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Joe Cocker’s European Tour Relies On AKG Mics

Joe Cocker’s European tour stretched from France and Germany to Croatia and Monaco, as the band performed for sold-out crowds in numerous cities. Onstage, front-of-house engineer Bruce Jones (pictured) needed to ensure fans’ favorite songs of the band were clearly audible, in addition to maintaining a durable equipment rig.

A complete Harman AKG microphone set traveled with the band; included in the rig are AKG D7 and D5 handheld microphones, D40s, D212s, D12 VRs, C451s and C519s.

“I was looking for a clean, crisp sound, but also a system that could handle high sound pressure levels and work in any weather condition,” Jones says. “If the artists aren’t happy with their sound, you’re wasting everyone’s time. Since deploying AKG for our shows, the entire band has said the sound is better than ever before!

“With today’s accurate sound systems, you have to have the best,” Jones continues. “The mics bring high fidelity sound to my mix. I can get the whispers of singers audible in even large arenas. Any weakness in the line will show up and AKG, without question, gives me the best sounding shows I’ve ever had.”

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