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LightViper Installed at Florida Park

FiberPlex’s LightViper fiber-optic digital audio transport system has been installed in Crane’s Roost Park, a multi-use venue located in a rejuvenated green space in the city of Altamonte Springs, Fla. Audio/video systems integrators Teer Engineering recently completed the first phase of a large-scale, sophisticated A/V system installation, including the upgraded venue’s 900-seat amphitheater that features a 100×60-foot “floating stage” on the park’s 37-acre lake.

John Teer, president of Orlando-based Teer Engineering, commented on technical aspects of the cutting-edge fiber-optic audio transport technology employed in the unique, high-tech park’s amphitheater: “We deployed 80 audio channels of LightViper fiber-optic electronics (64 sends and 16 returns). The underground Mil-spec tactical fiber cable run is a 12-strand bundle of single-mode fiber for all audio, video and background music. We dedicated four strands to the LightViper system for the stage-to-FOH audio. We simply couldn’t use traditional copper wiring for this project for a host of reasons, including the obvious safety issues in a multi-use public venue. Because the stage literally floats on a lake—and will be repositioned from time to time—we needed an extremely safe and ultra-reliable method for providing easy-to-use, plug-n-play interconnections for outside rental or client A/V production companies; these are the primary users who will be utilizing the park’s new technical facilities.”

“Naturally, the entire fiber-optic audio system is impervious to lightning strikes, something we’re famous for here in Central Florida! With the LightViper digital audio snake, there is simply no noise whatsoever and absolutely no ground loops either; it performs flawlessly. We looked at other available audio fiber components, but the simplicity and reliability of the LightViper system won out. It’s an elegantly straightforward design: a point-to-point, stage-to-control, professional digital audio system that doesn’t rely on computer software control to do its thing. The ‘Viper’s’ abilities to switch phantom power and gain at the stage box were also crucial features we needed that none of the other systems had.

“Because of the many outside vendors who will be using it, we truly had to make this entire audio system very user-friendly,” he concludes. “When our client told us all technical systems not only had to be state of the art, but plug-n-play, too, they meant it.”

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