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Puremagnetik Punchpak

Puremagnetik has released Punchpak, a collection of sounds created from the 8-bit synthesizer chip on the classic 1980s Nintendo (NES) gaming console. All sounds have been mapped out and programmed into the Ableton Live 6, EXS24 and Kontakt 2 environments. Puremagnetik has also added effects to the sounds, including ambience and arpeggiation.

Punchpak also includes a selection of multisampled menus with lo-fi glitch, noise and static sounds with patch names like “Zelda,” “Castlevania” and “Mega Man.”

The Ableton Live version of Punchpak includes instrument racks for both Sampler and Simpler, while the Kontakt 2 version comes with a customized KSP panel for easy editing.

Puremagnetik sounds are available via subscription at $5.75 per month or $60 peryear, or at a premium subscription rate of $135 per year.

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