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Illegal Eagles Tour With Soundcraft Vi6

British touring band Illegal Eagles has been putting Soundcraft’s Vi6 digital audio console to a grueling test. Concert Sound Limited of Luton, England, has been providing P.A. for the Illegal Eagles’ 10-week tour, and according to FOG engineer Tim Peeling, the new Vi6 has easily handled life in the fast lane.

“I’ve used pretty much every digital console out there, but Soundcraft has taken it all a stage further,” Peeling says. “Even though the desk has a compact footprint and the displays are all quite neat, you only have to touch what you want to deal with, and it gets bigger. Whereas lots of consoles are easy to get lost on, the Vi6 layout always lets you know where you are. And after the first half hour, it is quicker to use than an analog desk.

“I just love the way it sounds,” he continues. “After all, what’s the point in having loads of features if the desk doesn’t sound any good? The Illegal Eagles, with their five-part harmonies and acoustic guitars, have challenging dynamics and the front-of-house desk needs to be sonically excellent to handle them well. I’ve got 5U of effects processors in my rack, but in fact, I’m running the system flat and just using the four bands of parametric EQ built into the desk.”

Concert Sound Limited carries a comprehensive inventory of digital audio consoles. According to the company’s managing director, Tim Boyle, the experience with the Illegal Eagles has proved that the desk not only sounds good, but sounds good on the road.

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