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Zhou Minzhi took one million five hundred thousand one for three, of which one million two hundred thousand for Chang Jiang to buy a house, and each of one hundred and fifty thousand Chang Mei lan. For this method, the son-in-law beam but cannot accept completely, but Zhou Minzhi has been determined, not negotiable. Liang Shouye insists that he will get three hundred and seventy thousand five, or you will not have to buy, and did not accept there are one hundred and fifty thousand bank cards. Zhou Minzhi temporarily put two of one hundred and fifty Coach outlet thousand of the cards are placed on the often blue here.

Chang Jiang and Zhou Minzhi came to the real estate transaction hall to prepare and transfer beam with owner, but to yield, as Chang Jiang was signed, but suddenly to form beam property to pieces, two people in the business hall strike violently, gas Zhou Minzhi called and called. In Liang Shouye’s repeated trouble under, Zhou Minzhi is forced to use his name to buy the house down.

Chen Yufei is looking for opportunities to put two of Cary a total of three hundred thousand all out  Coach outlet store online also bank loans, the beam be nowhere, Shou-yeh, thoroughly nasty.

Ning Caixia can’t agree with the property permits to write Zhou Minzhi’s name, in order to appease the Ning rosy clouds, Zhou Minzhi had to write a will, the above descriptions himself died, this set of property inheritance by Chang Jiang.

Chang LAN borrowed one hundred and fifty thousand back beam in setting, and refuses to forgive Chen Yufei before the practice, two people once again entered apart. Chang Jiang Song Juan married, and Zhou Minzhi two people live together.

Liang Shouye knew the money and that of Xu Xu, Zhou Minzhi has the favorable impression, so has usurped the throne from Zhou Minzhi and Xu meet several times, but Zhou Minzhi refused. Liang Shouye asked Zhou Minzhi to request such as Showtime Xu went to the United States can bother his son look for showtime, the reason that Zhou Minzhi could not refuse

Often, strenuous go through untold hardships to search for his own aunt, Zhou Minzhi only told her Pro regardless of the name and location, so often Li from the Public Security Bureau got the address only from door to door to find, hard work pays off, often Li finally found his own aunt.

Liang Shouye is looking forward to having Xu such a rich after the father-in-law, trying to contact  Coach outlet online Zhou Minzhi and Xu, staged a farce.

Chang Li from his aunt’s mouth to get such a message: thirty years ago, often beautiful biological parents died, the old aunt came to the funeral, was often beautiful place issues were discussed, week Minzhi fear often Li back to rural suffering, so decided to leave herself often Lai, Lai was often parents to leave a house is said to often beautiful, because the house is too small will be sold in Changde, and then bought before the demolition of the old house.

Chang Li returned to ordinary family called together, announced on two things: first, and often family all to break off the relationship; second, asked Zhou Minzhi to put his biological parents of the bungalow back, have often, biological aunt corroboration, Zhou Minzhi had to promise.

Coach outlet online Thirty years ago the bungalow accounting to the present, one million eight hundred thousand, often family started around pool is also often.