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Tour Log: Rage Against the Machine

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Rage Against the Machine performing

Photo: Dave Vann

Front-of-house engineer Brad Madix is currently out with rockers Rage Against the Machine. Mix caught up with the act in Chicago at Lollapalooza 2008; for a full photo gallery from the festival, visit

How much gear are you carrying?

Very little. FOH comprises a Digidesign Profile console, Pro Tools recording system and a couple of CD player/recorders. We try to keep it “all in the box.” All of the plug-ins are straight out of the VENUE Pro pack that comes with the console. This serves to keep it consistent when we switch from one Profile to another.

What is your mixing style for Rage?

Well, loud! Obviously, this band is a different style from Shakira or Rush [whom Madix previously mixed]. It wants to be in-your-face, to the extreme. While we want to be able to hear everything clearly, it’s not exactly subtle.

Does your style change when coming into a festival?

I try to keep my “style” the same, but time is a factor in a festival situation. It’s very helpful to be able to work offline with the stand-alone software or be able to tweak off the Pro Tools rig during the spaces between other acts.

How involved is the band in determining their onstage sound?

When I first came onboard, they went out of their way to tell me to “make it my own.” They certainly have had things to say about the sound, but have put a great deal of faith in me to make it right.

Where can we find you when you’re not on the road?

Right now, ripping up a bathroom for a remodel! I’d rather be skiing, though.