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Just released: Waves' C4 multiband parametric processor for native platforms, including RTAS, Premiere, MAS and VST on Macintosh and DirectX and VST for

Just released: Waves’ C4 multiband parametric processor for native platforms, including RTAS, Premiere, MAS and VST on Macintosh and DirectX and VST for Windows. Get details at… New from Canford: a MIDI mains switcher and a MIDI distribution amplifier. The switcher features six operating modes, remote controllable settings and LED status indicators. The distribution amp feeds MIDI data simultaneously to 12 devices, and is available with either front or rear panel connections. Visit…ProEQ ($49), a new Cool Edit Pro plug-in from Syntrillium Software, incorporates a 30-band graphic EQ, 5-band parametric EQ and a variety of filters, including notch, highpass and lowpass. Download a functioning demo at…QDesign ( released Version 1.2 of its MVP application for recording from CD to QDesign Music, MP3 and MP2 files, playback of digital music and videos, and playlist management. New features in Version 1.2 (a free 30-day download is available at include conversion between audio file formats (QDesign Music, .WAV, .AIFF, MP2 and MP3); playback and encode/record support with QDesign’s MP2; expanded MP3 support with mode, sample rate and bit rate control; and bug fixes and interface improvements. In conjunction with the release of MVP 1.2, QDesign has announced an online partnership with Visit at for information…BitHeadz ( released Version 2.0 of the Retro AS-1 software synthesizer for Windows 95/98. Key features: optimization for Intel’s SSE technology for increased performance, external audio input, support for patch name functionality within CubaseVST, Logic Audio and Cakewalk Pro Audio, and expanded options for audio and MIDI routing, plus a host of new effects. Also new from Bitheadz is Version 1.2 of the Voodoo software MIDI drum machine, optimized for the G4 and offering support for Digidesign’s DirectConnect … SpinAudio ( now offers a pro version of its VST-DX software. This new $50 version supports 16- and 24-bit sound processing with any sample rate. Also new from SpinAudio is the VST SkinRack 1.0, a $30 application that creates skin-based control surfaces to alter parameters of editor-less VST plug-ins. The applications are designed to integrate together easily and are available as a package for $60…The opus music notation and publishing software package from Sincrosoft (, which supports both Mac and Windows platforms, offers hundreds of scoring features, plus single- or multipart extraction, support for oMS and QuickTime internal synthesizer drivers, MIDI file export and up to 1,512 dpi print output…Check out E-mu/Ensoniq’s E-mu/ Ensoniq Network, a set of streaming Internet radio stations powered by Wired Planet ( The channels feature original compositions by E-mu and Ensoniq product users and in-house compositions and demos…MCE Powerbook Products has added an Audio Solutions Department to its online store, featuring products such as Digigram’s VX Pocket and Presonus’ Blue Max compressor. Visit