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Mix News for June 2003

News June 16 - 30 (read June 1 - 13 news) Aberdeen University Installs iDR System Aberdeen University (Aberdeen, Scotland) has installed Allen & Heath's

News June 16 – 30
(readJune 1 – 13 news)

Aberdeen University Installs iDR System

Aberdeen University (Aberdeen, Scotland) has installed Allen &Heath’s new DSP audio system, iDR, to manage sound reinforcement in itschapel building. The system uses TCP/IP over Ethernet to connect to thenetwork, enabling the audio system to be managed from a central point,as well as remotely from any PC on the network.

University head of A/V, David Walton, chose Creative Light &Sound to install the new system. Company managing director, CharlieFleet, said, “Our brief was simple: The University needed a system thatoffered flexibility of control. The education sector infrequentlyadopts new technology, so investment needed to be in a system that wasat the cutting edge and would remain up to date. Similarly, theeducation sector contains a majority of nontechnical staff, so we alsoneeded a user-friendly system that could easily be operated byUniversity members.”

Fleet continued: “The benefit of the iDR is that it can beapproached ‘hands-off’ from a nontechnical user’s point of view. Italso provides remote access at various points in the building andoffers a profound level of flexibility, whereby audio settings indifferent areas can be automated by programmable patches using iDRSystem Manager software. For example, during one of the University’sassemblies, when the chapel is full, it may be necessary for David toincrease the amplifiers to full, but distortion is avoided because themicrophone volumes are limited as part of a patch. Furthermore,compression and EQ can all be monitored from a central point.”

For additional information about the iDR system, visit

G&E Music Upgrades Studio

New York City-based G&E Music’s team of sounddesigner/songwriter/music mixers have redesigned and renovated theirfacility, including adding a 5.1 mix room and an isolation booth into aspace formerly designated as a stereo mixing and editing room.

Outfitted for 5.1 Dolby Digital mixing, the new Studio A features anNHT Pro surround monitoring system, Audient ASP 510 surround soundcontroller, Pro Tools MIXPlus system, Sony 32-inch Vega Trinitron forlock-to-picture requirements, and new mic preamps from Avalon and Amek.The studio also features a versatile MIDI/keyboard/soft synth setup forcomposing. G&E’s Studio B functions as a stereorecording/mixing/composing suite, powered by a Pro Tools MIXPlussystem, a slew of processing and effects gear, and a variety ofinstruments.

G&E focuses on broadcast design, show packaging, original musicfor film and television, commercial spots, promotional videos andoriginal songs for artist development. The Acoustic Systems’ isolationbooth enhances G&E’s capabilities for voice-over work, as well asfor vocal and instrumental overdubs. Built into Studio A, thevoice-over booth works as an isolated recording space for both studios.G&E has also made aesthetic improvements, such as adding new woodfloors to its studio space and double-sliding-glass doors in betweenStudios A and B for improved isolation.

For more information about G&E, check out its Website at

NMT Selects SSL Board for Fourth Truck

Solid State Logic’s MTP Digital Production Console hit the road thisspring in National Mobile Television’s (NMT) newly built HD4 mobileproduction unit. The new truck, which is NMT’s fourth high-definitionunit and its first true multiformat HD facility, has already beenbooked as part of a multi-year contract extension between NMT and ABCSports.

To deliver the audio portion of these high-profile broadcasts, NMTselected a 96-channel SSL MTP console with dual fader paths, 120digital inputs, 104 analog inputs and 60 microphones. The console,which features an ergonomically efficient, “analog-style” dedicatedcontrol surface, provides fully digital signal processing andintegrated routing, and is capable of multichannel operation includingsimultaneous 5.1 and stereo outputs. Each of the console s 96 channelsincludes 4-band EQ, filters and full dynamics, as well as traditionalsmall and large fader paths.

“When we decided to make this unprecedented investment into HDTVtechnology, nothing could be left to chance,” said Jerry Gepner,president of NMT. “We’re glad to have an SSL console aboard the newflagship of NMT’s growing HD fleet.”

For more, visit SSL at Visit National MobileTelevision at

Altec Lansing Increases Rep Force

Oklahoma City, Okla.-based Altec Lansing Professional announced anew group of manufacturer’s representatives to assist in marketing thecompany’s commercial speaker products and accessories in North America.The rep firms will initially focus on selling the company’s new DSfamily of speaker systems and professional components, as well as its4, 8 and 12-inch ceiling speakers and accessories.

The list includes:

  • Applied Technologies Group (Southeastern states, 828/252-9313)
  • Audio Associates (Middle Atlantic states)
  • Audio Biz (northern Illinois and western Wisconsin;
  • Audio Marketing Associates (Ohio, western Pennsylvania and WestVirginia; 440/526-2426)
  • Eakins/Bernstein Associates (Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska andsouthern Illinois; 913/888-8218)
  • Fault Line Sales (Alaska, northern and western Idaho, Oregon,Washington and western Montana; 530/887-9830)
  • Henderson Company (New England and upstate New York,978/897-0500)
  • Highway Marketing (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas;972/490-0691)
  • McFadden Sales Inc. (Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan;
  • Metro North Marketing (metropolitan New York City, 732/225-0050)
  • ProSonic Solutions (Rocky Mountain states, 719/332-3456)
  • Sound Vision Marketing (Florida,
  • Western Audio Sales (Southern California, southern Nevada andArizona; 714/444-9200)
  • Yore Company (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and westernWisconsin; 651/770-9760)

In addition, Tom Anderson, owner of TJM Marketing & Sales(Coquitam, British Columbia), will represent the company in Canada.

For more, visit Altec online at

Manex Entertainment Acquires Trenton Studios

Manex Entertainment Inc. has bought a complex of seven buildings andreal property that will be the site of the proposed Trenton StudiosDevelopment Project (TSDP) in Trenton, N.J.

Plans for the TSDP Complex includes converting over 89,000 squarefeet of existing floor space into production offices, post-production,visual effect, sound, rendering and classroom facilities. An additional85,000 square feet of existing warehouse space will be renovated andutilized to house and distribute a large mix of production rentalequipment for film, television and commercial production. Also part ofthe construction is over 100,000 square feet of new space to bedesigned and used as state-of-the-art production studios andstages.

Additionally Manex Entertainment announced that it has, through itswholly owned subsidiary Trenton Studios Inc., entered into aredevelopment agreement with the Mercer County Improvement Authority(MCIA) and the City of Trenton for assistance in the four phaseddevelopment of its new facilities. The agreement includes provisionsfor capital improvements to the complex of approximately $25 million bythe end of phase two. Both the City of Trenton and the MCIA haveapproved the company’s conceptual plans for the redevelopment of theTSDP Complex.

Gary Kucher, Manex Entertainment’s chairman and CEO, said, “We arevery excited at the opportunity that acquiring the Trenton StudiosComplex presents for Manex. We look forward to a long and prosperousrelationship among Manex Entertainment, the City of Trenton and theMCIA. We believe that our company will contribute to the city’srenaissance and the great strides made in Trenton, due in large part tothe efforts of Mercer County executive Bob Prunetti and mayor DougPalmer.”

For more, visit

Flapjacks Rely on AKG Mics

Last fall, AKG Acoustics U.S. tapped The Flapjacks, a Chicago-basedband, to re-record their hit single “Uptight” for AKG’s MicCheck, a CD-ROM and audio CD that allows sound professionals tocompare and contrast various AKG microphones.

For their upcoming CD, Magnetic Heaven, The Flapjacks reliedon AKG’s C 2000 B and C 3000 B for studio vocals. In their live setup,The Flapjacks rely on AKG’s D112 large-diaphragm kick drum microphone,D 440 instrument mics, D 880 supercardioid dynamic handheld vocalmicrophones and the C 416 clip-on instrument microphone. “When we’replaying live, AKG’s mics really come alive and handle what is beingcreated very accurately,” said Michael Brown, drummer, lead vocalistand founding bandmember of The Flapjacks, who credits Gene Krupa as akey musical influence. “The D 880s have so much gain before feedback.They really grab so much more than any other silver-ball mic I’ve everused. The D 880s are very flattering to delicate, low-levelsignals.”

For more information about The Flapjacks, visit Check out AKG online at

Fairlight Commences Operations

With new financing, Fairlight announced that it has officiallyreopened for business at the company’s former Sydney, Australia,manufacturing and operations center. According to Fairlight CEO JohnLancken, the company has been producing products since the middle ofMay and has already shipped its first orders of DREAM Satellite andStation systems to Chiyoda Video, Good Audio Sense, Imagica, MediaHouse, NHK and Yomiuri TV, as well as Audio Recording Unlimited inChicago.

“This is a really great start for the new Fairlight,” Lancken said.”We have received a tremendous amount of support and encouragement fromFairlight customers around the world, and we are grateful for both. Alot of people worked very hard to keep the Fairlight dream alive. Somehave invested their labor and their talents; others their capital. Allof these people share a common goal to make the new Fairlight a bettercompany that is able to respond quickly to meet a customer’srequirements.”

Fairlight also announced that it has formed a worldwide network ofindependently owned and operated distributorships. “Each distributor isresponsible for their own sales, marketing, training and support,”Lancken explained. “We will provide materials, major trade showsupport, and an umbrella marketing and communications program to helpthem achieve their individual local market objectives.” Fairlight’s newdistributor network includes Media Gear in North America, Tekcare andFairlight France in the UK and Europe, and Fairlight Japan.

Fairlight also unveiled its new corporate Website (, which contains news andinformation, downloadable product catalogs, a trouble-shooting bulletinboard and user forums.

The company was forced into receivership in April of this year.”Quite simply, the old company’s strategy of owning and operating aworldwide distributor network could no longer be supported,” Lanckenexplained. “Capital that should have been invested in development andmanufacturing was, instead, going to pay for fixed overhead costs thatsimply could not ever deliver a return. The new Fairlight is going tobe more focused on designing and developing products that are dedicatedto our customers and that deliver features that are simply the bestmoney can buy. Our job is to develop the tools that creativeprofessionals need to achieve their business objectives. This hasalways been the essence of Fairlight.”

Pragmatic Offers New Compact Amplifier

Pragmatic Communications Systems (Santa Clara, Calif.) introducedThe SIWA (Stereo In-Wall Audio Amplifier), a compact stereo amplifier,which is part of the company’s Hideaway Series.

The new amplifiers (2.5×3.5×3 inches; WxHxD) deliver 24, 36 or 48watts per channel of continuous power. The SIWA is two discretemonoblock amplifiers in an in-wall case. The unit accepts any volumecontrolled line-level stereo (or mono) input via gold-plated phonoinputs. Outputs are offered via high-quality, gold-plated, five-waybinding posts. Powered is supplied via 12 to 15 VDC, depending on thepower of the amplifier. Advanced protection circuitry guards againstdamage from overload, excessive temperatures or short circuits.

The SIWA is available for immediate delivery and is backed by atwo-year warranty.

For more information, visit

Sennheiser to Show Additions to 800 Series at Summer NAMM

Sennheiser Electronic Corporation will show three new 800 Seriesvocal microphones—the E 815S, E 816S and E 817S—at SummerNAMM 2003 (booth #429).

Distinguished by their new and colorful single-unit blister packs,each of the new 800 Series microphones are packaged with either anXLR-XLR cable, an XLR-1/4-inch or a mic clip. The cardioidpolar-pattern capsules on all three microphones deliver warm andtransparent sound while rejecting rear sounds. Housed in rugged metalbodies, the mics offer excellent feedback rejection.

The E 815S features a silent lockable on/off switch and is a perfectchoice for speech, vocal or instrument applications. The E 816S, alsoequipped with an on/off switch, delivers a high output, allowing it tocut through the mix even when stage volume levels are excessive. Andthe E 817S is geared toward lead vocalists due to its wide frequencyresponse.

“The affordability, quality and versatility of our new 800 EvolutionMicrophones will pleasantly surprise a lot of people,” said AnthonyBuzzeo, Sennheiser’s wired microphone product manager. “And with threedifferent models filling out the 800 line, there’s something for justabout every up-and-coming musician.”

MSRP for the units are: 815S, $109; 816S, $119; and 817S, $129.

For more, visit

PAMA Holds Inaugural Meeting

Eighteen senior professional audio industry executives gathered inOrlando, Fla. on June 5 for the inaugural meeting of the ProfessionalAudio Manufacturers Alliance (PAMA). Among the highlights of themeeting were the nomination of the organization1s first board ofdirectors and the launch of its opening initiatives to developindustry-based sales and marketing intelligence.

According to PAMA executive director Paul Gallo. “This gathering ofcharter PAMA members marks the first time that a group of seniorexecutives in our industry have gathered for a formal meeting toconstructively discuss growing their businesses and the industry as awhole.”

The first board of directors includes Davis Merrey, Altec Lansing;Jack Kelly, Group One; Mark Terry, Harman Pro Group; John Carey, KlotzDigital; Mike McGinn, Shure; Mathias von Heydekampf, Telex; and SteveGarth, Steinberg North America. The membership also established a taskforce comprised of PAMA microphone manufacturer members to develop,through a third-party research firm, a sales tracking program for themicrophone marketplace. Finally, the membership created a Board-membertask force to develop the official by-laws and charter for theorganization. The next full-membership meeting will take place prior tothe 115th AES Convention in New York City in October.

Companies interested in learning more about PAMA and its mission cancontact Paul Gallo at 212/696.1799 or by e-mail at [email protected].

In other news, Gallo was appointed managing director of the Societyof Professional Audio Recording Services (SPARS). According to theorganization, Gallo’s appointment is the beginning of a re-engineeringof the organization designed to ensure its ability to deliverpractical, relevant business information on studio ownership,management and operations. Gallo will be joining Larry Lipman, who willcontinue as executive director.

“The board is unanimous that Paul and Larry will provide an idealblend of member relations expertise, industry knowledge and executivemanagement,” said David Amlen, SPARS president. “Also, as part of ourre-engineering effort, we plan to add regional coordinators in areas ofthe country where our concentration of members is highest. SPARS willcontinue to focus its energies on providing solid business informationto its membership: a group of skilled entrepreneurs who all share acommon passion and a special camaraderie.”

“No one would deny that the music recording industry, like manyother industries, has seen dramatic change in the last few years,” saidGallo. “We are in a transitional period in which, driven by changingclient desires and equipment needs, existing business models must bealtered. There will be a successful commercial recording business inthe future, and it will be SPARS members who will lead the industry asit reinvents itself. Music recording is an art form capturedwithin the finest facilities operated by the most talented and skillfulprofessionals. Redefining this new value proposition while drawingfrom the strengths of today’s many successful studio operators is thechallenge I will assume at SPARS and is an opportunity I welcome.”

Video Symphony to Present Pro Tools Sessions

Joel Krantz, an instructor with Video Symphony, a Hollywood-basedTV, film and DVD education center, will present a four-part series ofin-depth Pro Tools audio sessions during the upcoming EntertainmentTechnology World Expo, on June 26, 2003.

Session 1, Editing Sound with Digital Picture, will be held from 10a.m. to 11:15 a.m. This session will demonstrate how to use the basicediting modes, tools and other techniques to edit and synchronize audioto digital picture, using a short scene from a feature film. Session 2,Using Plug-In Inserts, will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Thissession will demonstrate how to access and use real-time digitalplug-in inserts in Pro Tools, discussing some common uses and thegeneral features and options that are available. Session 3, Using BeatDetective, will run from 2 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. This session willdemonstrate how to use Beat Detective, a powerful tool to analyze, editand manipulate audio with an inherent rhythmic character. Examples ofusing Beat Detective to generate bar and beat markers and match drumbeats to other tempos using a multitrack pop music session will becovered. Session 4, Creating and Editing Automation, will run from 3:30p.m. to 4:45 p.m. This session will demonstrate how to create and editautomation for final mixing. Creating both real-time and graphicallyedited automation data using a number of techniques will becovered.

Krantz is a freelance audio instructor, editor, mixer, consultantand course writer living in the Los Angeles area. He collaborated withDigidesign to write and design the 101, 201, 210M, 210P and 310P ProTools classes now being used at Digidesign-authorized training centersworldwide. Prior to moving to Los Angeles, he worked in New York Cityfor six years as a product specialist and training instructor forDigidesign.

For more, visit Video Symphony online at

Allen & Heath Console Debuts at DNA Conference

A/V event specialists Cambridge Audio-Visual acquired a new24-channel GL3300 live sound console from Allen & Heath to managesound reinforcement at a conference at the University of Cambridge inEngland.

Cambridge Audio-Visual’s general manager, Julian Berry, explained,”Our available hire stock did not have the sound quality or number ofchannels to manage the audio requirements for this event. Previously,we had subhired Allen & Heath desks for larger events from a localtrade supplier and had always been happy with the results. We hadlooked into buying other brands, but Allen & Heath came out on topfor reliability, features and price. The DNA conference became thewindow of opportunity to upgrade our stock.”

Hire manager Alex Parmee commented, “The conference was held in theUniversity’s Lady Mitchell Hall, a listed building with no in-builtP.A. system. The original number of delegates was 500, but due todemand, this figure rose to 750. This meant we also needed to establisha sound feed to an extra 200 people in an adjoining building, as wellas a video feed captured by four live cameras in the main lecturetheater. Furthermore, there was a satellite truck on site sending asignal to The Laboratory of Molecular Biology in another part ofCambridge and beaming straight to London where the event went out on alive Webcast on the BBC.

“The new Allen & Heath desk supplied much more than just agreater number of channels,” Parmee continued. “There was nowhere inthe lecture theater to hang the speakers, and due to over-subscription,the room was too full to position speaker stands. This meant all of ourequipment had to be set up from the front stage area. What’s more, thelecture theater is wooden, concrete and an awkward shape, making sounddifficult to project. Due to the desk’s Matrix feature, we were able toovercome these handicaps as the main speakers were fixed to the leftand right legs of the lighting truss and a center cluster fixed aboveon a mono feed in order to throw sound to the back of the hall. Theconsole also has TRS jack direct outputs on all of the mic channels, agreat feature for broadcast and recording and something our previousdesks didn’t have.”

Digidesign Launches Pro Tools Education Web Area

Digidesign has launched DiSK (Digidesign Sound Knowledge), a newfree destination at for people who want to learnmore about using Pro Tools.

“We experienced huge success when we launched our online magazine,DigiZine, last year,” said Paul Foeckler, Digidesign’s director ofcorporate marketing. “Existing users couldn’t get enough Pro Tools tipsand tricks and new Pro Tools users expressed a need for a place to gettheir feet wet before taking in-depth instructional courses from anauthorized training facility. This year, we decided to launch DiSK toaddress these needs. It will show people how to use Pro Tools; whetheryou have Pro Tools Free, Pro Tools|LE or a Pro Tools|HD system, you cango to DiSK, download some loops, watch a few DiSK Flix and start makingmusic in no time.”

DiSK is divided into the five sections:

DiSK Jockey is where users can download thousands of free andfor-purchase sounds, including professional sample libraries fromSonomic and sound effects from The Hollywood Edge library.

DiSK Flix offers short, online Pro Tools instructional videos thatteach beginner, intermediate and advanced features of Pro Toolssoftware.

DiSKotech has free downloadable Pro Tools templates and files, anexcerpt from David Franz’s book Producing in the Home Studio WithPro Tools for tips on how to set up a home studio and tips aboutthird-party plug-ins and software applications provided by Digidesign’sdevelopment partners.

DiSKussion showcases a panel of diverse artists, engineers andproducers who provide answers to a different question each month abouthow they use Pro Tools in their music production. Panelists includeGrand Mixer DXT, John Feldmann, Tal Herzberg, Brad Wood and DaveAude.

DiSK Trivia is a section of fun music-trivia questions.

L-Acoustics Hires Independent Rep Network

After nearly 10 years of selling products directly from its Oxnard,Calif.-based manufacturing and distribution facility, L-Acoustics is inthe process of switching its sales efforts over to an independentmanufacturer’s representative network.

“After careful evaluation, we have chosen to establish a traditionalrep force in an effort to take L-Acoustics U.S. to the next level,”said sales and marketing director Paul Freudenberg. “We feel that thisarrangement will facilitate improved follow-through on sales activitiesand ultimately allow us to better serve both our current and futurecustomers.”

Freudenberg said that there are still several territories in whichreps have not yet been appointed and encourages interested parties tocontact him directly at 805/604-0577 x23.

For more, visit

Neil Glassman Leaves Digigram

Digigram (Arlington, Va.) announced that Neil Glassman is steppingdown from his position of company president.

“My goals when I started with Digigram were to establish the companyin North America, build its reputation and hire a superlative staff. Ifeel confident that all of those objectives were accomplished,”Glassman said. “Simply put, my work is done here.”

“We are pleased to have had Neil be a key to the growth of Digigramworldwide and we wish him success in future ventures,” said companymanaging director Philippe Delacroix.

For more, visit

WWE Relies on Summit Gear

With numerous weekly programs such as Velocity, RAWand Smackdown!, and countless DVDs, home videos and Pay-Per-Viewevents, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is responsible forprocessing a heavy audio/video workload that is intense anddeadline-driven. Having sweetened and polished the audio for variousWWE programs, video games and home video/DVDs, audio post engineer TimRoche has been working with Summit Audio’s DCL-200 compressor/limiterand MPE-200 preamp/EQ.

“We have such a high turnaround here that anything that will save mefive minutes is a plus,” said Roche, who recently completed the WWEhome video/DVDs Divas Desert Heat and Rey Mysterio Jr.”Working at WWE, audio is always a challenge because the shoot could bein an arena or walking down the street with The Rock. Or worse, theair-conditioning duct at the arena. So I’m always challenged with EQand compression and the Summit Audio equipment, I can’t rave enoughabout it.

“The MPE-200 is a great box and helps me a great deal,” Rochecontinued. “I go through and spend a few minutes individually with thetalent, so I know this guy is preset one, this guy is preset two. If Ihave a guy who is a screamer and another who has more bass in hisvoice, I don’t lose time adjusting my settings because I can just dialit up instantly. Also, I really like the MPE-200 because the unit istotally sweepable and I can go in there and just tweak it. Mostly I useit for voice-overs.”

Roche is a self-proclaimed analog “throwback” who desires the warmthof the older tube compressors. The ability of Summit Audio’s DCL-200 toemulate these vintage units while subtly applying compression madeRoche’s gear selection an easy one. “I love the way the DCL-200 soundswhen you drive it really hard. I’m a big fan of compression and thisunit comes across so warm and smooth. Another aspect of Summit Audiogear that I like, specifically the DCL-200, is that I can never hear itbreathing, which is ideal.”

For increased flexibility, Roche also uses a function on hisEuphonix console that locks his faders in place, so that even if heaccidentally slides one up or down, the console returns them to theiroriginal preset position. This feature helps to alleviate anotherpotential time-consumer: patching.

For more, visit

Blue Room Signs Gabrielis Kaye

Producer Chris Gargani and senior composer/producer Brian Aumueller,co-owners of Blue Room Music (New York City), have signedmusician/vocalist/spot composer Gabrielis Kaye.

Kaye’s recent work included a Campbell’s Soup Christmas spot with adance-driven score, a John Mellencamp-style rock piece for ESPN and anelectronica composition geared to the young demographic of FructusShampoo’s client base.

“Gab is a gifted, multifaceted artist, adept at crafting music in awide range of styles: electronica to acoustic, hip hop to R&B,classic to rock ‘n’ roll,” said Gargani. “He’s also a great lyricist,vocalist and guitarist, as well as a world-class engineer. Hisexperience in the commercial music world and recording industry areideal complements to the skill sets Brian and I have developed in thesearenas.”

Kaye’s new band, 3 Speaker High, is slated to release its debutalbum on the Pas Entertainment label on September 30, 2003. Othercredits include designing and building the pre-production studio forBig Daddy’s House (P. Diddy) in Fort Lee, N.J., as well as engineer forP. Diddy for two-and-a-half years. He’s recorded tracks for MariahCarey and Celine Dion, as well as the Mary J. Blige/Aretha Franklinduet.

For more, visit Blue Room online at

Disc Makers Intros New Line of Backup Systems

Disc Makers (Pennsauken, N.J.) has launched its new line of SDLT andAIT tape backup systems: the Eagle and Hawk.

The Eagle8 is an eight-cartridge, high-capacity automated tapebackup system featuring the SDLT 320 internal tape drive mechanism byQuantum. This ensures compatibility with an installed base ofDLT-format backup systems. Suited for either a data center rack-mountconfiguration or a desktop environment, the Eagle8 is a 2U rackmountconfiguration and offers a transfer rate of 16 MB per second(native).

The Hawk AIT series external tape system features AIT mechanism bySony, a plug-and-play USB 2.0 interface and can be configured in twoformats: AIT-1 (35GB native/90GB compressed capacity) or AIT-2 (50GBnative/125GB compressed capacity). The system is designed to be fullycompatible with future-generation models.

The Hawk8 AIT series can be configured as AIT-1 (280GB native/728GBcompressed capacity), AIT-2 (400GB native/1TB compressed capacity) orAIT-3 (800GB native/2TB compressed capacity).

All of the systems come with a one-year warranty and free lifetimetech support. For more, visit

UK Post-Production Facility Updates Management System

750MPH (London) has chosen an mSoft ServerSound to handle itsdigital-asset-management needs. The updated system handles 1 TB ofaudio with an expandable IDE RAID array.

“We have had the system for about four years now—one of thefirst mSoft systems in London—and in that time, it has proved veryreliable, making my job as technical engineer a lot easier,” said BenMason of 750MPH.

As part of the update, 750MPH also purchased mSoft’s SoundStorm andAudioNetworks sound effects and production music audio package.

For more, visit mSoft at

Rascall Flats Tours With Sennheiser Mics

Country music vocal group Rascal Flatts are currently out withBrooks & Dunn and heading off on their own tour in August, usingSennheiser Evolution Series microphones and in-ear systems.

Ed Nash, production manager and FOH engineer for Rascal Flatts, saidthat singer Gary LeVox is using an Evolution Series wireless handheldmic. “Gary is using the 865 capsule on the Evolution wireless SKM 500wireless transmitter. It’s working great.” Nash, who joined the RascalFlatts organization over a year ago after previously working asproduction manager/FOH engineer with country artist Brian White, saidthat he made the change to the Evolution Series mic in response to thehigh-energy shows and the gain that was required from the lead vocalmic. The previous mic was simply too omni-directional for theapplication, he said. “I could get more gain out of the 865 and it justsounded better, especially as we were using the [JBL] VerTec line arraysystem at the time.”

Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney are both using Sennheiser EvolutionEK 500 bodypack transmitters, allowing all three singers to run aroundonstage. “The show is really energetic,” said Nash. “Gary, Joe Don andJay move around a lot, and the transmitters give them the flexibilityto go where they want to go and sing from anywhere onstage. On thekick, I’m using the Evolution 602, with three Neumann 184s: one on thehat and one each on the overheads. We’ve got four toms, each with e604s. The 604s are sounding great. There’s something simple about them,and they always deliver. I get a lot of good comments about the drumsounds. I’m using an e 609 on a Motion Sound Leslie simulator, and 845Son the drum and keyboard backing vocals.”

Check out the mics at

Jazz Fest Employs Aztec Consoles

The 34th New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, known as “JazzFest,” relied on a pair of Audient Aztec analog live sound mixingconsoles for FOH duties at the indoor evening concert series held atthe Municipal Auditorium in downtown New Orleans and in the RhodesGospel Tent at the Louisiana Heritage Fair at the FairgroundsRacecourse.

At the auditorium, local equipment provider Pyramid AudioProductions supplied the concert sound system for a schedule thatincluded Crosby, Stills & Nash, Bob Dylan and Widespread Panic.Pyramid FOH engineer James Burgoyne said that while the main touringacts were largely carrying their own equipment, the opening acts, whichincluded John Hiatt and The Goners and Lucinda Williams used theAztec.

The 48-channel Aztec in the gospel tent was worked by FOH engineerChris Brown. Brown, whose Sound Chek Music supplied the entire soundsystem for the venue, said, “This is combat audio at its finest. We’reset up on a concrete floor with a plastic tent in 100-degreetemperatures with 100-percent humidity.” The Rhodes Gospel Tentfeatured nearly 80 acts in just eight days, with 10 acts going onstagebetween 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. “Those acts will range from a four- orfive-person vocal group to a 100-plus-person choir with eight or ninesoloists up-front. So the set change is a very quick, controlledmadness.”

For more on the consoles, visit

Hollywood Bowl Upgrades With Lake Contour

The famous Hollywood Bowl has installed the first eight of a total18 Lake Contour digital speaker processors in preparation for itssummer 2003 concert schedule. The Lake Contour units—whichincorporate a set of DSP-based equalization and processing tools,including crossovers, dynamics and delays—are being used tooptimize the entire sound reinforcement system at the venue, whichseats nearly 18,000 and is one of the world’s largest naturalamphitheaters.

Lake Contour’s Contour Controller software interface providesmanagement of all processor functions remotely via a wirelesstouchscreen, which, according to newly appointed sound designer FredVogler, is especially useful in such a large venue. “The conventionalway that you tune a system is that you have somebody on a radio at theprocessor and somebody maybe at the amplifiers adjusting the gainthere, then you’re walking the house and communicating via radio tothese folks. It’s rather slow and cumbersome.

“It’s also a less-than-exact science,” he continued. “You’re notreally sure when you say, ‘Give me a another click up,’ just what a’click’ is. The Lake system is nice because the information you need isall right in front of you: the amount of gain, the amount ofequalization. And you’re able to make quick changes anywhere in thehouse and hear them as you’re doing it.”

The sound system at the Hollywood Bowl comprises a main LCR setupwith additional deck-stacked left-right coverage, plus frontfill,distributed infill and delay systems. With the exception of five Ramsacabinets on the stage-front apron and a number of Meyer Soundsubwoofers, the system consists of various combinations of Sound Imagefour-way V/WG and two-way G1 and G2 cabinets, plus subwoofers, allpowered by QSC EX amplifiers. Yamaha PM1D digital consoles handle FOHand monitor duties, with a Yamaha DM2000 supplementing at FOH.

Vogler, an engineer with an extensive live sound and music and filmrecording background, initially contacted his friend Bruce Jackson,former FOH engineer for Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen and BarbraStreisand, for ideas to improve the performance of the Bowl’s soundsystem. Jackson, who is also VP of R&D at Lake Technology,suggested Lake Contour. ATK AudioTek Corporation’s VP of engineering,Scott Harmala, and senior engineer Patrick Baltzell are typicallybrought in to tune the sound system at the Bowl each year. “For asystems tech or engineer, there’s nothing more liberating than beingable to walk around a venue and have complete control of the system atyour fingertips,” said Harmala. “It’s the best way to fine-tune asystem. The fact that the GUI is really functional, plus the wirelessmobility, is a great combination.”

For more on Lake Contour, visit View the Hollywood Bowl’s summerseason lineup at

Alesis Kicks Off First Rep Training

Over a dozen Alesis dealer reps from around the country assembled atthe company’s headquarters (Cumberland, R.I.) on June 5 and 6, 2003,for product training. Alesis VP of sales and marketing Mark Frederickled the two-day event, during which Alesis product designers andengineers presented the complete Alesis product line, including theHD24XR and MasterLink hard disk recorders.

The in-depth presentations covered product features, benefits andapplications. The event also included promotion and advertisingcampaign rollouts, company staff introductions and brainstormingsessions.

Alesis CEO John E. “Jack” O’Donnell said, “These semi-annualtraining events demonstrate that Alesis is very serious in ourcommitment to our dealer reps. These reps are on the front linesgetting the word out about our truly innovative and value-packedproducts. We want them to have our full support in every way possible,so that they, in turn, can support our dealers.”

For more, visit Alesis online at

Zaxcom Intros Handheld Digital Wireless Transmitter

Zaxcom Inc. (Midland Park, N.J.) announced the availability of thelatest addition to its digital wireless microphone family: a handheldtransmitter. The handheld microphone was designed for use in liveentertainment venues and live-to-tape productions.

The handheld mic uses all Shure wireless screw-on microphone headsand is powered by AA lithium ion batteries. The handheld case ismachined from aluminum and designed to withstand extreme abuse. The micis 100% digital with digital modulation and audio quality equivalent toa hardwired mic.

A complete system lists for $3,950, which includes one handheldmicrophone transmitter and one digital receiver; Shure microphone headsare sold separately.

For more, visit

Mariah Carey Mic Available on eBay

A Neumann U87 microphone from 1976, valued at over $2,000 was signedby Mariah Carey and will be auctioned through eBay as part of the CBSEarly Show‘s annual nationwide drive for instruments, with allproceeds going to the VH1 Save the Music Foundation to help restoreschool music programs.

Carey appeared on the CBS show to help promote the instrument drive,which is a joint effort between VH1 and CBS, both units of Viacom, andalso including local CBS affiliates and NAMM Music Retailers. Studentmusicians from New York City Public School 125 and Bob Morrison fromVH1’s Save the Music were also in attendance.

Interested in placing a bid, visit

Mindlab Pro Tools School Celebrates Grand Opening

The Mindlab Learning Center (Menlo Park, Calif.) announced its grandopening. The new school offers Pro Tools software and hardwaretraining, as well as both Digidesign Operator and ExpertCertifications. Mindlab was founded by former Digidesign employees.

“The response leading up to our opening has been tremendous,” saidRussell Bond, president of Mindlab and the new owner of the recordingstudio, The Annex, where the school is located. “We’ve had peopleasking for many levels of training. The first folks that have gonethrough the courses are very pleased with their new knowledge of ProTools.”

The Mindlab offers all authorized Digidesign Pro Tools curriculumincluding: Pro Tools 101: Introduction to Pro Tools; Pro Tools 201: ProTools Production Essentials; Pro Tools 210M: Music ProductionTechniques; Pro Tools 210P: Post-Production Techniques; Pro Tools 310M:Advanced Music Production Techniques; Pro Tools 310P: AdvancedPost-Production Techniques. In addition to the standardized Pro Toolscourses, Mindlab plans to offer courses on specific audio plug-ins forPro Tools and Master Classes with recording engineers, composers andsound designers who use Pro Tools in their professional audioproduction work. The training facility is comprised of two rooms: a ProTools 100-level lecture room, equipped with state-of-the art Mac andWindows XP computers with seating for up to 12 students; and anAdvanced Curriculum room, featuring four TDM systems equipped with a32-fader Pro Control with EditPack, and three Control-24 units forhands-on work with Pro Tools 200/300-level exercises.

Former hardware product manager for Digidesign, Robert Campbell isnow Mindlab’s general manager and head instructor. “After years ofworking on the development teams for Pro Tools|HD and Digi 002, Iwanted to shift my focus from creating to teaching in order to showpeople how to maximize the potential of Pro Tools,” said Campbell.”During my years of product research, I found that most Pro Tools usersonly scratched the surface of what the systems can do and wanted tolearn more but didn’t know how or where.” Other Mindlab instructorsinclude long-time Digidesign employees Tom Dambly, curriculumdeveloper; Mark Kirchner, post-production director; and Tom Murphy,Internet audio technologies.

For more on The Mindlab, visit

NHTPro Monitors, Accessories to be SoldDirect-to-Consumer

NHTPro (Benicia, Calif.) studio monitors, subwoofers and relatedaccessories will be sold to consumers via the company’s Website andtoll-free number, beginning August 1, 2003. Previously, the productline was available through a select network of dealers catering to theprofessional audio market.

“Though we have been successful selling NHTPro into the professionalcommunity, most of our transactions are direct with the end-user,” saidChris Byrne, general manager of NHT. “Engineers, producers andmusicians are constantly comparing gear with their colleagues, oftenleading them to contact us for information and, subsequently, productsales. We are grateful for the support shown us by pro audio supplyhouses over the years, but the combined realities of current marketconditions and end-user preference for direct sales encouraged aninevitable change in the NHTPro sales strategy.”

For more information, visit or by calling800/NHT-9993.

Apple Unveils G5

Apple has released its Power Mac G5, which features the first 64-bitdesktop processor and the industry’s first 1GHz front-side bus. Poweredby the PowerPC G5 processor designed by IBM and Apple, the Power Mac G5uses 64-bit processing technology for memory expansion (up to 8 GB) andadvanced 64-bit computation, while running existing 32-bit applicationsnatively.

“”The 64-bit revolution has begun and the personal computerwill never be the same again,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “The newPower Mac G5 beats the fastest Pentium 4 and dual-Xeon-based systems inindustry-standard benchmarks and real-world professionalapplications.”

The Power Mac G5 line offers dual 2.0GHz PowerPC G5 processors, eachwith an independent 1GHz front-side bus, for 16 GBps of bandwidth. Theline also features the industry’s highest bandwidth memory(400MHz/128-bit DDR SDRAM with throughput up to 6.4 GBps); an extremelyfastest PCI interface (133MHz PCI-X); and cutting-edge AGP 8X Prographics capabilities, all within a new professional aluminum enclosurefeaturing computer-controlled cooling for quiet operation.

The PowerPC G5 processor is a result of the strategic relationshipbetween Apple and IBM. The processor’s architecture is based on acompletely new execution core that features massively parallelcomputation for 215 in-flight instructions; full symmetricmultiprocessing; two double-precision floating-point units; and anoptimized Velocity Engine.

The Power Mac G5 line will be available in August and will ship withMac OS X “”Jaguar” with Mail, iChat, Safari, Sherlock®,Address Book, QuickTime, iLife (includes iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, andiDVD), iSync, iCal, DVD Player, Classic environment, Acrobat Reader,Art Directors Toolkit, EarthLink, FAXstf, FileMaker Pro Trial,GraphicConverter, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office VersionX Test Drive, OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, QuickBooks for Mac New UserEdition and Developer Tools.

The Power Mac G5 will be available in build-to-order configurationsthrough Apple’s Website (

Golf Channel to Install SSL Board

The Golf Channel (Orlando) is set to install a new Solid State LogicC100 Digital Broadcast Console to handle audio its slew of golfingshows.

“When we looked for a console to replace our current analog board,we really liked this new offering from Solid State Logic that we saw atNAB, the C100,” said Andy Murphy, VP of network operations for The GolfChannel. “The redesign of our production control room is complete andnow it is time to focus on upgrading our audio facilities. The C100will give us the power to convert our analog sources to digital withinthe board, thereby greatly reducing the need for ancillary equipment.We love the flexibility, options and functionality that the C100offers. We’re looking forward to it being fully installed andonline.”

The C100 and C200 are SSL’s new digital consoles to address thecritical on-air needs of the broadcast industry. The C100 is a smallfootprint, assignable console, specifically designed for on-air studioapplications, such as news and sports, and live-to tape talk and gameshows. The transition to digital broadcast is fully addressed by theC100 Digital Broadcast Console, delivering operational efficiency in acost-effective scalable solution.

Erv Vanags, director of engineering and operations for The GolfChannel, explained, “The control and routing features on the C100 willreally help us streamline our production schedule. Many times, we haveback-to-back productions that require different setups. The C100’sability to memorize a particular setup for a show or even for anindividual fits our production model to a tee. Our shows are constantlychanging in terms of on-air talent, so the speed that the C100 offersfor changes is very important.”

For more on the boards, visit SSL online at

TerraTec Producer PHASE 28 to be Available Soon

TerraTec announced the shipping of the first TerraTec Producerproduct: PHASE 28, a 24-bit/192kHz multi-I/O recording Interface, whichwill be available worldwide at the end of this month.

Sporting two inputs and eight outputs, a MIDI interface and digitalI/Os designed for a variety of uses, PHASE 28 features plenty of portsfor all audio applications on a specially shielded break-put cable. Allanalog connectors are designed to accept studio levels and signalresolutions of up to 24-bit/192 kHz. Selected converters and cleverlydesigned circuitry enable recordists to make crystal-clear stereorecordings and play back high-resolution 5.1/7.1 surround productions.Gain knobs serve to adjust input sensitivity individually to matchanalog signal sources.

The PHASE 28’s coaxial digital ports accept S/PDIF, AC-3 and DTSdata streams with all standard sampling rates up to 32 bits; the outputis designed to handle sampling frequencies up to 192 kHz. PHASE 28’ssoftware integrates seamlessly into all prevalent systems and programs,including ASIO 2.0, GSIF, MME, WDM, Mac OS 9 and OS X, and WindowsXP.

Features include: two balanced analog 6.3mm (1/4-inch) inputs; eightbalanced analog 6.3mm (1/4-inch) outputs; gain knobs and signal LEDsfor all input channels; S/PDIF digital I/O; MIDI interface for 16channels; and low-latency ASIO support.

For more, visit

John Storyk Joins AIA/AES-Registered Providers

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has added John Storyk toits list of registered providers in its award-winning ContinuingEducation System. The AIA provides expert lecturers to member companiesand design professionals worldwide. Storyk’s lectures will offer anhour-long Power Point-illustrated review of architectural acoustics asthey pertain to small critical listening and viewing environments.

An AIA member for over 30 years, Storyk is a principal of theWalters-Storyk Design Group (, a New York-based architectural andacoustic design company. WSDG has designed over 1,400 high-endrecording studio, home theater, and audio-for-video and mediaproduction facilities in the U.S., Europe, the Far East and SouthAmerica.

Alcons Audio Releases New Loudspeaker Series

One of the first products launched by newly founded Alcons Audio isthe TS Series of loudspeakers that can be used for fullrange speech andmusic reinforcement, as well as “fill” speaker or “under-balcony”system.

The Alcons TS Series currently consist of two models: the TS 3 andTS 7. The TS 3 features one 6.5-inch mid-bass driver with 1-inchsoft-dome tweeter on optimized wave-guide. Peak power is 400 watts withan efficiency of 89 dB (1 W/1 m) and a frequency response of 66-20k Hz.The TS 7 features double 6.5-inch mid-bass driver with identical 1-inchsoft-dome tweeter. Peak power is 800 watts with an efficiency of 92 dB(1 W/1 m) and a frequency response of 66-20k Hz. The speaker componentsare matched by an audiophile-grade crossover network.

By flush-mounting the speaker components and perforating the sidesof the grille, obstruction and reflection are reduced, furthersmoothing the on-axis response. The TS3 and TS 7 have a very high gradeof finish, with double-Speakon connectors, custom perforated-steelgrille for acoustic transparency and a number of mounting nuts (M6 andM8) on the rear, upper and under side. Mounting accessories include:Trussmount with or without fly frame, standmount with or without frame,multiple wall- and ceiling mounts, OmniMount®, Multimount®(or equivalent), and many others.

Philip de Haan, senior R&D engineer, said, “With all of thehigh-tech speaker and amplifier developments we have, our smallestspeaker range is actually the product that truly demonstrates ourknow-how and years of experience. We invite people to do A/Bcomparisons with similar category products from other qualitybrands.”

The first delivery of the new loudspeakers went to SPK Alliance,Alcons’ partner in South Korea, for an application in a SIAP soundsystem (System for Improved Acoustic Performance).

For more information, visit

Soundcraft on Tour With Wheatus

American pop-punk band Wheatus just completed a low-key tour of theUK, playing smaller club and university venues to try out material fromtheir forthcoming sophomore album. During the tour, London-based FOHengineer and programmer Geoff Kakoschke had to deal with somechallenging acoustic environments, but none more so than the venue inHull, in northern England.

“The P.A. was just awful,” said Kakoschke. “It was ancient. I’venever seen any of the components before. It looked as though it hadbeen built in someone’s garage about 30 years ago! There was a16-channel console that was so old that there were no markings left onit.”

Kakoschke placed a call to The Soundcraft Group for help and a newMH3 console was dispatched to Hull. “It was an absolute lifesaver, hesaid. “”It actually enabled me to get a decent sound out of thatdreadful P.A. system, and it’s confirmed me as a Soundcraft fan. Forthe last show of our tour, Adlib Audio provided a P.A. that included aSeries FOUR, and that was also gorgeous; ergonomically brilliant, Iloved it.”

“The E Series mixer was mainly used for the support band,” hecontinued, “but for Wheatus, it was incredibly helpful to be able tosubmix the key channels and my Logic Audio setup from 11 into two.”

For more, visit Soundcraft online at

Paul J. Cox Systems Intro Active DI Units

Paul J. Cox Systems has launched a range of electronically balancedactive Direct Inject systems. Previously manufactured as integratedcomponents of custom studio-build or retrofit projects during the pastfive years, the DI systems are now being made generally available.

Owner and chief design engineer Paul J. Cox said, “We began buildingand installing these units into our studio systems many years ago. Thedemand from numerous artists, producers and engineers who had used ourstudios and loved the sound of the DI units prompted us to make themavailable as user equipment.” Examples of installs include WestlakeAudio, Mike Post Productions, Frontpage Recorders, the Mix Room,Firehouse and many others.

The active DI systems can be used to transform low-level, noisy,unbalanced audio signal—such as keyboard, MIDI module, drummachine or sequencer outputs—into a clean, balanced +4dB signals.Offering a frequency response that is flat from 10 Hz to 60 kHz(+/-0.1dB) and an average -85dBu noise floor, the DI Systems feature 12dB of additional gain (and can be specified with up to 20 dB) andprovide 28 dB of headroom.

The DI systems are available in a variety of configurations, fromstandalone 8-channel to customized rack-mounting multichannel unitswith integrated patching capabilities, front- or rear-panel connectors,ground lift switching and custom pinout wiring. Units can be suppliedwith balanced inputs and outputs to integrate with balanced buffer ordistribution systems.

The standard 24-channel DI unit occupies a single rackspace and is 8inches deep. Front-panel 1/4-inch unbalanced inputs, ground liftswitches and rear-panel 90-pin Elco balanced outputs wired toEuropean/Amek, Harp or custom pinout requirements are included. Forpermanent installation with consoles intolerant to unbalanced inputs,rear-panel unbalanced inputs and balanced outputs on Tascam standardD-sub or 56- or 90-pin Elco connectors can be supplied. All rackmountDI systems are supplied with an outboard +/- 18.65-volt linear powersupply module that can run up to five 24-channel DI units.

Eight-channel systems are available either as stand-alone floor orcountertop units with top-mounted, 1/4-inch inputs, ground liftswitches and multipin outputs, or as a wall-mount or permanentlyinstalled unit incorporating multipin connectors for inputs andoutputs. Stand-alone 8-channel DI units include an integral powersupply.

For more, visit

Steinberg Xphraze Now Shipping

Steinberg is now shipping its newest phrase synthesizer: Xphraze.Developed by Wizoo, Xphraze is a unique VST Instrument that is based onfree-form and real-time automation of rhythm and sound.

Rhythmic phrases are built in just a few seconds with only a fewclicks and played by simply holding down a note or chord. Xphraze thensynchronizes the phrase generator, envelopes and LFOs to a user’s songtempo automatically.

Xphraze offers stereo poly-patterns, bass lines, arpeggios,distorted chord riffs and up to four-layered drum loops and effectpatterns, all synchronized to the song tempo. Xphraze features aremultisample import, vector synthesis, four-way multi-timbralperformance, eight stereo effect sections, and a feature that lets theuser remix prepared Xphraze songs live using a MIDI keyboard.

Its sample-accurate audio engine offers 32-bit, floating-pointresolution, 192kHz sample rate and up to 1,024 voices (depending on CPUperformance).

Available for Windows XP/2000, Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X, Xphraze isavailable for $249.99 MSRP. Visit for more information.

L-Acoustics Leasing Program Update

Following the announcement of its Pro-Tour Seasonal Leasing Programin April, L-Acoustics U.S. has again teamed up with Accent Leasing tooffer another new financing plan: the Pro-Rent Seasonal LeasingProgram. This one is specifically tailored for the regional A.V andcorporate rental market.

The new leasing program differs from other leasing programs by beingbased on the typical seasonal cash flow common to the soundreinforcement/rental business. Under the plan, the lessee makespayments for nine months of the year, and then only makes $100maintenance payments in December, January and February: the threemonths when cash flow from rentals ebbs to the lowest point. (Otheroff-payment months are available for businesses on differentschedules.) This allows the company to more appropriately focusremaining cash flow on other operational costs during that period.Then, when rentals start to ramp up again, so do the payments.

“By taking advantage of our seasonal leasing option, rental housescan immediately augment their inventory and increase profitabilitywhile still conserving cash, particularly during their slow season,”said Paul Freudenberg, director of sales and marketing for L-AcousticsU.S. “This is simply one of the many financing tools we offer in orderto help put the right gear into the hands of our customers when theyneed it.”

As part of the Pro-Rent plan, L-Acoustics has made available sixseparate systems packages specifically targeted to the rental market.Each package comprises a different type of loudspeaker (dV-DOSC,dV-SUB, MTD, ARCS, SB118 or 112XT), all of which are equipped with thenecessary rigging, cabling and amplification, and characterized by adollar buyout at the end of the lease term.

Freudenberg said that L-Acoustics U.S. also offers rental companiesoptions to customize packages to meet specific needs, as well as leaseindividual (nonpackage) items. More conventional and short-term loanplans are also available for those who prefer them. For additionalinformation, please contact Freudenberg at 805/604-0577 ext. 23 or [email protected].

ICIA Revises ‘’Essentials of the AV Industry’
ICIA has released the newly revised online course, “Essentials of theAV Industry,” which provides students with A/V fundamentals that areused daily by industry professionals, including instruction on howaudiovisual equipment works and how it’s applied.

“‘Essentials’ has become the foundation of training for the wholeA/V communications industry,” said Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D., theexecutive director of ICIA. “Over 6,000 have been enrolled in it sinceit debuted in 1997 and we have over 1,000 current enrollments. This newversion has the updated content needed in a fast-changing industry andit has a new user interface that will make it even easier and moreefficient to use.”

The course content has been significantly restructured and consistsof 260 lessons divided into three sections: audio (dynamics of sound,audio signals, sound processing, audio system setup and digital audio),visual (vision and light; display technologies; display equipment;video signals; sources; processing and output; and video signalproduction, recording and output) and audiovisual systems (lighting,conferencing applications, electrical, signal management, controlsystems, computer systems and networking). The enhanced courses featurea search engine by topic, an updated glossary, focused learningobjectives for each lesson, new graphics and photos, and a streamlinedwriting style.

Registration for this Web-based course is currently available. Thecurrent version of the course will be maintained to allow studentsalready registered in Version 1 to complete their course. AfterSeptember 15, 2003, Version 1 will no longer be available. Due tofundamental differences between the courses, students currentlyenrolled in V. 1 cannot be transferred to V. 2.

For more information on the course, visit

Gefen Offers New Distribution Amplifier

A new distribution amplifier from Gefen takes a single Appleflat-panel display signal (ADC) and splits it into two, allowing thecreation of a dual-display workstation in which the same videoinformation is distributed to both displays.

A slim metal box (5-inch square), the ex-tend-it ADC Splitter weighstwo pounds. An ADC input is on one side; two ADC outputs are on thereverse side. When the two are used together, they create a 1x4distribution, where one signal drives four displays. The ADC Splitter($299) offers a 1920×1200 resolution on both displays.

Another new product from Gefen, the ADC Extender ($249) combines anactive circuit with a built-in DVI and USB Repeater to extend any Appleflat-panel display plus one USB peripheral up to 16 feet from thecomputer using just one cable. It can also be cascaded to accommodategreater distances.

For more on these new products, visit Gefen online at

MPEG-4 Audio Licensing Begins

Via Licensing Corporation (San Francisco) has announced theavailability of MPEG-4 Audio patent licenses, which providesstreamlined access to a set of essential MPEG-4 Audio patents frommultiple parties, under reasonable and nondiscriminatory terms. AnMPEG-4 Audio patent license is needed by companies that build and/orsell end-user products incorporating MPEG-4 audio technologies.

“The commencement of MPEG-4 Audio licensing is the result ofunprecedented cooperation among a set of international consumerelectronics, telecommunications and research organizations,” said RamziHaidamus, general manager of Via Licensing Corporation. “This is a verysignificant milestone, and we are excited to be offering a license thatwill enable the widespread deployment of an important open standardsuch as MPEG-4 Audio.”

For additional information about the licensing terms for MPEG-4Audio, visit

Behringer Ships ULTRAMATCH PRO SRC2496

With the new ULTRAMATCH PRO SRC2496 ($249.99) sample rate and formatconverter, Behringer is now shipping an updated version of itsULTRAMATCH SRC2000. New features include full 24-bit/96kHzcompatibility and full AD/DA conversion. Like its predecessor, the newULTRAMATCH enables professional users to transfer digital audio signalsbetween devices with different sample rates, formats or interfaces,disable SCMS for 1:1 digital copies and remove dropouts or jitter fromdigital media. Simultaneously operable outputs offer splitterfunctionality.

The SRC2496 facilitates format conversion between AES/EBU and S/PDIFwith both coaxial and optical connectors, as well as conversion of30kHz to 100kHz sample rates into 32/44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz withselectable 16, 20 or 24-bit output resolution. Universal sample-ratesynchronization via wordclock or digital input is guaranteed, andparallel A/D and D/A conversion is possible with identical samplerates. In addition, the SRC2496 enables easy jitter removal, correctionof unstable, off-tune sample rates, and allows direct manipulation ofemphasis and copy-protection bits. On the connection side, RCA, XLR andoptical outputs are simultaneously operable with selectable AES/EBU orS/PDIF formats, while inputs are separately selectable.

Fore more, visit