Solo Dave Matthews

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Dave Matthews recently recorded new material at Robert Lang Studios (Seattle, with producer John Alagia (who called the studio “an incredible-sounding room”), chief engineer Justin Armstrong and second engineer Austin Sousa.

From left: Dave Matthews, producer John Alagia, engineer Justin Armstrong and second engineer Austin Sousa

Work was completed on the studio's 48-channel SSL 4000 G Series board with Total Recall, which offers E Series EQ, G+ computer, 24 mic pre's, updated center section and all-new capacitors; a 12-channel API sidecar with 550A EQs was also used. Monitoring was via soffited Westlake, dual 15-inch JBLs with TAD horns and drivers, two McIntosh 2300 power amps, a Genelec 1032 and a Yamaha NS10M Studio.

Matthews' vocal mic was a Neumann Tube U47 through an API mic pre and LA-2 compressor. Drums were miked with Electro-Voice 868 (kick), SM57 (snare), KM84 (hi-hat) and M49 (room).