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Korg Offers Legacy Upgrade

A free update for Korg’s Legacy Collection Digital Edition suite of software synthesizer and effects expands the software synthesizer to now encompass the entire sound library of Korg’s T Series music workstations.

The new M1 software synthesizer V. 1.5 delivers all of the T Series’ PCM data (including the piano PCM from the T1), as well as all the programs and combinations. The contents of the optional TSD-01 through 05 disks are also included, adding more PCM data and programs/combinations using those new samples. In all, a total of more than 250 new sounds and samples are provided.

Other new features include the resonant filter and insert effects, as well as the ability to import sound data from the original T Series (via .SYX files).

Registered Legacy DE users can visit to download Legacy Collection Digital Edition V. 1.1 free of charge.