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Drummer Boy Sound in Miami

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Cummings has had the opportunity to bid on big shows within the last two years and win the bids. “It can only be God why I am contracted to do some of the big shows that I have done for some of the major recording artist that are hot today,” Cummings says. He knows that DBS is a little fish compared to the big fish in the sound sea, but he loves swimming with the whales in the industry. Cummings business philosophy is to give your best to get the best. He bases his business on great customer service, quality gear and a loyal, hard-working team. He knows he has been blessed with a great staff of people that share his same work ethic and passion for the business.

DBS has had the privilege to handle production services for Urban Mystic, Monica, Joss Stone, Rhianna, Christina Milian, Ruby Baker, Richard Smallwood, Smokie Norful, Contagious, Monster Zero, Jimmy Van Zandt, Brandy Thornton, Marilyn Mc Coo & Billy Davis Jr., to name a few. One of the great things about Cummings is that he oversees every show and he has his wife, Tangela, who is right there by his side either collecting checks, mixing on the board, wrapping cables or just meeting and greeting the artist. “DBS wouldn’t be what it is today without my Mrs. DBS, she is my best friend and partner,” Cummings says.

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