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Road-Worthy Gear: New Sound Reinforcement Products, September 2009

AKG Updates C 747 AKG's new C 747 V11 condenser pencil microphone features an enhanced hypercardioid polar pattern offering improved off-axis rejection

AKG Updates C 747

AKG’s new C 747 V11 condenser “pencil microphone” features an enhanced hypercardioid polar pattern offering improved off-axis rejection for ambient noise and feedback control in difficult environments, along with a frequency response tailored for improved spoken-word presence. Also new is a switchable low-frequency roll-off filter and integrated RFI shielding to help screen interference from mobile phones and wireless mics. The c747 v11 ships with a shock-mount/adapter, mini-gooseneck, stand adapter, mounting clamp, thread link and windscreen.

MediaMatrix nControl

Designed to expand the capabilities of the MediaMatrix NION system, the nControl auxiliary hardware/software package provides additional control processing with increased Python scripting capabilities and lets users monitor the operation and status of all devices on a network via SNMP. Devices with serial ports connect to nControl either directly or to a supported network serial server for control and management. The nControl can act as a media server, including audio recording and playback over CobraNet. GPIO expansion enables the use of TTL logic, switches, LEDs and other custom circuitry for additional control-driven functions.

Celestion CDX1-1720 HF Drive

The CDX1-1720 is a 1-inch exit, neodymium magnet, titanium-dome compression driver with a “next-generation” phase plug developed at Celestion’s UK headquarters for lower distortion and higher max SPLs. A deep-drawn, 1.75-inch diameter titanium diaphragm increases stiffness to reduce dome breakup within the critical 2kHz to 10kHz listening band. Specifications for the 8-ohm driver include 50-watt RMS power handling, 800 to 20k Hz frequency response and 107dB (1w/1m) sensitivity.