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H.A.S. Productions in Las Vegas Partners with VUE Audiotechnik

From left: Larry Hall, president of H.A.S. Productions; Jeff Taylor, VUE Audiotechnik National Sales; Jim Sides, VUE Audiotechnik Executive Vice President; Ken Berger, VUE Audiotechnik CEO

With more than 100 VUE Audiotechnik loudspeaker boxes added to its rental stock, H.A.S. Productions has embarked on a partnership with VUE, which brings the largest all-VUE system to date to the city of Las Vegas.

Initial inventory comprises a mix of 48 al-8 line array elements and 32 sub-compact al-4 elements, powered by VUE’s V6d and V4d systems engines, which include dedicated DSP and networking capabilities. The V Series Systems Engines are housed in new H.A.S. standard rack packages with multi-cable interconnect. These are directly supported with an inventory of hs-28 dual 18-inch ACM subwoofers with internal DSP, power and networking. Active Compliance Management (ACM) is VUE’s patent-pending hybrid design, which combines both bandpass and vented alignments into a single, compact footprint.

The recent order also includes powered i-6a near-field point source boxes, which will be called into service for a combination of front-fill and stand-alone uses. Stipulated in the partnership, H.A.S. will expand its VUE inventory to include the new hm-112 and hm-212 stage monitors before the end of the first quarter.

“Something about the use of beryllium in the high-frequency driver makes the sound less brittle in the high-end, while at the same time making the coverage perfect,” says Larry Hall, founder and president of H.A.S. “Volume levels may change from place to place in a venue depending on how the rig is deployed, but the audio quality and the tonality never change.

Since taking delivery, the VUE system has been used on a variety of shows ranging from rock to R&B to Latin.

VUE Audiotechnik loudspeakers deployed at a Ramon Ayala concert

“The size can be deceiving,” Hall says. “Some engineers may walk in and look at it and think it is not enough to cover the room, but they have been convinced from the moment we fired it up.”

“We do a lot of ballrooms,” says H.A.S.’ new chief operations officer, Jay Easley. “We are in Las Vegas and hotel ballrooms are a very significant part of our venues. In them, the trim height and weight have always been a headache, and the VUE system alleviates those headaches. Not to mention the fact that they are so small that we never have sight-line ‘discussions’ with the client. In Las Vegas, the ideal P.A. sounds huge and is the size of a pack of gum and preferably invisible. The al-4 comes pretty close. We get small size, which affects hanging, truck pack, labor and a thousand other things. But we never have to compromise in terms of sound.”

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