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Aviom A-Net Pro64

Aviom Inc. (booth #1848, hall E) will introduce the A-Net Pro64 ASIC. In addition, the company launched the Aviom Technologies Group division to support this new version of the A-Net protocol.

A-Net Pro offers greatly increased data capacity and signal control, and addresses the performance requirements of sophisticated audio networking applications in studios, broadcasting, production and post-production facilities, as well as live performance.

A-Net Pro is fully bi-directional and has dramatically increased capacity, while preserving the central performance specs of A-Net: uncompressed, low latency in a plug-and-play system. The new version of the protocol carries up to 64 audio channels on a single-wire pair in a Cat-5 cable, still at 24 bits. In specialized networks, A-Net Pro can carry 256 channels without sacrificing performance.

In addition, the protocol has dedicated bandwidth for bi-directional talkback and the Virtual Data Cables (VDC). These can be assigned to multiple, simultaneous data types, such as MIDI, RS-232 and GPIO. Using the VDCs, users can distribute data throughout the A-Net Pro network without installing additional cable and compromising audio performance.

The Pro64 ASIC supports variable sample rates within three ranges: 39 kHz to 52 kHz (for 44.1kHz and 48kHz applications), along with 2x (96kHz) and 4x (192kHz) ranges. In 2x and 4x modes, channel counts are reduced by a corresponding factor. Additionally, an A-Net Pro network can sync to the digital clock in any unit—any unit in the network can be set as the audio clock master. Alternatively, the A-Net Pro network can be synchronized to an external master clock from any point in the system.

In Auto mode, A-Net Pro self-configures into a 64-channel “omni-directional” audio network, with no upstream or downstream signal flow limitations. Instead, all 64 audio inputs become simultaneously available at every point in the network, regardless of the apparent position in the stream.
In Manual mode, up to 128 discrete channels are available on a single cable: 64 channels on one wire pair and 64 different channels on a second pair, heading in the opposite direction. In both modes of distribution, A-Net Pro offers channel-by-channel control of audio signals into and out of the A-Net stream.

As with A-Net, A-Net Pro is designed to work without a dedicated PC and without PC-based configuration. The protocol does not require a user or installer to connect a computer at any point. However, the Pro64 ASIC’s Application Processor Interface will allow PC-based network management as an option. Along with corporate partners, Aviom will develop software applications for use with the A-Net Pro protocol.

Aviom will introduce the first products in its new line of premium networking products based on the A-Net Pro protocol beginning in Q3 of 2005. In addition, the company will release the A-Net Pro64 ASIC System in mid-2005.
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