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By Maureen Droney

Articles From This Author


Working Smart

Anybody who's spent time in a studio lately has observed what happens when inexperienced producers collide with the endless choices offered by digital recording.


Getting Noticed

Fresh talent is what keeps the music industry vital and, ultimately, profitable. The paradox? There's more and more music being made, but fewer and...


Jim Scott

When you're tired of sound-alike mixes and you want your music to sound like your band instead of some over-EQ'd, overcompressed, generic dreck, who...


Star Trek: Nemesis

Phenomenon, franchise, lifestyle call it what you like. The Star Trek television series and roster of movies not to mention books, the Las Vegas...


Avast and Away!

Disney magic still manages to bring out the kid in everybody, including the veteran creative and production personnel for the animated feature Treasure


Chris Fogel

In our sometimes over-inflated, over-hyped technological world, where audio addicts frenzy over the latest, the greatest, the oldest and the coolest,


Larrabee Studios

Larrabee Studios started out, literally, as a mom and pop business when, back in 1969, music producer Jackie Mills and his wife, Dolores, purchased...


Dennis Sands

Dennis Sands loves his work, and it shows. A three-time Oscar nominee for Best Sound (Cast Away, Contact and Forrest Gump), a TEC Award...


Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo supervising sound editor Michael Wilhoit seems like a pretty normal guy. Still, you have to figure that to work on this kind...


Jeff Balding

Nashville can be deceiving. With all that low-key style and relaxed attitude, people from the rest of the country can sometimes get fooled into...


Brian Gardner

Just how long is Brian Gardner's discography? Well, pulling up his page results in a list of over 750 credits. It was hip...


Cherokee Studios

West Hollywood's five-room Cherokee Studios has a rich 30-year history, a thriving present and a promising future. Its owners, three musician/engineer/producers


Conway Recording

Conway Recording Studios, which first opened its doors on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood in 1976, is currently celebrating its 25th year in business. Known


Denis Hannigan

Home studios are the norm these days. But the evolution of music composer Denis Hannigan's home studio was a little different from most. When...


Pearl Harbor

With a Memorial Day weekend debut, Disney's much-anticipated Pearl Harbor seems a shoe-in for success. An epic love story set against the high action

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