Tech: New Products, October 2011

The new H-EQ ($99, Native; $149, TDM) plug-in from Waves is a slick-looking EQ inspired by the finest British and American consoles. It includes seven different filter types per band—U.S. Vintage,

Wave H-EQ
The new H-EQ ($99, Native; $149, TDM) plug-in from Waves is a slick-looking EQ inspired by the finest British and American consoles. It includes seven different filter types per band—U.S. Vintage, UK Vintage 1, UK Vintage 2, U.S. Modern, UK Modern, Digital 1 and Digital 2—in addition to a newly developed, one-of-a-kind asymmetrical bell filter. A keyboard graphic lets users choose frequencies by clicking on notes, and an exclusive M/S mode allows users to apply different EQ to mid and sde content. There is also a flexible real-time frequency spectrum analyzer with multiple display options. Other features include a real-time analyzer with a real-time graphical display of the input signal, output signal or both, as well as the EQ curve.

Bricasti Design M1 Converter
Bricasti has released a high-end D/A converter, a first for the company. The M1 ($7,995) features a dual-mono, crosstalk-killing design with two completely isolated channels, each with its own dedicated linear power supply, D/A converter, DDS clocking and analog circuitry. The dynamic range for each channel is optimized by using the stereo ADI 1955 D/A converter in a mono configuration; clocking is for each channel done directly at each DAC with a technique called DDS (direct digital synthesis), which takes clock induced jitter to immeasurable levels. The M1 is robustly constructed of milled and CNC machined aluminum sections. All sections of the construction, the front and rear panels, the sides and even the bottom and top plates start out as solid blocks of aluminum, which are precision-machined to shape, with exact tolerances for a perfect fit.

Studio 6 Digital iAudioInterface2
Designed from the ground up to be compatible with iPhone 4, iPod touch 4, and iPad 1 and 2, iAudioInterface2 ($399.99) from Studio 6 Digital wants to be the audio interface for all your iOS apps. iAudioInterface2 features a 48V phantom-powered XLR microphone input (50 dB of gain), balanced line input and output, Toslink digital output and internal li-ion battery. The unit uses Studio 6 Digital’s own A/D converters and DAC with precision USB audio clock recovery. Microphone is not included.

Equator Audio Research D5 Studio Monitors
The new D5 (Direct 5) studio monitors ($299.95) from Equator Audio Research feature a coaxially designed 5.25-inch woofer and center mounted 1-inch silk tweeter in an all-wood cabinet. The newly designed digital amplifier boasts extremely low distortion specs and delivers 2x50W of peak power. SPL is rated at 103 dB combined @ 1m. Frequency response is 53 to 20k Hz. The D5 employs a Zero-Point Reference coaxial design with internal DSP that handles numerous tasks, including matching the Digitally Controlled Transducer’s™ output and the ability to apply pinpoint-accurate voicing.

Native Instruments Solid Mix Series Processors
Based on sophisticated component modeling, the Solid Mix Series ($229) from Native Instruments re-creates the essential components of a classic mixing desk. The series comprises three individual modules that provide the tools to create a polished and professional-sounding mix. “Solid EQ” features four parametric bands, as well as the adjustable low-cut and high-cut filters, and switchable EQ types. “Solid Bus Comp” provides a sidechain input as well as a dry/wet control for parallel compression. “Solid Dynamics” provides a combined dynamics section with stereo compressor, expander and a gate that lends itself to the precise dynamics processing of individual tracks. All products can used be used with Guitar Rig (Free) or Guitar Rig 5 and are included in the new Komplete 8 Ultimate (VST, AU, Core Audio, RTAS).

NUGEN Audio LMB Loudness Meter
LMB ($999) from NUGEN Audio is a standard-compliant, Windows-based, file loudness measurement and correction solution. LMB is fully compliant with the latest loudness standards—ITU-R BS1770, EBU R128, ATSC A/85—and many other regional localizations, offering a complete professional solution for loudness and true peak compliance in Mix, Mastering, Post Production, Film and Broadcast. LMB will automatically assess and, if necessary, correct files to current loudness criteria as an integral part of your loudness control strategy. Typically operating at many times faster than real-time, on batches of audio or video files (yes, LMB can automatically de-mux video to analyze the audio content without changing the original file), LMB saves time and prevents mistakes, rapidly generating the information and files you need.

Universal Audio Ampex ATR-102 Plug-In
The UAD-2 plug-in platform is playing host to another legacy hardware emulation. The Ampex ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder Plug-In ($349) features settings for four tape formulations (250, 456, 900 and ATR), three tape widths (1-inch, ½-inch and ¼-inch), four alignment calibrations (+9, +7.5, +6 and +3), rotary adjustments for Repro and Record levels, plus NAB or CCIR emphasis curve choices. The plug-in can also simulate tape speeds from 3.75, 7.5, 15 and 30 ips and includes presets from engineers Chuck Ainlay, Richard Dodd, Buddy Miller, and Mike Poole. 

Radial Reamp JCR
The latest-generation passive Reamper from Radial follows the traditional design set out by inventor and patent holder John Cuniberti. The new Reamp JCR ($199) features Radial’s unique bookend design and 14-guage I-beam steel construction for added protection against wear and tear. A full bottom no-slip pad promises stay-put operation while improving mechanical and electrical isolation. Features include 100-percent passive design, variable output, a three-position tone filter, mute switch, ground lift and polarity invert switch.

Roland R-26 Field Recorder
The R-26 field recorder from Roland provides up to six simultaneous channels of recording to SD/SDHC media. It features two types of built-in stereo mics, XLR/TRS combo inputs and USB audio interface functionality. Both omnidirectional and X/Y stereo mic types are integrated into the R-26’s chassis, and there are two XLR/TRS combo inputs with phantom power for connecting high-quality external mics or line-level devices, plus a stereo mini-jack for a plug-in powered mic. There is a built-in limiter and low-cut filter onboard, as well as a Pre-Record function ensuring that you never miss the beginning of a recording. The R-26’s large touchscreen provides detailed level metering and convenient fingertip control over many functions, and is equipped with a high-luminance backlight for perfect visibility in any situation. USB 2 allows for data transfer and audio interface functionality with Windows and Mac-based computers.

Auralex Acoustics Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusors
Auralex’s new “green” bamboo line of diffusors comprises the WavePrism, WaveLens, QuadraTec, Peak Pyramid Diffusor and KeyPacs (prices start at $420). The Auralex WavePrism eliminates flutter echoes and other acoustical anomalies without removing acoustical energy from the space; WaveLens’ open-boxed design scatters and redirects acoustical energy; QuadraTec’s unique tiered design provides excellent scattering properties; the Peak Pyramid Diffusor is optimized to provide high-quality sound diffusion while also doubling as an effective bass trap; and the KeyPacs are designed to be mounted to the face of absorptive panels such as the company’s ProPanels or Studiofoam. 

Gepco Powered Speaker Cables
Each Gepco Powered Speaker Cable combines power with two, eight or 12 channels of 110-ohm balanced audio for line-level, mic level or digital AES signals, and can be used with self-powered speakers or in DMX lighting control. Additional configurations include two channels of Cat-5e cable that can be used for data drops in remote power and audio applications. Snakes with optional data can also be used for digital audio transmission while running power to remote locations. Shielding around the power channels eliminates power noise from interrupting the audio/data signal, ensuring high-quality performance. Using industry-standard connectors, Gepco-brand cables are available in pre-defined and custom configurations.

Black Box Analog Design Preamp
This new preamp ($TBA) from Black Box ( features independently controlled pentode and triode tube stages, custom-wound Cinemag input and output transformers, switchable impedance, passive output attenuation and a linear power supply. The unit is hand-soldered, supplies phantom power from a separate power supply, uses military-spec switches and pots, and offers a five-position roll-off.


K-Array Blueline Series
New from Sennheiser-distributed brand K-Array, the Blueline Series’ debut product is the portable (44 pounds) KB1, an ultra-slim, powered line array system featuring a 12-inch subwoofer and eight 3-inch drivers. The Class-D amplifiers offer a total of 240 watts. By using the K-Array presets or by creating new ones, users can custom-tailor the system. The KB1 also features onboard digital processors and a digital 4-input mixer so users can modify input levels, EQ parameters and add multi-effects; and compress and regulate output channels. Meant to be plug and play for setup, users can also connect a PC via integrated USB connector.

Alto Professional TrueSonic
Now available from Alto Professional, the TrueSonic TS112A ($299) and TS115A ($349) active loudspeakers are available in two-way 12-inch and 15-inch sizes, respectively. Features include 800W of Class-D power and an SPL of 125 dB for the TS112A and 126 dB for the TS115A. Both models are geared toward musicians, bands, DJs, and live sound reinforcement engineers, or for those who own or contract for bars, clubs, schools, gyms or houses of worship.

Outline GTO-DF, iPad App
The Outline GTO-D (Down-Fill) is mechanically compatible with GTO and was designed to provide audio coverage for the first rows of an audience in any type of event where a GTO system is in use. This element uses six loudspeakers: four 8-inch mid-woofers and two 3-inch compression drivers. In addition, its aperture (120 degrees) gradually flares out downward. The company also debuts an iPad app to control its self-powered loudspeaker enclosures. The app provides control of Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. systems and the new iSM Series of stage monitors.

Now shipping from JoeCo, this single-rackspace version of the BlackBox recorder is designed for audio acquisition and capturing live performance. Users can capture multichannel audio direct to a USB 2 drive in Broadcast WAV format, without the need for a computer. The BBR64-MADI records and replays up to 64 channels of MADI data. The recorder can capture the full 64 channels at standard sample rates, and also accommodates double sample rate MADI recording of up to 96 kHz. The unit has coaxial and optical MADI connections for interfacing with any MADI-equipped console or other equipment. Additionally, it allows for 56-channel legacy MADI and can record an additional eight channels of analog (balanced line in) for capturing audience reaction or general ambience.

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