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Tannoy Launches New Website

Pioneering loudspeaker manufacturer Tannoy recently launched a brand new Website that is designed to reinforce and enhance the company’s presence in each of the three main markets it serves: Commercial/Professional, Residential/Hi-Fi and Studio Monitoring. The new Website reflects the new, more modern brand style and provides a comprehensive easy-to-navigate information resource for both professional and consumer customers.

With three distinct areas for each of the main markets, the Website offers more photos than its predecessor with a sharper aesthetic and consistent Tannoy identity. Each distinct section is designed to appeal to its respective target market, in terms of visual appeal and organizational layout, which Tannoy considers to be a “huge improvement” over the previous Website.

Significant enhancements have also been made to the News section, allowing users to browse through the latest product announcements, corporate news, case studies and reviews. Case Studies show Tannoy’s products in almost any application and give potential customers the opportunity to see an objective evaluation of any given product, especially important in light of some recent innovations in professional loudspeaker development (VQ Series and Qflex in particular), which present new market opportunities.

Elsewhere, the new Website allows customers to register their product, check up on Tannoy related events including trade shows, download latest software and drivers and find details of their nearest dealer.

Tannoy adds that further development is in the pipeline with RSS implementation, e-newsletter subscription and online shop (for spares and Tannoy merchandise)—all planned for the coming year.

Visit Tannoy’s new Website at