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Listen Sets Induction Loop Training Tour

Listen Technologies has announced its Induction Loop Training & Certification Program schedule.

Bluffdale, UT (July 26, 2012)—Listen Technologies has announced its Induction Loop Training & Certification Program schedule.

Hearing Loop solutions are the preferred standard and widespread throughout the rest of the world. Only recently has the technology begun to win favor and be installed in a wide range of venues in North America. The demand is escalating significantly as the overwhelming majority (90 %+) of hearing aids are today being specified with T-Coil loop receivers installed as standard. In order to support this demand, Listen Technologies will be training and certifying “Qualified Listen Loop Installation Partners” in every major metropolitan area in the Americas.

One-Day Seminars on Installation and Commissioning of Induction Loops

Thursday, August 9 – Chicago
Thursday, September 12 – New York City
Thursday, October 11 – Los Angeles
Thursday, November 8 – Salt Lake City
Thursday, December 13 – Washington, DC
Thursday, January 10 – Phoenix
Thursday, February 14 – Seattle
Thursday, March 14 – Dallas
Thursday, April 11 – Atlanta
All sessions are 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

This 8-hour training session will take attendees through the steps required to properly install a loop system. The course will introduce loop systems principles and give grounding in the specification and design of different kinds of loops systems, including basic, advanced and phased-array types.

All attendees will gain both theory and hands-on practical experience for installing, setting up, testing and certifying a loop system. Attendees will learn how to set up and measure the system to meet standards, as well as certifying the system to those standards.

Participants will gain a working knowledge of the different types of test equipment and methods of proper use, as well as the requirements of the international performance standard, IEC60118-4.

At the completion of this session, participants will be certified as an induction loop installer capable of meetings performance standard IEC601184-4.

Listen Technologies Induction Loop Training