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All Things Internet: You don't need to be a think tank resident to see the impact that the Internet is having on all facets of the production/post-production

All Things Internet: You don’t need to be a think tank resident to see the impact that the Internet is having on all facets of the production/post-production path. Perhaps the hottest market right now (and it’s been a long time coming) is production music libraries, where we’re about to witness a flood of downloadable, licensed content. Five major, major production music houses have joined forces and this month will launch, a site that will essentially provide the search engine to link to the members’ sites for auditioning, streaming and downloading music tracks. The members-615 Music, Manhattan Production Music, Megatrax Production Music, NonStop Music Library and VideoHelper-offer access to more than 600 CDs. will use Microsoft ASF and will watermark all cuts for reporting through ASCAP, BMI and SESAC…Meanwhile, companies providing Web audio services continue to spring up. Last month, in our special Internet Audio supplement (bundled with the July Mix), we wrote about Sonicopia, a division of San Francisco-based post house DubeyTunes that sonifies Web sites by embedding audio content in the HTML. Now Ear to Ear, a music/post house in Santa Monica, has opened a new division called Ear to Ear Interactive. Headed up by Ear to Ear founder Brian Banks, executive producer Christie Cash and sound designer Chip Mullaney, Ear to Ear Interactive has created an authoring/remastering process that synchronizes old or new content with streaming video, in Rich Media Format. Visit…Finally,, a division of Central Media Incorporated built on the talent of Seattle post house Clatter&Din, has collaborated with Microsoft to integrate Windows Media into its online spot distribution system…Projects from outpost: San Francisco mixer Dave Nelson is keeping busy at outpost Film Center, where film editor Joe Bini finished a rough cut of Werner Herzog’s return to narrative filmmaking, Invincible. Nelson will likely mix, as he did on Herzog’s last two projects. Nelson also provided sound design and mixing for Kari Nevil’s independent feature Your Guardian and Jules Beesley’s DV feature Radio Free Steve…More, more, more: Expansion seems to be the name of the game as audio post houses find themselves inundated with work, much of it traditional, much of it new media. Crush Digital has doubled the size of its New York facility (to 7,000 square feet) to handle DVD authoring demand and added a Sony DVAV 1100 encoder, the first facility to do so outside of the Sony family. The authoring workstations have also been upgraded with Daikin Scenarist NT Professional and Dolby Digital encoding. Visit …JSM (New York City), which bills itself as a “high-tech, creative think tank” for media content and original music, will open satellite offices in Southern California, London, Auckland and Paris by the end of the year…Photomag, that venerable New York post house, has purchased its second Soundtracs DPC-II, which will be run in conjunction with a Fairlight MFX-3plus system by Joe Vignoni in the uptown facilty’s Studio A…In September, KABC-TV in Los Angeles will open its revamped facilities with the city’s first installation of the increasingly popular SSL Aysis Air console…This past spring, Pomann Sound, NYC, installed the city’s largest Msoft Server Sound system. The 11/43-terabyte, 350-gig system will link Pomann’s 12 DAWs and offer access to more than 2,000 hours of custom sound effects and 70 commercial libraries…Marcom company Pittard Sullivan and Goldman Productions, a music and sound design facility out of Cincinnati, have teamed up and moved to Culver City, CA, to form RipTide Music. Richard Goldman will be CEo/president… Scott Reed has been named director of new business development for Alan Ett Music Group and sister company Media City Sound, in Studio City, CA…Finally, when you watch the opening Ceremonies of the olympics next month, those tracks will have been recorded and mixed by SAE Institute’s flagship facility, Studios 301 in Sydney. Plans called for location orchestral recording through Fairlight Merlins, then mixing at 301. Hundreds of SAE students will act as engineering and general assistants.