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DPA Microphones – How Do You Wear Yours?

Company launches d:screet™ Necklace Microphone competition;
Top 100 inventive applications for the mic will win

ALLEROED, DENMARK, SEPTEMBER 2, 2014 – As part of an exciting competition beginning today, DPA Microphones is giving 100 lucky people the chance to win a d:screet™ Necklace Microphone, which was launched earlier this year. The competition, running on DPA’s Facebook page and Web site, asks contestants to come up with an ingenious idea for how and where to use the d:screet Necklace Microphone.

Five microphones will be awarded to the five most “liked” submissions on Facebook, while the remaining 95 will be given to the people who, in DPA’s opinion, come up with the best, most creative and most original ideas. An example of one of the ideas can be found at this YouTube video, created by DPA Microphones:

By housing a legendary d:screet 4061 Omnidirectional Miniature Capsule in a soft rubber necklace, DPA has created a microphone that anyone can use. There is no need to worry about attaching it to clothing because the only fitting skill this microphone requires is the ability to do up a necklace catch. This unique plug-and-play microphone solution from DPA is ideally suited to situations where mounting and consistent audio output are the primary requirements.

“We are extremely excited about this product and want to share our enthusiasm with the rest of the world,” says DPA Microphones CEO Christian Poulsen. “These new microphones clearly meet a unique production need because they can be mounted and removed quickly several times by untrained talent without a sound expert nearby. We are well aware that they are perfect for reality show settings as they have already been used for the Danish adaptation of Big Brother. But, we think there are plenty of other situations where their simplicity, audio quality and size make them ideal. We hope that people entering our competition will use their imagination to come up with some really inventive ideas to surprise and amuse us.”

DPA’s competition also has a second phase for those who win one of the initial 100 d:screet Necklace Microphones. Once a winner receives their microphone, they can enter the second phase by putting their idea in motion, documenting it and posting a picture or video to the company’s Facebook page. Two grand prize winners will receive a collection of DPA Microphones of their choosing, up to a value of $1,300 USD (list price).

Entry to this competition is via the DPA Web site or Facebook page. All entries must be submitted by September 28, 2014. The 100 initial winners will be announced on October 1, 2014. Contestants can enter multiple ideas for an opportunity to win multiple Necklace Microphones, but only one microphone will be awarded per idea.

Entry to phase two of the competition will open after October 1, with the two ultimate winners announced on November 10, 2014. The first grand prize will go to the most liked picture or video on Facebook, while the second will go to the application idea that DPA perceives to be the best and most well documented.

To enter and for more information please follow these links:

DPA Microphones is the leading Danish Professional Audio manufacturer of high-quality condenser microphone solutions for professional applications. DPA’s ultimate goal is to always provide its customers with the absolute finest possible microphone solutions for all its markets, which include live sound, installation, recording, theatre and broadcast. When it comes to the design process, DPA takes no shortcuts. Nor does the company compromise on its manufacturing process, which is done at the DPA factory in Denmark. As a result, DPA’s products are globally praised for their exceptional clarity and transparency, unparalleled specifications, supreme reliability and, above all, pure, uncolored and undistorted sound.

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