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Tour Log: Jakob Dylan

Read Mix Spotlight on Jakob Dylan 2008 Tour With Touring Engineer Jimmy Ace Acevedo

Jimmy “Ace” Acevedo

Jakob Dylan and band were recently spotted performing at the 2008 Austin City Limits festival. We caught up with FOH engineer Jimmy “Ace” Acevedo. Check out the photo gallery from the festival at

How long have you been mixing FOH for Jakob Dylan?

I’ve been mixing Jakob for the past year. I have, however, been his monitor engineer for the past 12 years with The Wallflowers.

How much gear are you carrying on this tour?

This year found us doing TV, festivals and supporting Eric Clapton and Willie Nelson, so we haven’t been carrying production. I have been carrying a Bob Heil mic package that’s made a big difference; I also advance some Summit DCL200 compressors.

Jakob Dylan performing

What’s in your vocal chain?

The Heil PR35 with the Summit DCL200 on Jakob’s vocal gives off the natural warm sound of Jakob’s vocal. Using a TC Electronic 4000, I’ll add a touch of ‘verb.

What is your mixing style for this band?

I run a heavily compressed, bass-heavy show with Jakob’s vocal sitting in front of the compressed instruments (dbx 160SLs) and a slightly reverbed drum kit.

When you’re not on the road, where can we find you?

In Austin, playing golf — rain or shine!