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Mix Announces Certified Hits of InfoComm 2010

InfoComm rolled back into Las Vegas from June 5 to 11, 2010, and by any standards this was a monster event, attracting 32,002 AV professionals from more than 90 countries. It was definitely the place to be for anyone serious about audio and video systems and digital signage/display technologies, but since merging with the NSCA Expo several years ago, it’s also become the premiere event for live sound technologies. With 925 exhibitors filling the halls of the Las Vegas convention center there was no shortage of cool new products. Here (listed alphabetically) are our Certified Hits—our selections for show’s Top-10 products debuts.

Audinate Astoria

Audinate Astoria
Audinate offered a preview of Astoria, its IP-based Dante audio networking PCIe sound card for the PC or Mac. Intended as an OEM product for networking and MADI replacement, Astoria can handle up to 256 channels (128×128 at 48/96 kHz; or 64×64 at 192 kHz) of uncompressed digital audio over Gigabit Ethernet with ultra-low latency, while offering an upgrade migration path to AVB.

Aviom Wall Frame 6 and PRO64 Modular I/O
Aviom’s Wall Frame 6 is a slick housing that holds up to six of the company’s new modular A-Net PRO 64 modules (which so far include a quad mic pre, quad analog output and 2×2 AES3 I/O with word clock) in a wall frame that can be surface or flush mounted in a standard NEMA electrical enclosure. Just add a Cat-5e feed and you’re ready to go, with a fast, clean installation.

Behringer TN6232
Behringer enters the contracting biz, with a new Behringer Install Group (BIG) division showing 50 products created by founder Uli Behringer, industry veteran Costa Lakoumentas and a design team. The Eurocomm line ranges from stylish, tabletop mixer/amplifiers, mixers and amps to on-wall, ceiling and P.A. speakers, but what perked out interest was the TN6232, a fully automatic, dual-channel feedback suppressor that’s plug-and-go, requiring no advance setup or tuning.

K-Array Kobra KK50vb

K-Array Kobra KK50vb
Housed in a rugged mil-spec enclosure, the KK50vb 3-D line array system from K-Array is only 2.2 inches deep, weighs 4.4 pounds and has a peak output of 120 dB. It can change vertical coverage from the usual 7 degrees to 120 degrees with the flip of a switch and can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Martin Audio MLA

Martin Audio MLA
Bring on the revolution! Martin Audio’s MLA (Multi-cellular Loudspeaker Array) uses a remarkable cellular array design that applies an intelligent numerical optimization of the array’s output based acoustic models. The multi-cellular format has six individual cells in each enclosure, each with its own DSP and powering capability. A 24-box touring array has 144 cells—too many to optimize manually or by ear—so Display Version 2 system software calculates FIR DSP filters for each cell and a redundant-ring audio network (U-NET) downloads the settings into each array enclosure.

Midas PRO9

Midas PRO9
At the top of Midas’
PRO Series, the PRO9 features an 88-channel input count and 35 buses,
with dual stage boxes offering placement flexibility up to 500m from
the FOH. Max capacity is 288 inputs x 294 outputs point-to-point
routing anywhere within the network. Features include VCA and
POPulation groups, which let users navigate channels intuitively; and
the same effects and dynamics processing as the PRO6 and XL8, including
the XL8 compressor options.

Roland M-300 V-Mixer

Roland M-300 V-Mixer
This automated, 32-channel console from Roland Systems Group
shares many features the larger M-400 but in a compact format and sets
up in minutes by plugging in a single Cat-5e cable from a choice of
digital snake stage units. Remote Control PC software lets users store
data or prepare channel setups/configurations before arriving at the

Studer Vista 9

Studer Vista 9
new flagship digital console kicks the company’s Vistonics interface up
a notch with a variety of innovations like widescreen TFT metering and
FaderGlow, which provides the operator an instant overview of the
console status by illuminating each fader in eight assignable colors. A
new History mode replays the last 30 seconds of meter activity, letting
users visually “rewind” the display to ID any channel where a pop or
overload may have occurred.

Switchcraft SC900

Switchcraft SC900 Phantom Direct Box
takes the direct box to the next level, thanks to an innovative,
patent-pending feature that automatically activates the unit’s ground
lift switch when 48-volt phantom power is applied, effectively creating
a remote controllable ground lift. There’s also a manual switch for
selecting (or defeating) ground lift. The unit will be available in two
forms, as the deluxe $239 SC900 (with a Jensen transformer) and as the
standard $169 SC900CT (non-Jensen) model.

Yamaha Digital Consoles Mac Editors
New versions of Yamaha’s
M7CLv3 Editor and LS9 Editor software allow its M7CLv3 and LS9 consoles
talk directly to Macintosh computers. The M7CLv3 Editor and LS9 Editor
for Mac run under the Studio Manager V2 host, providing the same
features and operating environment as the Windows version. For the
M7CL, advanced features such as Sends on Fader operation via the M7CLv3
Editor will now be available via the Mac platform. The new software
will be available for download in August.

Yamaha M7CLv3 Editor

There was a lot more at InfoComm and we’ll be presenting more product news and coverage in upcoming issues of Mix and online at Meanwhile, InfoComm returns to sunny Orlando, Florida, next year from June 11 to 17, 2011. Mark your calendars now!