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By Ty Ford

Articles From This Author


Schoeps DSP-4P

The Schoeps DSP-4P ($3,850) is described by the company as a digital microphone processor for the PolarFlex system. What does the PolarFlex system do,


Audix SCX-25

In a market awash with lowball Neumann wannabe lookalikes, the Audix SCX-25 is a refreshing sight and looks like no mic I've ever seen....


Yamaha AW4416

The Yamaha AW4416 ($3,799 with internal 13GB and CD-RW drives) is a digital workstation that combines a very 02R-like, 8-bus mixer with moving fader...


Digidesign 001

INITIAL SETUP AND USER TIPS The following tips are based on my experiences using a Digi 001 with a new 500MHz G4 Mac, and...