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Cycling ’74 Momentary Incursions

Cycling ’74 has released Momentary Incursions, the fourth volume in the Cycles series of audio source libraries.

Produced and edited by sound designer Ron MacLeod, Momentary Incursions consists of hits, events, effects and transitions for use when a more finite punctuation is needed. This collection of 900-plus non-looped samples ranges from a fraction of a second to over a minute in length. Momentary Incursions features collections of single events for audio signposting, transitional sonic elements for tails, builds, and textures, and shorter “hits” that can be used to mark audio terrain and provide a unique identity.

All Cycles audio libraries feature a theme of “incidental de-construction” that groups audio source material in terms of its dramatic function instead of a conventional genre-based approach. The set is specifically designed to encourage experimentation and inspire the orchestration of sonic imagery, adding a cinematic storytelling quality to any composition or multimedia production.

These 24bit .WAV files are provided in 48 kHz for use in Film, DV and multimedia productions, as well as 44.1kHz versions for direct compatibility with music composition tools. Each volume is packaged as a dual-disc release created with the audio post-professional in mind-a high capacity DVD-ROM, along with a standard audio CD for an easy auditioning alternative.

Ron MacLeod, creator of the Poke in the Ear libraries produced and curated the Cycles series. This new series focuses on the use of cutting-edge psycho-acoustic manipulation utilizing Cycling ’74’s innovative processing tools-Max/MSP, Pluggo, Mode, Hipno and Radial.

Momentary Incursions is available directly from Cycling ’74 and its dealers for MSRP US $99.00.

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