product is expected to ship in the third quarter of 2004.

The BG412V’s speakers are voiced to reproduce classic tone with sparkling highs. The cabinet also features recessed carrying handles and casters for easy transportation and a vintage-style vinyl cover.

For more information, visit

Audio-Technica’s Got the Midnight Blues
Audio-Technica recently introduced the next generation of Midnight Blues microphones based on its original vocal and instrument mic series.

The new Midnight Blues line comprises four models: the MB1k unidirectional dynamic vocal microphone, MB2k unidirectional dynamic instrument microphone, MB3k unidirectional dynamic vocal microphone and MB4k cardioid condenser microphone. All models are available with an optional 15-foot XLRM cable.

The MB1k features Audio-Technica’s Hi-ENERGY¨ neodymium magnet structure, Magna-Lock switch design and corrosion-resistant gold-plated XLRM connectors. The MB1k also includes the AT8470 Quiet-Flex stand clamp and threaded adapter.

The MB2k features a tailored frequency response, Hi-ENERGY neodymium magnet structure, soft-touch finish, Magna-Lock switch and gold-plated XLRM connectors, and comes with the AT8470 Quiet-Flex stand clamp.

The MB3k features a Hi-ENERGY neodymium magnet structure for improved output and fast transient response. Other features include A-T’s Magna-Lock silent switch, soft-touch finish, gold-plated XLRM connectors and the AT8470 Quiet-Flex stand clamp.

The MB4k has an extended frequency response, soft-touch finish, on/off switch, gold-plated XLRM connectors and battery/phantom operation, and comes with the AT8405a stand clamp, battery and threaded adaptor.

All models come with a five-year warranty. MSRPs: MB1k, $49, $59 with cable; MB2k, $69, $79 with cable; MB3k, $69, $79 with cable; and MB4k, $129, $139 with cable.

For more information, visit

SSL, Guitar Center’s Distribution Plan for New AWS 900 System
At the recent NAB Convention, Solid State Logic announced a distribution arrangement with Guitar Center and GC Pro to introduce the SSL AWS 900 Analogue Workstation System. The SSL AWS 900, a new recording and mixing system, debuted at NAB. Guitar Center’s retail stores and GC Pro s dedicated business-to-business organization will handle sales, service and support of the SSL AWS 900 to its target market.

“An agreement between SSL and the Guitar Center organization has been reached, where Guitar Center and GC Pro will handle the AWS 900 product on an exclusive basis to select market segments in the United States,” says Rick Plushner, SSL president North America. “Guitar Center will be offering demonstration centers in major markets throughout the U.S., complete with DAW systems and a wide range of outboard gear, with all Guitar Center locations providing their clientele with detailed information and support for this product. An extensive network of product training, system consulting and installation services will be made available through a program jointly supported by the two companies.”

Plushner continues, “SSL will also sell the AWS 900 directly to its core client base and broadcast clientele. This bold distribution plan will make the AWS 900 available to all music, post and broadcast applications in a fresh and dynamic fashion.”

David Angress, Guitar Center’s executive VP, remarks, “With an unrivalled combination of new technologies and expert assistance, Guitar Center and GC Pro have connected with a diverse array of musicians and audio industry professionals across the nation. We’re excited to offer our customers the SSL AWS 900, a revolutionary product that will have instant appeal in today’s accelerating marketplace. Solid State Logic is an innovative industry leader and with the debut of its AWS 900, we can now bring GC’s extensive client base the sonic quality of SSL’s XL 9000 K Series in an affordable package that integrates with existing DAW systems.”

Using SuperAnalogue electronics, the AWS 900 provides a fully featured SuperAnalogue signal path and a comprehensive DAW controller. The AWS 900 was built from the ground up for a 5.1 environment. Signal routing, inputs/outputs, monitoring and signal processing are all permanently available on the console. Top-quality motorized faders provide conventional audio level control and controlling the levels in a DAW.

For more information about Solid State Logic, refer to its Website at

Gepco Now Shipping Test Certification With HD Video Co-Ax Cables
Gepco International has announced that it is including a comprehensive electrical and mechanical test report for every reel now shipping of its HD video co-ax cables. This new documentation and certification process ensures the highest level of performance and confidence when installing high-definition and SDI digital video interconnect systems in critical broadcast or production facilities.

Documentation for each reel includes measurements of attenuation and return loss, impedance and velocity of propagation. In addition, all relevant electrical measurements are swept-test across the entire 3GHz bandwidth of the cable. Critical mechanical measurements such as conductor centering, ovality and outer diameters are also provided. All test report data is clearly printed on a single label, attached to each reel, archived by Gepco and available if replacement documentation should be required.

“Gepco is extremely proud to offer this new service to the broadcast and pro video industry,” says Gary Geppert, CEO/CTO of Gepco International. “Through our extensive R&D and proprietary manufacturing procedures, Gepco has been able to tightly control all electrical and mechanical attributes of our HD coaxial cables. By providing individual certification for each reel, Gepco HD co-ax can deliver the highest level of confidence in demanding high-definition video applications where extremely accurate, high-speed data transmission is required.”

For more information, visit the Gepco Website at

Neutrik Intros C+ Professional Phone Plugs
Neutrik recently introduced a new design for professional phone plugs at NAB 2004. The new C+ Series improves on the design of the existing phone plug by offering a thin plug with unique Neutrik chuck-type strain relief. The new plugs meet the most recent requirements for highest packing density, 15.88 mm.

“We are very excited about this new professional phone plug series and the great new features,” says James Cowan, president of Neutrik USA. “I think it’s a plus anytime you can upgrade an already proven product, and this will really fill the need for plugs with very high packing density.”

The slim C+ phone plug is all metal and available in mono and stereo versions with nickel or gold-plated contacts and nickel, black or velour chrome housings.

For more information, refer to the Neutrik Website at

SNS globalSANS Debuts at NAB 2004
Studio Network Solutions recently welcomed globalSAN to its family of shared storage networking solutions during its official introduction at the 2004 NAB show. Built on the company’s new iSANmp volume sharing software, the iSCSI-based globalSAN product is geared for facilities that require a significant upgrade in networking performance but do not have the budget for a full-blown Fibre Channel SAN or point-to-point WAN connectivity. iSCSI is an IP-based storage networking standard that enables rapid and efficient transport of block-level I/O data over high-speed Ethernet. globalSAN works with both Windows and Mac OS X systems.

“globalSAN is a natural extension to our existing line of A/V SAN PRO Fibre Channel-based storage solutions,” stated Eric Newbauer, director of operations for SNS. “This product is built on a combination of new and existing technologies and provides users with the best of both worlds by offering capabilities similar to a traditional SAN but over an infrastructure that is basically an Ethernet network. Most multi-workstation facilities that don’t have Fibre Channel currently rely on their Ethernet network for file sharing. They will be more likely to adopt new technology such as globalSAN because they won’t necessarily have to abandon their entire existing network.”

To bring globalSAN to life required the creation of an iSCSI initiator: a nontrivial piece of software that was previously unavailable for OS X. SNS has included its new initiator and iSCSI support into its existing SANmp volume sharing software for Fibre Channel storage networks. However, SNS has concurrently announced iSANmp, a less-expensive, iSCSI-only version of SANmp.

Studio Network Solutions’ globalSAN iSCSI product offers a cost-effective pathway toward achieving performance nearing that of Fibre Channel. Internet SCSI (iSCSI) is an IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) approved standard protocol for encapsulating SCSI commands into TCP/IP packets and enabling I/O block data transport over IP networks. globalSAN employs iSCSI to enable an IP-based storage area network. The easy-to-use yet powerful technology enables a high-speed, lower-cost storage solution that is capable of spanning nearly any stable IP network. When a business needs to grow into a traditional Fibre Channel system, it can start with globalSAN and integrate Fibre Channel at a later date. Additionally, globalSAN is Kerberos-ready and will support up to 10-Gigabit Ethernet. Kerberos is a network authentication protocol designed to provide strong authentication by using secret-key cryptography.

“We believe that globalSAN will have a significant impact on the digital imaging, broadcast, production and post-production markets,” says Holladay. “globalSAN will become an indispensable link between digital artists and their data, helping to usher in powerful new workflow models to these industries.”

For more information, please visit

M-Audio Ships ProSessions Liquid Cinema Series
M-Audio announced shipment of the new ProSessions Liquid Cinema series of sample CDs. Produced by composer Jeff Rona, whose credits include Traffic,Homicide: Life on the Street,Black Hawk Down,Chicago Hope,The Mothman Prophecies.

“Over the years, I have developed a method of scoring for film, TV and records that keeps things fresh, interesting and cinematic,” says Rona. “I continually develop palettes of sounds and rhythms that I can draw from for the project at hand. Like a painter, they’re my palettes of colors before I touch a brush to canvas. I’ve collected many of these unique soundsÑand created a lot of brand-new onesÑand put them together in Liquid Cinema. This collection delivers excitement and inspiration for film, television, commercials, music production, trailers and games.”

Liquid Cinema features Cinematic Ambience, a broad collection of beds, drones, pads and washes; Cinematic Impact, massive hits and whooshes; Cinematic Pulse, hard-hitting unusual rhythms designed to create dramatic impact and drive energy without drums; Junkyard Sessions, fresh percussive performances using found objects; Tabla Science, tight tabla and dholki grooves from a master studio percussionist; and The Hollywood Players: Late Night Sessions (Volumes 1 and 2), retro-jazzy funk stylings from all-star session players delivered on isolated drum, bass and keyboard tracks.

Liquid Cinema is now shipping. Each volume sells for $49.95.

For more information about Liquid Cinema, go to

New Generation of Klark Teknik EQ-DN370 Hits the Shelves
Klark Teknik chose the recent Frankfurt MusikMesse 2004 as the international launch forum for the next generation of analog graphic EQ. Twenty years since the launch of the DN360, Klark Teknik is delighted to unveil the brand-new DN370.

According to Klark Teknik sales and marketing director David Cooper, “Even with the ongoing success of units like the Helix digital EQ system, it’s clear that analog audio still provides the preferred solution in a very large percentage of applications. The instant access provided by a traditional user interface found on the new DN370 is still the choice of many engineers and installers, and our job as a design and manufacturing house is to analyze and address the demands of the market.”

Klark Teknik stresses that the new unit is not a replacement for DN360. As Cooper points out, “DN360 is the absolute industry standard and we fully expect it to continue for the foreseeable future. The aim with DN370 is two-fold: firstly, to enhance and modernize the existing range of Klark Teknik equalizers, and secondly, to provide a unit that attracts customers who do not currently choose Klark Teknik graphics. We have always been known as the EQ company, and our range now offers every possible combination of EQ in both analog and digital formats and at several price points.”

The list of features and enhancements includes 45mm faders (with protective dust covers) that offer precise control of an entirely new configuration of the “proportional Q” filter type. Aimed particularly at monitoring applications, each channel also offers two swept and overlapping 18dB notch filters with illuminated, combined frequency and in/out rotary controls. Even greater control is provided by swept 12dB-per-octave high- and lowpass filters on each channel, allowing the frequency response of a given channel to be precisely tailored to its use.

Housed in a sturdy 3RU steel chassis, all inputs and outputs are electronically balanced (with transformers as a factory option) with pin 2 hot throughout. Phoenix connectors are fitted to the rear panel as standard, and like all Klark Teknik products, the DN370 carries a three-year international factory warranty.

For more information, go to the Klark Teknik Website at

Tascam CD Recorder RW750 Available for Recording, Installation Markets
Tascam’s new CD-RW750 retains the same features of the CD-RW700 such as 24-bit digital converters, CD-R and CD-RW support, S/PDIF digital I/O and a rackmounted design, but adds CD text, A-B repeat and single playback features.

Jim Mack, director of Tascam says, “The CD-RW750 shows that we continue to listen to our customers and enhance our product line to add the features that working professionals demand. Its solid, reliable construction, professional features and low price make it a worthy successor to the popular CD-RW700.”

The CD-RW750 is a budget-minded rackmountable CD recorder with unbalanced I/O and S/PDIF digital I/O in optical and co-ax formats. It has a RAM buffer for skip-free playback, 24-bit AD/DA converters and a digital fade in and fade out from three to 30 seconds. Its monitor section allows it to be used as a stand-alone A/D converter or sample rate converter without the need to place a blank disc in the tray.

For more information, go to Tascam’s Website at

Jean Daoust Heads New Studer Canada
Studer Professional Audio AG of Regensdorf, Switzerland, announces that it has turned the Canadian distribution of its entire product range over to Soundcraft Canada president Jean Daoust. To properly accommodate the brand, Daoust has formed Studer Canada as a new entity with its own sales and marketing efforts independent of Soundcraft Canada.

To quickly bring Studer Canada up to speed, Daoust notes that Tibor Tamas, a 26-year veteran of Studer, has moved from Europe to Montreal to serve as Studer Canada’s sales support engineer. During his tenure in North America, Tamas will also be helping Daoust find a dedicated national sales manager for the brand.

“With Tibor’s help, we’ve already begun to very actively promote Studer here in Canada,” says Daoust. “He recently conducted public seminars on the new OnAir 3000 digital radio console at CBC/Radio-Canada in both Montreal and Toronto, and the response from the many broadcasters that attended was overwhelmingly positive.”

Studer president Bruno Hochstrasser remarks, “With Studer Canada now very competently handling our Canadian distribution and Harman Pro North America similarly in charge of the U.S. marketplace, Studer once again has a solid sales and marketing infrastructure within North America. And thanks to new products like the Vista 8 and OnAir 3000 entering into production, we anticipate that this will be a truly exciting year for our international distributors and customers alike.”

Daoust agrees: “Studer has long been respected for its precision tape machines, but I feel that the company’s new digital mixing consoles are even more deserving of recognition,” he says. “And we’re going to make sure that the Canadian broadcasting, production and post-production communities have a chance to experience them for themselves.”

Studer Canada and Soundcraft Canada currently share a facility in the southern Montreal district of LaSalle.

For more information about Studer Canada, please refer to its Website at

Euphonix Integrates Soundmaster ION
The Academy¨ and Emmy¨ Award-winning Soundmaster ION operating environment extends the existing System 5 functionality to seamlessly integrate up to 16 devices on a point-to-point basis, providing motion control, direct synchronization and record control over serial, parallel and bi-phase units. The ION touchscreen user interface is totally programmable, facilitating its use in post-production applications.

The interoperability of Soundmaster ION and System 5 is facilitated by the open architecture of the System 5. The System 5 403 film module can accommodate the ION touchscreen, giving the operator easy access to powerful machine control, track arming and synchronization on the surface of the console. The Euphonix 403 is modular so that the position of the screen, pec/direct switches and joysticks can be changed to suit operator preferences.

Martin Kloiber, executive VP of technology for Euphonix, commented, “Due to the overwhelming acceptance of Soundmaster ION in major film and post studios, we are very happy to be able to provide this option for our clients. The Soundmaster system’s flexibility and proven reliability in the film and video world makes the integration of the System 5 and Soundmaster ION a very professional and powerful tool for any film and post studio.”

Bob Predovich, chairman and CEO for Soundmaster Group, commented, “Euphonix and Soundmaster already have many mutual clients, clearly demonstrating how well the products complement each other. Given the virtual nature of our touchscreen technology, we are very excited about the future prospects that can ensue as a result of the physical integration that Euphonix is announcing today.”

Soundmaster Group is on the Web at For more information on Euphonix, visit

Systems Group, Venue Services Group Ally to Increase Range of Services
The Systems Group (TSG), integrators of advanced digital television systems, has announced a strategic alliance with Venue Services Group (VSG), a wholly owned subsidiary of National Mobile Television (NMT). The agreement will allow the two companies to offer a wider range of services to their respective clients.

“The quality and creativity of The Systems Group mirrors VSG’s commitment to quality and service,” says Dave Shaw, president of Venue Services Group. “This alliance will bring a whole new dimension to the integration business.”

In response to the growing demands of the companies’ expanding client bases, the alliance brings together each organization’s expertise in fixed and mobile facilities design and integration. The combination of TSG, widely regarded for their creative engineering and project management capabilities, and VSG, the design, engineering and project management group responsible for the latest NMT digital and HD trucks, will provide a comprehensive resource to clients looking for proven integration expertise.

“NMT’s experience regarding advanced mobile unit operations and design will be a strong addition to our project engineering capabilities,” concludes Chris Mehos, president of The Systems Group. “This alliance with VSG will allow TSG to provide our customers with proven systems solutions for both fixed and mobile facilities.”

For more information about TSG, please visit; for VSG, please go to

Audio-Technica Distributes New Garwood Monitoring Systems
Following the recent announcement of the alliance between microphone manufacturer Audio-Technica U.S. and UK-based monitoring solutions provider Garwood Communications, A-T has begun distribution of the following Garwood products: the APM 200/APM 400 Main Stations, APM 12 dual-headphone amplifier and APM 31 3-channel headphone amplifier.

The Garwood APM Series is a system of distributed personal monitoring for large-scale wired installations. Using headphones, in-ear monitors or a mixture of both, the APM Series delivers simplified wiring, high-quality audio and individual mix balancing, along with freedom from both batteries and mains cables onstage. The APM Series supplies both power and stereo audio to local monitor stations via a single standard XLR cable, driven by APM 200 and APM 400 main stations. Local stations are daisy-chained together, reducing cabling and setup time.

The system will drive most types of headphones and give users the option to balance their own stereo monitor sound with the ensemble or a click track via a miniature mixer on the APM 31. Discrete components are employed throughout, and dual switched mode power supplies and built-in protection limiting controls each channel independently. A standard main station (APM 200) has two outputs, allowing two circuits with different audio signals to be created. The main station extension unit (APM 400) offers the addition of four extra mixes.

The Garwood APM 12 dual-headphone amplifier provides two high-quality audio feeds to the user’s preferred type of headphone or earpieces. Geared for orchestras and choirs, the APM 12 also provides distributed audio feeds for applications such as press and news conferences. It is designed to partner with an APM 200 or APM 400 main station to form a complete APM Series distributed personal monitoring system, with power and audio signals for up to 15 APM 12 amplifiers per channel provided by the main station through a single XLR cable to each amplifier box. More APM 12s can be linked to the system with additional APM 400 main station extender units. Hearing protection for the headphone wearer is provided via the main station’s built-in limiter, and a 10-position amplifier gain control located on the APM 12 permits setting a maximum SPL.

The Garwood APM 31 is a high-quality triple-input personal headphone amplifier that drives headphones or earpieces. It allows the headphone wearer to create a personal stereo or mono mix, typically balancing an overall mix with his or her own instrument and a click track. The auxiliary inputs provide microphone and line-level mix inputs. Suited for orchestras and choirs, the APM 31 is designed to partner with an APM 200 or APM 400 main station, with power and audio signals for up to 15 APM 31 amplifiers per channel provided by the main station through a single XLR cable to each unit. More APM 31s can be linked to the system with additional APM 400 main station extender units.

Like the main stations, the compact and highly durable APM 31 provides outstanding audio quality with ultralow distortion, low noise and extended frequency response. Protection for the headphone wearer is provided by the main station’s built-in limiter on the A channel and via built-in limiters for the auxiliary B and C inputs. The APM 31 also has a 10-position amplifier gain control that permits setting of maximum SPL. Its rugged aluminum housing allows a clip to be mounted on the top or bottom, which can be used to wear the device on a belt or to hang on a music stand. Typical applications include orchestra monitoring in studios and band monitor systems using the APM 200 Main station and APM 31 units. Just two stereo monitor mixes and two mono group mixes are required for eight singers or musicians. Monitors can be mixed on either a simple monitor console or on the front-of-house desk. Users can fine-tune their mixes themselves.

More information on Audio-Technica or Garwood Communications, please go to their Websites.

Neutrik Debuts Speakon During NAB
Neutrik announced the debut of the Speakon Combo NLJ2MD-V, a combination of a jack and the Speakon chassis connector NL4MD-V in one shell at NAB 2004 in Las Vegas. The concept of the Speakon Combo is similar to that of Neutrik’s current Combo series: an XLR female receptacle combined with a jack in one housing.

The two-pole Speakon Combo is compatible with the existing NL4MD-V panel cut out and vertical PCB layout. The mating connector on the Speakon Combo can be either a Speakon cable connector (NL2FC, NL4FC, NL4FX or NL4FRX) or a TS plug (such as NP2C). According to P.A. wiring, the tip of the plug is connected to 1+, while the sleeve is connected to 1-.

The new Speakon Combo is rated current for both Speakon contact (30-amp RMS) and for contact (15-amp RMS).

For more information on Neutrik, go to its Website at

All In the Family: Announcing AKG’s C 414B-XL Mic
AKG introduces the new C 414 family: the C 414B-XLS and C 414B-XL II. These models supersede the C 414B-ULS that was introduced in 1986 and the C 414B-TLII that was introduced in 1992.

The new C 414B-XL models retain the sonic character and familiar look of its predecessors, but every other facet of its performance has been improved with 15 new features, substantially lower noise and higher sensitivity. Both models of the new C 414B-XL family are electrically identical with transformerless output sections offering new technology. However, their capsules are acoustically different so that two models can be used to cover a wide range of applications.

To test the sonic character of the new models, AKG went to Grammy Award-winning engineers like Bill Schnee, Peter Wolf, David Bianco and others who tested the new models in their studios. All thought that the new models had the essential sonic character of the AKG C 414s but with improved detail thanks to their substantially lower noise and effortless dynamic range.

The new C 414B-XL models have a list of new features including a fifth polar pattern. All function selectors are situated in the low-impedance section of the electronics to prevent problems in high humidity and to minimize switching transients. An elastic capsule shock-mount system minimizes stand-transmitted and other chassis-borne vibrations from interfering with the audio, and pre-attenuation settings are achieved by changing the polarization voltage to the capsule. Other features include a tight sensitivity tolerance (±0.5 dB) for unit-to-unit consistency, higher sensitivity than previous C 414 models (+6 dB), three pre-attenuation pads (0/-6/-12/-18 dB), three highpass filters (0/40/80/160 Hz) with 12dB per octave slopes at 40 Hz and 80 Hz, and a 6dB slope at 160 Hz for minimizing proximity effect. Also, the models offer a low self-noise (6 dBA), wide dynamic range (134 dB) and provides for remote control of all selectable functions with standard microphone cables.

Available now, the AKG C 414B-XLS has a $999 MSRP and the C 414B-XL II has a suggested list price of $1,049.

For more information about this product or AKG, refer to its Website at

New Release From Apogee: The Rosetta 200
At NAB, Apogee Electronics introduced the Rosetta 200, the latest addition to a new generation of Apogee converters. The Rosetta 200 is a 2-channel version of the Rosetta 800, but offers the new CODA audio finishing module, a trio of tools designed specifically to meet the demands of the high-definition digital. Along with CODA, the Rosetta 200 features MIDI support and full channel metering. The Rosetta 200 will be available in June and sells for $1,995.

Rosetta 200’s CODA includes Apogee’s Aptomizer, a level normalizer, sample rate conversion (SRC) and UV22HR, Apogee’s dithering technology.

“The Rosetta 200 is a really exciting offering for us because it responds to two main requests from our customers. One request was to make the latest and greatest Apogee technology available in a 2-channel AD/DA solution and the other was to provide specific processing for high-resolution digital, which the Rosetta 200 has in CODA,” says Betty Bennett, co-founder and CEO of Apogee.

The Rosetta 200 has other features like an expansion card slot for Apogee’s new X-Series cards, which facilitate direct connection to Pro Tools|HD and MIX (X-HD and X-Digi-Mix cards), as well as a direct FireWire connection that supports S800/S400 standards (X-FireWire card).

The Rosetta 200 will include channels of 24-bit AD/DA conversion; sample rates up to 192 kHz with Apogee’s ÒIntelliclock”; channels of AES, S/PDIF (co-ax and optical) and ADAT/SMUX I/O MIDI I/O; an optional FireWire expansion card for compatibility with OS X and Windows XP (X-FireWire card); “Soft Limit” for maximum digital level without overs; and full channel metering.

For more information about the Rosetta 200 or any other Apogee Electronics products, refer to its Website at

ATR/Aria Transfers Beget ’50s-Era Reissued Classical Recordings
Silverline Records, a division of the Los Angeles-based 5.1 Entertainment Group, has released the first in a series of more than 40 DVD-A reissues of classical recordings from the 1950s through the early 1970s. The first step in the reissue process was transferring the original analog masters to high-resolution digital using an ATR-104 equipped with Aria Reference Series electronics.

The original masters, licensed from the Vanguard and Omega labels, were transferred in the studios of 5.1 Production Services under the supervision of chief engineer Chris Haynes. The tapes were played on the ATR/Aria and then converted to 24-bit digital at 172 kHz (later downsampled to 96 kHz) using Pacific Microsonics converters.

Haynes says that he decided to substitute the Aria electronics because he expected to benefit from some subtle sonic improvements in the transfers. However, after initial A-B comparisons with standard electronics, he was surprised at the magnitude of difference.

“In our experience, it was night and day,” he asserts. “Once you switched back and forth two or three times, you never wanted to go back to the stock electronics. Every person who heard the comparisons picked the Aria as better within about 15 seconds.

“It was like that old clichŽ where somebody takes a blanket off your speakers or wipes the grime off your windshield,” Haynes continues. “The amount of extra detail was stunning.”

A few of the original masters were mono, but most were in stereo or the 3- or 4-track formats of the era. The recordings are now in the process of being remixed in surround and authored to DVD-A for release this year and through early 2005. Eight titles had been released as of April 2004, featuring performances of the London Symphony Orchestra, the Vienna Festival Orchestra and the Academy of St. James, with conductors including Sergiu Commissiona and Pierre Monteux.

Additional information is available on the Web at

Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts Uses XTA Electronics
The Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts, a facility built in the era of Vaudeville, has emerged from a major sound system upgrade as a revitalized and top-quality venue for live performances. A range of XTA technology plays a critical part in the recently upgraded system, including the DP224 and DP226 speaker-management systems and DS800 active mic/line splitter. The XTA equipment complements the Meyer line array sound system, which was specified and installed by Sound Associates, longtime supporters of the XTA line, with Bob Edwards, the theater’s production manager and front-of-house mixer.

“Powered speakers do benefit from good processing,” comments Edwards. “We delay everything from the drum backline monitoring as our starting point on forward. From there, everything is delayed using the XTA DP224 and DP226 units. Not only does it provide the ability to set precise frequency limits for certain speakers, but it’s also a way of distributing signal consistently to get proper phase and timing of the signal. This works especially well in areas like the balcony fills. Because of the nature of the delayed balcony speakers, we had to notch certain frequencies.” Edwards uses the DS800 as a total distribution solution, splitting the signal to the FOH and monitor consoles with additional splits available for other applications, such as the feed to a remote recording truck for a recent benefit concert for the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. “To be able to achieve all of these results from a single supplier is great,” adds Edwards.

Domonic Sack, executive VP of Sound Associates, agrees that the XTA equipment is a perfect companion to the powered line array system his company supplied to the theater. “The XTA equipment gives us the perfect technology to solve three main issues,” Sack explains. “They’re excellent for signal distribution and grouping of speakers. Also, they provide a lot of processing power in a single unit, which keeps the number of pieces of outboard gear down, and in the process, they keep the overall system operating much more quietly. We’ve been using XTA gear for many years and it’s been a great solution to any number of sound system issues.”

Edwards also cites the excellent support and service he received from XTA. “They’re always there and they know their stuff,” he remarks. Tom Bensen, sales manager at Group One Ltd., XTA’s U.S. distributor, appreciates how XTA gear can make such a big difference. Bensen notes, “We’re pleased to have such a quality venue in our own backyard and glad that Bob has had such a great experience with the equipment. XTA and Group One have a long-standing relationship with Sound Associates from their extensive work installing sound systems for Broadway and the theater market. It’s great that their design knowledge and XTA technology so often go hand-in-hand in helping venues achieve their full sonic potential.”

For more information about this and other XTA products, go to its distributor’s Website at