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We Belong Here Makes Itself Known with EDM Festival

We Belong Here's annual EDM festival in Miami had the benefit of DAS Audio LARA line arrrays on hand.

We Belong Here's annual EDM festival had the benefit of DAS Audio LARA line arrrays on hand.
We Belong Here’s annual EDM festival had the benefit of DAS Audio LARA line arrrays on hand.

Miami, FL (March 27, 2024)—The organization We Belong Here is dedicated to building community and one of the ways it does that is through its annual EDM festival, which brings in acts like Grammy-nominated, UK-based DJ and producer Duke Dumont, Bob Moses, Gordo, Tchami, Wax Motif, and others. For this year’s edition, Ft. Lauderdale-based production house Light Up The Night Productions teamed up with DAS Audio to present 65 acts in 360 degrees of sound at the event, held at Miami’s Virginia Key Beach Park.

Jeff Taylor, Senior Pro Audio Sales Engineer for DAS Audio explained, “The concept was not to create a full 360-degree system, but rather to create almost a figure-eight setup, with a stereo PA in the front for the main audience, a stereo PA in the rear to cover the VIP area, and out fills on the sides. Besides being compact and easy to deploy, we were able to create a fully active cardioid rig, building a subwoofer arc across the stage rather than your typical left and right stacks. That enabled us to really focus the low frequency energy toward the crowd, without huge buildup on the stage area itself.”


To make that happen, Light Up The Night brought the ARA Series to the festival, outfitting the main “360 Experience” stage with the new speakers from DAS Audio. A total of 16 LARA self-powered cardioid systems with 12 LARA-SUB dual 18-in cardioid subwoofers covered the stage’s front area, while 16 SARA systems and 8 SARA-SUB cardioid subwoofers covered the rear VIP area.

Front fill was provided by four AERO-20A two-way systems, and out fill was supplemented by a combination of AERO-20A systems and UX-218A subwoofers. The main stage had left and right stacks of three SARA-100 and one SARA-SUB that covered monitoring for the DJ booth.

DAS Audio could also be found on the smaller stages. “We had two stages essentially facing each other,” said Matthew Corrigan, Technical Director for Light Up The Night Productions. “With DAS Audio Speakers and DAS Audio’s ALMA software, we were able to control each system to achieve consistent sound and performance from every stage, everywhere on the festival grounds. And the DAS support team were so great to work with. These guys are total professionals, and they really know their stuff.”